About CLOSER Discovery

CLOSER Discovery is a research tool for locating the variables that best suit your research interests, and testing their robustness.

A search on CLOSER Discovery will show you:

  • relevant survey questions and variables, which you can filter by study, topic and life stage
  • the original question the variables are based on
  • where questions appeared in the survey, including complete routing
  • the sources of derived variables (but not the derivation methodology)
  • an overview of each variable, including valid and invalid cases; maximum, minimum and mean values; and in many cases, a frequency count
  • how to access the data from each study.

You can save information for questions and variables of interest to a List, and download it for your reference or submit with a data request. You will need to make an account to create a list so it can be saved.

About metadata

CLOSER Discovery is built using metadata. Simply put, metadata is data about data. By using metadata, CLOSER Discovery allows you to find out what is available in the UK’s longitudinal datasets, understand the context of how the data were created, and make an assessment about whether the data would be useful for you to pursue.

CLOSER Discovery then signposts you to where you can request access to the data you’re interested in. To find out more about data access arrangements for each of the studies, visit the FAQs page How to access the data.

For users who are interested in metadata and the technical aspects of CLOSER Discovery, please visit the CLOSER Technical Wiki.

Getting started

For more information please refer to our How-to guides and FAQs .