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Dietary food questionnaire Dataset

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Numeric abserno abs:serial number
Code dintv diet: interviewer
Numeric ddoidd Diet: Day of interview
Numeric ddoimm Diet: Month of interview
Numeric ddoiyy Diet: Year of interview
Numeric dbeef diet: beef
Numeric dbburg diet: beefburgers
Numeric dpork diet: pork
Numeric dlamb diet: lamb
Numeric dchick diet: chicken and turkey
Numeric dbacon diet: bacon and gammon
Numeric dham diet: ham
Numeric dcbeef diet: corned beef, spam and luncheon meat
Numeric dsaus diet: sausages
Numeric dmtpie diet: meat pies
Numeric dliver diet: liver
Numeric dlpate diet: liver pate and liver sausage
Numeric dwtfsh diet: white fish in batter or crumbs
Numeric dfshfng diet: fish fingers and fish cakes
Numeric dothwfsh diet: other white fish
Numeric dsmkwfsh diet: smoked white fish
Numeric doilfsh diet: oily fish
Numeric dsmkofsh diet: smoked oily fish
Numeric dshelfsh diet: shellfish
Numeric dfshroe diet: fish roe and taramasalata
Numeric dwtbrd diet: white bread
Numeric dbrnbrd diet: brown and wholemeal bread
Numeric dcrack diet: crackers and cheese biscuits
Numeric dcrspbrd diet: crispbread e.g. ryvita
Numeric dporr diet: porridge
Numeric dbrkcer diet: breakfast cereals
Numeric dblpot diet: boiled, mashed and jacket potatoes
Numeric dchips diet: chips
Numeric drstpot diet: roast potatoes
Numeric dpotsal diet: potato salad
Numeric dwtrice diet: white rice
Numeric dbrnrice diet: brown rice
Numeric dpasta diet: white or green pasta
Numeric dwmpasta diet: wholemeal pasta
Numeric dpizza diet: pizza
Numeric dsngcrm diet: single cream
Numeric ddblcrm diet: double cream
Numeric dlowyog diet: low fat yoghurt and fromage frais
Numeric dfulyog diet: full fat or greek yoghurt
Numeric dothdes diet: other ready made desserts
Numeric dcheese diet: cheese
Numeric dcotchs diet: cottage cheese
Numeric deggs diet: eggs
Numeric dquiche diet: quiche and cheese flans
Numeric dlowmayo diet: low calorie salad cream and mayonnaise
Numeric dmayo diet: salad cream and mayonnaise
Numeric dfrench diet: french dressing
Numeric dchocbic diet: chocolate biscuits - wrapped
Numeric dothbic diet: other biscuits
Numeric dsponge diet: sponge cakes and gateaux
Numeric dfrtcake diet: fruit cakes
Numeric dbuns diet: buns
Numeric dpastry diet: pastries
Numeric dfrtpud diet: fruit puddings
Numeric dmlkpud diet: milk based puddings
Numeric dothpud diet: other puddings
Numeric dswtsauc diet: sweet white sauce e.g. custard
Numeric dicecrm diet: ice cream
Numeric dchoc diet: chocolate
Numeric dothswt diet: other sweets
Numeric dcerbar diet: cereal and chewy bars
Numeric dcrisps diet: crisps and savoury snacks
Numeric dnuts diet: nuts
Numeric dtinsoup diet: tinned and packet soups
Numeric dhomsoup diet: home made soups
Numeric dwtsauc diet: savoury white sauces
Numeric dgravy diet: gravy
Numeric dketch diet: tomato ketchup and brown sauce
Numeric dpickle diet: pickles and chutney
Numeric dmarmite diet: meat and yeast extract e.g. marmite and bovril
Numeric djam diet: jam, marmalade, honey
Numeric dpnutbut diet: peanut butter
Numeric dtea diet: tea
Numeric dcoffee diet: coffee
Numeric ddecaff diet: decaffinated coffee
Numeric dcocoa diet: cocoa and hot chocolate
Numeric dmaltmlk diet: malted milk drinks
Numeric dlowfizz diet: low calorie fizzy drinks
Numeric dfizz diet: fizzy drinks e.g. coca cola, lemonade
Numeric dfrtjuc diet: pure fruit juices
Numeric dlowsqsh diet: low calorie fruit squash or cordial
Numeric dsquash diet: fruit squash or cordial
Numeric dapple diet: apples
Numeric dpear diet: pears
Numeric dorange diet: oranges
Numeric dgrpfrt diet: grapefruit
Numeric dbanana diet: bananas
Numeric dgrape diet: grapes
Numeric dmelon diet: melon, pineapple, kiwi, other tropical fruits
Numeric dpeach diet: peaches, plums, cherries and apricots
Numeric dstrawb diet: strawberries and raspberries
Numeric dtinfrt diet: tinned fruit
Numeric dckdfrt diet: cooked fruit
Numeric ddryfrt diet: dried fruit
Numeric dtinveg diet: tinned vegetables
Numeric dcarrot diet: carrots
Numeric dspinach diet: spinach
Numeric dbrocc diet: broccoli, spring beans and kale
Numeric dsprout diet: brussels sprouts
Numeric dcabb diet: cabbage
Numeric dpeas diet: peas
Numeric dbeans diet: green, broad and runner beans
Numeric dmarrow diet: marrow and courgettes
Numeric dcauli diet: cauliflower
Numeric dparsnip diet: parsnips, swede and turnips
Numeric dleek diet: leeks
Numeric donion diet: onions
Numeric dgarlic diet: garlic
Numeric dmush diet: mushrooms
Numeric dpepper diet: peppers
Numeric dbnsprt diet: beansprouts
Numeric dgrnsal diet: green salad
Numeric dwatcres diet: watercress
Numeric dtomato diet: tomatos
Numeric dswtcorn diet: sweetcorn
Numeric dbeetrt diet: beetroot
Numeric dcole diet: coleslaw
Numeric davocad diet: avocado
Numeric dbkdbean diet: baked beans and other tinned beans
Numeric ddrybean diet: dried beans and pulses
Numeric dvegfd diet: vegetarian foods
Numeric dothvegd diet: other vegetable dishes
Numeric dosald1t diet: other salad dressing full fat
Numeric dosald2t diet: other salad dressing reduced fat
Numeric dosald3t diet: other salad dressing low fat
Numeric dsfat1t diet: spread fat full fat
Numeric dsfat2t diet: spread fat reduced fat
Numeric dsfat3t diet: spread fat low fat
Numeric dffat1t diet: frying fat full fat
Numeric dffat2t diet: frying fat reduced fat
Numeric dffat3t diet: frying fat low fat
Numeric dmlk1t diet: milk liquid full fat pints
Numeric dmlk2t diet: milk liquid reduced fat pints
Numeric dmlk3t diet: milk liquid low fat pints
Numeric dmlk4t Diet: Full fat milk (powder pints equiv)
Numeric dmlk5t Diet: Reduced fat milk (powder pints equiv)
Numeric dmlk6t Diet: Low fat milk (powder pints equiv)
Numeric dnumsug diet: number of teaspoons added per day
Numeric dvegpwk diet: vegetable portions per week
Numeric dfrtpwk diet: fruit and fruit products portions per week
Numeric dfshpwk diet: fish and fish products portions per week
Numeric dmeatpwk diet: meat and meat products portions per week
Numeric daddsug diet: do you add sugar


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