How-to guides

Our CLOSER Discovery how-to guides provide step-by-step instructions to help users find their way around the search engine. Please also refer to the FAQs How to search for advanced search options.

How do I find variables from similar life stage across different studies?

This guide explains how researchers can use CLOSER Discovery to search for cross-study cross-sectional data, such as asthma in early childhood across all studies.

How do I find information about a variable from a particular study?

This guide shows how to use CLOSER Discovery to explore within-study cross sectional data, for example discover how to find information on the sex of participants in the Millennium Cohort Study.

How do I find how a variable was asked in the original questionnaire?

This set of instructions demonstrate how CLOSER Discovery can be used to find information about a source question and the wider questionnaire, for instance search the questions used to measure alcohol intake in the CLOSER studies.

How do I compile and save a list of variables?

These step-by-step instructions explain how users can create and save lists in CLOSER Discovery for example how to compile and export a list of the diabetes-related variables collected by the Southampton Women’s Survey.

To find out more about how to use CLOSER Discovery we recommend watching our webinar.