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How often do you listen to or play music, not at school?

How much do you like listening to or playing music?


How would you rate the general condition of most of the residences or other buildings in the street?


Do you sometimes go to sports classes or sports clubs that are not connected to your school to do sport, gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, horse riding, chess and so on? Please tick one box only

1 a

Do you sometimes go to cubs, brownies, scouts or guides, or Boys/Girls Brigades, or Woodcraft Folk?

1 b

Do you sometimes go to dance classes of any kind outside school?

1 c

1 d

Do you sometimes go to classes outside school to do drawing, painting, making pots or anything like that?

Do you sometimes have any music lessons, or sing in a choir or group outside school?

1 e

1 f

Do you sometimes go to any clubs connected with the Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy?

Do you sometimes go to First Aid classes or classes run by St. John Ambulance or the Red Cross?

1 g