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Write down one way in which the advertisement limits the type of people who would apply for the flat.

Please state in which language the child is educated

Have you ever been legally married? (Please ring one number)

If mother not interviewed because she was ill, refused, etc., give reasons

Parent or relative attending with child.

How old do you expect to be when you leave college?

What is your present job?

How old do you expect to be when you leave school?

what is one more than three ?

Examinations failed Name of Examining Board

Do you sometimes go to dance classes of any kind outside school?

SUPPOSING you could be anybody, go anywhere, or do anything, would you still want to do the same job?

If the participant has not completed a hospital records consent form ask them to do so and record whether the form has now been signed:

Please give the following details about this child's present class:- What is the average age of the children in this class? ... years ... months