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1962 Teacher Questionnaire Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric serno Serial Number
Code ABS6162 Attendance ratio 1961/62
Code COMP6162 Communication between teacher and parents (during 61/62) about pupil's future career
Code COUE62 Teacher's recommended course for pupil's capacity - England
Code CWHS62 Communication - school with parents
Code ENG62 English language at 'O' at 16 years
Code ENGOT2 English language at 'O' final
Code EXCU62 Reason for leaving a grammar school by 1962 - given by school
Code FET62 Further full time higher education advised by teacher
Code GAMO2 Games officer
Code GAMT2 Team member
Code GCE158 GCE numbers for 1st time 1958
Code GCE159 GCE numbers for 1st time 1959
Code GCE160 GCE numbers for 1st time 1960
Code GCE161 GCE numbers for 1st time - 1961
Code GCE623 GCE summary
Code GCET2 GCE 'O' levels final
Code INDEP62 Teacher's assessment of independence and originality of pupil's work
Code inf Inflation factor to adjust for stratified sample updated 11/10/96
Code JOBT62 Teacher's opinion of suitable career for pupil
Code JOIN62 SM's contribution to community life of school - teacher's opinion
Code LEAVT62 Leaving age advised by teacher
Code LON62 Leaving school or not
Code MA62 Mathematics at 'O' level at 16 yrs
Code MAOT Mathematics at 'O' level (pure mathematics and elementary maths - not arithmetic)
Code PARI62 Parental Interest in work and career - teacher's opinion
Code PPWD62 Prep (homework) on weekdays (hours x 10 e.g. 2.5 hours/day = 25)
Code PPWE62 Prep (homework) on weekends (hours x 10 e.g. 2.5 hours/day = 25)
Code REC62 Whether reason for different course
Code RESP62 Extent to which home responsibilities and out of school activity affect academic work - teacher's opinion
Code sex Sex - taken from 5,362 list
Code SIXCO62 Sixth form qualifications needed
Code SIXS62 Number in sixth form summary
Code SIXTH62 Whether in sixth form or equivalent
Code SLOF62 School office
Code SOCOF62 Society office
Code SWOT62 Hard working - teacher's opinion
Code TIMA62 Academic subjects (how often lessons took place) - summary
Code TIMEO62 Other exam. period (how often they took place) - summary (i.e. non-academic)
Code UNI58 University 1958. Actual nos coded
Code UNI59 University 1959. Actual nos coded
Code UNI60 University 1960. Actual nos coded
Code UNI61 University 1961
Code W6TH62 Whether 6th form likely later
Code WIDE62 Assessment of general knowledge - teacher's opinion
Code WRESP62 Whether or not reason for responsibilities interfering with academic work


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