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What is the date today?



Hello again! We are very grateful to you for helping us with this important research. Your baby will be over 12 months old now. We want to ask you about what your baby is like, about their health over the past year, your health, family changes and your feelings recently. We are asking all the mothers in our study to do this to help us understand more about life after a first baby and how babies differ from each other as they develop. The questions we ask are not a test, so there are no right or wrong answers. Please just say how things really are for you now. When you have finished please put the form in the stamped addressed envelope provided and return it in the post to us. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS OR YOU NEED ANY HELP TO COMPLETE THE QUESTIONNAIRE PHONE US FREE ON 0800 0517597 AND WE WILL BE PLEASED TO HELP YOU.

What is the date today?

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(If you had twins please complete this part about the first born baby – and complete the separate booklet we have posted to you about your second born baby)
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