Dataset Description


Birth Collection Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric abserno abs:serial number
Code absex abs:sex
Numeric abdobdd abs:date of birth day
Numeric abdobmm abs:date of birth month
Numeric abdobyy abs:date of birthyear
Numeric abgest abs:gestation
Numeric abbwtoz Abs: Birthweight (oz)
Numeric abwt1oz Abs: Weight at 1yr (oz)
Numeric abterm abs:age if not 1 year
Code abwean abs:weaned
Code abvacc abs:vaccation
Code abdummy abs:dummy
Numeric abteeth abs:teeth
Code abfood abs:food
Numeric abiflag abs:include flag
Numeric abtwin abs:twin flag
Numeric abnhscr abs:sent to nhscr
Code abbwtg3 abs:bwt in 3 groups
Code abbwtg6 abs:bwt in 6 groups
Code abwt1g3 abs:weight at 1 in 3 groups
Code abwt1g6 Abs: Weight at 1yr in 6 groups
Code abfgroup abs:foodgroup
Code abbronc0 abs:y1_bronchitis/pneumonia
Code abcroup0 abs:y1_croup/laryngitis
Code abmeas0 abs:y1_measles
Code abmumps0 abs:y1_mumps
Code abwhoop0 abs:y1_whooping cough
Code abdipth0 abs:y1_diphtheria
Code abanaem0 abs:y1_anaemia
Code abrick0 abs:y1_rickets
Code abdiarr0 abs:y1_diarrhoea
Code abmalnu0 abs:y1_malnutrition
Code abcpox0 abs:y1_chicken pox
Code abscfev0 abs:y1_scarlet fever
Code abimpet0 abs:y1_impetigo
Code abbadth0 abs:y1_bad teeth
Code abeczem0 abs:y1_eczema
Code abnwalk0 abs:y1_notwalk
Code abntalk0 abs:y1_nottalk
Code abearin0 abs:y1_ear infection
Code absquin0 abs:y1_squint
Code abrheum0 abs:y1_rheumatism
Code abtalip0 abs:y1_talipes
Code abgmeas0 abs:y1_german measles
Code abimdip0 abs:y1_immunised diptheria
Code abbronc1 abs:y5_bronchitis/pneumonia
Code abcroup1 abs:y5_croup/laryngitis
Code abmeas1 abs:y5_measles
Code abmumps1 abs:y5_mumps
Code abwhoop1 abs:y5_whooping cough
Code abdipth1 abs:y5_diphtheria
Code abanaem1 abs:y5_anaemia
Code abrick1 abs:y5_rickets
Code abdiarr1 abs:y5_diarrhoea
Code abmalnu1 abs:y5_malnutrition
Code abcpox1 abs:y5_chicken pox
Code abscfev1 abs:y5_scarlet fever
Code abimpet1 abs:y5_impetigo
Code abbadth1 abs:y5_bad teeth
Code abeczem1 abs:y5_eczema
Code abnwalk1 abs:y5_notwalk
Code abntalk1 abs:y5_nottalk
Code abearin1 abs:y5_ear infection
Code absquin1 abs:y5_squint
Code abrheum1 abs:y5_rheumatism
Code abtalip1 abs:y5_talipes
Code abgmeas1 abs:y5_german measles
Code abimdip1 abs:y5_immunised diptheria