Dataset Description


Early Pregnancy Questionnaire Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric swsid SWS ID
Code dwhen EP: Time of questionnaire
Numeric dinter EP: Interviewer
Numeric dintdt EP: Date of interview
Numeric dage EP: Woman's age at interview
Numeric dlying EP: Hours sleeping or lying per day
Numeric dsit EP: Hours sitting per day
Numeric donfeet EP: Hours standing or walking per day
Code donmove EP: Actively on the move
Numeric dstrn EP: Hours of strenuous exercise per week
Numeric dstrnfr EP: Frequency of strenous exercise per week
Numeric dmod EP: Hours of moderate exercise per week
Numeric dmodfr EP: Frequency of moderate exercise per week
Numeric dgent EP: Hours of gentle exercise per week
Numeric dgentfr EP: Frequency of gentle exercise per week
Code dwalksp EP: Walking speed
Numeric dwtbrd EP: White bread - slices per week
Numeric dwmbrd EP: Wholemeal bread - slices per week
Numeric dcrack EP: Crackers and cheese biscuits
Numeric dwmcrk EP: Wholemeal and rye crackers
Numeric dbranbc EP: Bran breakfast cereals
Numeric dothbc EP: Other breakfast cereals
Numeric daddbrn EP: Added bran to foods
Numeric dcake EP: Cakes and gateaux
Numeric dbun EP: Buns
Numeric dpastry EP: Pastries
Numeric dbisc EP: Biscuits - chocolate, digestive and ginger
Numeric dothbis EP: Other biscuits
Numeric dfrpudd EP: Fruit puddings
Numeric dmlkpud EP: Milk based puddings and sauces
Numeric dothpud EP: Other puddings
Numeric dyog EP: Yoghurt and fruit fools
Numeric dyork EP: Yorkshire puddings and savoury pancakes
Numeric drice EP: Brown and white rice
Numeric dpasta EP: Pasta and dumplings
Numeric dtinveg EP: Tinned vegetables
Numeric dpeas EP: Peas and green beans
Numeric dcarrot EP: Carrots
Numeric dparsnp EP: Parnips, swede and turnip
Numeric dswtcrn EP: Sweetcorn and mixed veg
Numeric dbeans EP: Beans and awpulses
Numeric dtomato EP: Tomatoes
Numeric dspinch EP: Spinach
Numeric dbroc EP: Broccoli, brussels sprouts and spring greens
Numeric dblpot EP: Potatoes - boiled and jacket - old/baking potatoes per week
Numeric drstpot EP: Roast potatoes and chips - old/baking potatoes per week
Numeric dcabb EP: Cabbage and cauliflower
Numeric dpepper EP: Peppers and watercress
Numeric donion EP: Onion
Numeric dgrnsal EP: Green salad
Numeric dsidsal EP: Side salads in dressing
Numeric dcourg EP: Courgettes, marrow and leeks
Numeric dmush EP: Mushrooms
Numeric dvegdsh EP: Vegetable dishes
Numeric dvegfd EP: Vegetarian foods
Numeric dtinfrt EP: Tinned fruit
Numeric dcookft EP: Cooked fruit
Numeric ddryfrt EP: Dried fruit
Numeric dapple EP: Fresh apples and pears
Numeric dorange EP: Fresh oranges and orange juice
Numeric dgrpfrt EP: Grapefruit and grapefruit juice
Numeric dblkcur EP: Blackcurrants, ribena and hi-juice blackcurrant drinks
Numeric dfrtjui EP: Other fruit juices
Numeric ddietck EP: Diet Coke and Pepsi
Numeric dcoke EP: Coke and Pepsi
Numeric dsoftdk EP: Soft drinks
Numeric dbanana EP: Bananas
Numeric dpeach EP: Fresh peaches, plums, cherries and grapes
Numeric dstraw EP: Strawberries and raspberries
Numeric dmelon EP: Fresh pineapple, melon and kiwi fruit
Numeric dnuts EP: Nuts
Numeric dbacon EP: Bacon and gammon
Numeric dpork EP: Pork
Numeric dchick EP: Chicken and turkey
Numeric dlamb EP: Lamb
Numeric dbeef EP: Beef
Numeric dmince EP: Minced meat dishes
Numeric dmtpie EP: Meat pies
Numeric dliver EP: Liver and kidneys
Numeric dpate EP: Pate and liver sausage
Numeric dblkpud EP: Faggots and black pudding
Numeric dsaus EP: Sausages
Numeric dham EP: Ham and luncheon meat
Numeric dwhtfsh EP: White fish
Numeric dfshpie EP: Fish fingers and fish dishes
Numeric doilfsh EP: Oily fish
Numeric dshlfsh EP: Shellfish
Numeric dblegg EP: Boiled and poached eggs
Numeric domelet EP: Omelette and fried eggs
Numeric dcotchs EP: Cottage cheese
Numeric dcheese EP: Cheese
Numeric dquiche EP: Pizza, quiches and cheese flans
Numeric dsoup EP: Soup
Numeric dmayo EP: Mayonnaise and salad cream
Numeric dpickle EP: Pickles, chutney, tomato ketchup and brown sauce
Numeric dchoc EP: Chocolate
Numeric dothswt EP: Other sweets
Numeric dicecrm EP: Ice cream and chocolate desserts
Numeric dcream EP: Cream
Numeric dcrisps EP: Crisps and savoury snacks
Numeric dswtspr EP: Sweet spreads
Numeric dgravy EP: Gravy granules and powders
Numeric dstkcub EP: Stock cubes and Marmite
Numeric ddrchoc EP: Drinking chocolate and milk shakes
Numeric ddecaf EP: Decaffeinated coffee and tea
Numeric dtea EP: Tea
Numeric dcoffee EP: Coffee
Numeric dffsprd EP: Full-fat spread
Numeric dmfsprd EP: Medium-fat spread
Numeric dlfsprd EP: Low-fat spread
Numeric dfffry EP: Full-fat frying fat
Numeric dmffry EP: Medium-fat frying fat
Numeric dlffry EP: Low-fat frying fat
Numeric dffvoil EP: Full-fat vegetable oil
Numeric dmfvoil EP: Medium-fat vegetable oil
Numeric dlfvoil EP: Low-fat vegetable oil
Numeric dfflmlk EP: Full-fat liquid milk - pints per day
Numeric dmflmlk EP: Medium-fat liquid milk - pints per day
Numeric dlflmlk EP: Low-fat liquid milk - pints per day
Numeric dffpmlk EP: Full-fat powdered milk - pints per day
Numeric dmfpmlk EP: Medium-fat powdered milk - pints per day
Numeric dlfpmlk EP: Low-fat powdered milk - pints per day
Numeric dtsug EP: Teaspoons of sugar added to cereal, tea & coffee per day
Code dcutfat EP: How much fat cut off meat
Numeric dsrvveg EP: Servings of vegetables in past week
Numeric dsrvfrt EP: Servings of fruit in past week
Numeric dsrvmt EP: Servings of meat and fish in past week
Code dsup EP: Take pills, tonics, tablets or supplements
Code dmajchng EP: Major change in diet between first visit and LMP
Code dchgmt EP: Major change in meat
Code dchgveg EP: Major change in fruit and vegetables
Code dchgmlk EP: Major change in milk and dairy products
Code dchgalc EP: Major change in alcoholic drinks
Code dnausea EP: Nausea and sickness in Early Pregnancy Questionnaire
Code deatamt EP: Eating amount since becoming pregnant
Code dwhymor EP: Why eating more since becoming pregnant
Code dwhyles EP: Why eating less since becoming pregnant
Code dalc EP: Ever drink alcohol
Numeric dshan EP: Pints of shandy per week
Numeric dshanfr EP: Frequency of shandy per week
Numeric dbeer EP: Pints of beer per week
Numeric dbeerfr EP: Frequency of beer per week
Numeric dlwine EP: Glasses of low alcohol wine per week
Numeric dlwinefr EP: Frequency of low alcohol wine per week
Numeric dwine EP: Glasses of wine per week
Numeric dwinefr EP: Frequency of wine per week
Numeric dspirt EP: Measures of spirit per week
Numeric dspirtfr EP: Frequency of spirits per week
Numeric dalcunit EP: Units of alcohol per week
Numeric dfruit EP: Fruit per week
Numeric dveg EP: Vegetables per week
Numeric zdpc1 EP: Fisher-Yates normalised PC1
Numeric zdpc2 EP: Fisher-Yates normalised PC2
Code dsmklmp EP: Smoke at time of LMP
Numeric dciglmp EP: Cigarettes at time of LMP
Code dcrsmok EP: Currently smoke
Numeric dnumcig EP: Current number of cigarettes
Code dsmkrm EP: Anyone smoke regularly in same room (if woman not smoker in EP data only)
Code dparacet EP: Paracetamol
Code dnsaid EP: NSAID
Code dopiate EP: Opiates
Code dantacid EP: Antacids
Code dantibiot EP: Antibiotics
Code dantihyp EP: Antihypertensives
Code dantiemet EP: Antiemetics
Code danticonv EP: Anticonvulsants
Code dcough EP: Cough/cold remedies
Code dlax EP: Laxatives
Code dother EP: Other
Code dics EP: Inhaled steroids
Code dsaba EP: Short acting inhaled (/oral) selective B-2 agonist bronchodilators
Code dlaba EP: Long acting inhaled selective B-2 agonist bronchodilators
Code dleucrecp EP: Leucotrience receptor antagonists
Code dtheoph EP: Oral phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Code dantich EP: Inhaled anticholinergic bronchodilators
Code dcromog EP: Inhaled/oral cromoglycate and related drugs
Code dnsteroid EP: Nasal steroids
Code dnanthist EP: Nasal antihistamine drugs
Code dncromo EP: Nasal cromoglycate drugs
Code dnother EP: Nasal other
Code desteroid EP: Steroid eye drops
Code deanthist EP: Eye antihistamine drugs
Code decromog EP: Eye cromoglycate drugs
Code deother EP: Eye other drugs
Code dtsteroid EP: Topical steroid creams
Code dosteroid EP: Oral/systemic steroids (for any indication)
Code doantihis EP: Oral antihistamines
Code dprvprg EP: Any previous pregnancies of more than 28 weeks
Code dprvbp EP: High blood pressure in previous pregnancy
Code dprvdia EP: Diabetes in previous pregnancy
Code dprvane EP: Anaemia in previous pregnancy
Code dbthane EP: Anaemia after birth of previous babies
Code dnpgbp EP: Not pregnant treated for high blood pressure
Code dnpgdia EP: Not pregnant treated for diabetes
Code dnpgane EP: Not pregnant treated for anaemia
Code dasthma EP: Ever suffered from asthma
Code dasthgp EP: Asthma confirmed by a doctor
Code dwhz12m EP: Whistling or wheezing in chest in last 12 months
Code dwhzamt EP: Attacks of wheezing in last 12 months
Code deczema EP: Eczema during childhood
Code decz12m EP: Eczema in creases or elbows or knees in last 12 months
Code dsneez EP: Ever had sneezing etc. not due to cold or 'flu
Code ditchy EP: Nose problem usually accompanied by itchy-watery eyes
Code dsnz12m EP: In last 12 months had sneezing etc. not due to cold or 'flu
Code dhayfv EP: Used medications for hayfever or rhinitis in last 12 months
Code dpasthma EP: Baby's father ever suffered from asthma
Code dpasthgp EP: Baby's father asthma confirmed by a doctor
Code dpwhz12m EP: Baby's father whistling or wheezing in chest in last 12 months
Code dpwhzamt EP: Baby's father atacks of wheezing in last 12 months
Code dpeczema EP: Baby's father eczema during childhood
Code dpecz12m EP: Baby's father eczema in creases or elbows or knees in last 12 months
Code dpsneez EP: Baby's father ever had sneezing etc. not due to cold or 'flu
Code dpitchy EP: Baby's father nose problem usually accompanied by itchy-watery eyes
Code dpsnz12m EP: Baby's father in last 12 months had sneezing etc. not due to cold or 'flu
Code dphayfv EP: Baby's father used medications for hayfever or rhinitis in last 12 months
Numeric dphtcm EP: Baby's father's height (cm)
Numeric dpwtkg EP: Baby's father's weight (kg)
Numeric dpbmi EP: Baby's father's BMI (kg/m2)
Numeric dpbwtg EP: Baby's father's birthweight (g)
Numeric dpdob EP: Baby's father's date of birth
Code dpwork EP: Baby's father in work last week
Code dpftime EP: Baby's father's work full or part-time
Code dpcoll EP: Baby's father attending college full time
Text dpstudy EP: Baby's father study subject
Code dpnwk EP: Reason baby's father not working or studying
Text dpnwksp EP: Other reason why partner not working
Numeric dpphr EP: Baby's father part time hours worked
Numeric dpsoc EP: Baby's father's Standard Occupational Classification (SOC 1990)
Code dpsc EP: Baby's father's social class
Code dpnssec EP: Baby's father's simplified NS-SEC
Numeric dpcam EP: Baby's father's simple CAMSIS (Cambridge) score
Numeric dpulse EP: Pulse rate
Code dhand EP: Hand woman writes with
Numeric dwtkg EP: Weight (kg)
Numeric dwt3kg EP: Weight 3-4 months ago (kg)
Numeric doccfr EP: Head circumference (cm)
Numeric dwaist EP: Waist circumference (cm)
Numeric dhip EP: Hip circumference (cm)
Numeric dthigh EP: Mid-thigh circumference (cm)
Numeric dcalf EP: Calf circumference (cm)
Numeric dmuac EP: Mid-upper arm circumference (cm)
Numeric dtri EP: Mother's triceps skinfold
Numeric dbi EP: Mother's bicep skinfold
Numeric dsub EP: Mother's subscapular skinfold
Numeric dup EP: Mother's upper suprailiac skinfold
Numeric dama EP: Arm muscle area
Numeric dssf EP: Sum of skinfolds
Numeric dsubtri EP: Ratio of subscapular/triceps
Numeric dfatperc EP: Woman's body fat (%) - Durnin and Womersley
Numeric dfatkg EP: Woman's body fat (kg) - Durnin and Womersley
Numeric dfmi EP: Woman's fat mass index - Wells and Cole
Numeric dcalip EP: Skinfold calipers used
Text dstime EP: Time of skinfold measurement
Numeric dtemp EP: Room temperature at time of skinfolds
Code dheelus EP: Heel ultrasound performed
Numeric dintml EP: Intramalleolar distance
Numeric dsftts EP: Soft tissue distance
Code dgpbld EP: Woman given consent for blood sample
Numeric dlmtime EP: Time of last meal or snack
Numeric dlmdat EP: Date of last meal or snack
Numeric dbltime EP: Time of blood sample
Numeric dbldat EP: Date of blood sample
Numeric dcholine EP: Choline (mg/day) (from FFQ and alcohol)
Numeric diodine EP: Iodine (ug/day) (from FFQ and alcohol)