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1962 Personal Questionnaire Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric serno Serial Number
Code CLUB Type of club
Code CLUBFR Frequency of club visits. Total no. of attendances per month. N.B. this is the total for ALL types of club
Code ELSE What else wanted at 25 yrs apart from expected job?
Code EMPST Employment state
Code EPAY Expected pay (pounds/week) (take midpoint if range given)
Code FRENCL Do friends go to evening classes?
Code FRENS What are friends doing?
Code GAMES Games
Code GAMEW Who organises games?
Code HOWPRO How get to proposed job at 25
Code IMPHAP Important happening
Code JOBDIF Difficulty scale
Code JOBDIS What disliked [about job]
Code JOBEXP Expected job - same/different
Code JOBIS Interest scale
Code JOBLI62 What liked most about job
Code LKST Liking state - rank how much/little like job and working conditions
Code MPI1 Maudsley Personality Inventory. Are you happiest when you get involved in some project which calls for rapid action?
Code MPI10 Are you inclined to be moody?
Code MPI11 Do you have frequent ups and downs in mood either with or without apparent cause?
Code MPI12 Do you prefer action to planning for action?
Code MPI2 Do you sometimes feel happy, sometimes depressed, without any apparent reason?
Code MPI3 Does your mind often wander while you are trying to concentrate?
Code MPI4 Do you usually take the initiative in making new friends?
Code MPI5 Are you inclined to be quick and sure in your actions?
Code MPI6 Are you frequently 'lost in thought' even when supposed to be taking part in a conversation?
Code MPI7 Are you sometimes bubbling over with energy and sometimes very sluggish?
Code MPI8 Would you rate yourself as a lively individual?
Code MPI9 Would you be very unhappy if you were prevented from making numerous social contacts?
Code PAY Pay (pounds/week)
Code RKGP Rank - 1st to 6th: good pay (order in which SM categorised variables)
Code RKGP2 Rank - 1st to 6th: good prospects (order in which SM categorised variables)
Code RKIW Rank - 1st to 6th: interesting work (order in which SM categorised variables)
Code RKOB Rank - 1st to 6th: own boss (order in which SM categorised variables)
Code RKPW Rank - 1st to 6th: pride in work (order in which SM categorised variables)
Code RKSEC Rank - 1st to 6th: security (order in which SM categorised variables)
Code SLCN Number of sleep complaints
Code SLCTA Type of trouble with sleep
Code STACT Spare time activities


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