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Has your child ever seemed to enjoy looking in the mirror at him or herself?

Please tell us how often you have taken part in the following activities in the last 12 months. If an activity does not apply to you please enter 0 in the box. Using a home computer for leisure

Have you ever been on your own to a drop-in centre or play worker to talk over any problems you might have had?

what is one more than three ?

Write down one way in which the advertisement limits the type of people who would apply for the flat.

Please state in which language the child is educated

Have you ever been legally married? (Please ring one number)

If mother not interviewed because she was ill, refused, etc., give reasons

Parent or relative attending with child.

** Most people have some sort of worry or trouble from time to time. What sort of things do you worry about?

How old do you expect to be when you leave college?

Check whether they have brought their regular medicines with them and ask: Have you taken any medicines, prescribed or non-prescribed, in the last 24 hours?

In the past three years have you had a period of cough and phlegm (spit from the chest) lasting for three weeks or more?