Dataset Description


1964 Cohort Member at University Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric serno
Code ABOCTU1 Absence since October
Code ACCSU1 Accidents
Code AGCOUU1 Age at deciding on course
Code ASTIGU1 Astigmatism
Code ATWKU1 Attitude to work / study, summary scores: 3=good end, 1=bad end
Code CLINICU1 Clinic since Oct 1962
Code COMPU1 Form completion U1
Code DRVSTSU1 Visits to family doctor
Code FACULUI Faculty
Code FAMHAUI Family help and attitude
Code FCRGUI Future career - Registrar General's Classification Administrators & Managers (unknown classification scheme)
Code FTCRMUI Future career Rothwell Miller
Code FUINTUI Functions of University - intellectual (summary score -> lower score = more important)
Code FUJOBUI Functions of University - job oriented (summary score -> lower score = more important)
Code FUSOCUI Functions of University - social (summary score -> lower score = more important)
Code HLAWU1 How long away (days - e.g. 1 week away ='5 days')
Code HOADU1 Hospital in-patient
Code HOOPU1 Out-patient since Oct. 1962
Code HTPU1 Hours of practicals
Code HTWU1 Hours of teaching per week
Code HWPWU1 Hours of private study
Code IFUINTU1 Importance of intellectual function of university
Code IFUJOB Importance of job preparation function of university
Code IFUSOCU1 Importance of social function of university?
Code JBREAU1 Reason for job
Code LJOBU1 Length of job (weeks)
Code MPIEXU1 MPI Extrovert score
Code MPIINU1 MPI Introvert score
Code NEWU1 No. of evenings per week (working 1 hr +)
Code NOXBU1 Reasons for not applying to Oxbridge
Code NPRSU1 Daily papers read
Code OPUCOUU1 Opinion of university course
Code OPUDISU1 Opinion of university discipline
Code OPUGENU1 Opinion of university in general
Code ORMU1 Own room or not
Code PAR6U1 Parents' contribution to 6th form
Code PCONTU1 Parents' contribution to expenses
Code PGWKU1 Post-graduate work or not
Code POXU1 Parents' attitude to subject
Code PPROBU1 Personal problems (who spoke to)
Code RSHSU1 Registered - Student Health Service
Code RSPENDU1 Amount to spend
Code SCHCCU1 School help with choice
Code SCLIPU1 School - help with intellectual preparation
Code SCLSPU1 School help with social preparation
Code SHSUU1 Student Health Service at university
Code SHSVSTU1 Student Health Service - visits
Code SIDFTU1 Sight - long/short
Code SIGHTU1 Sight - normal
Code SLEEPU1 Sleep
Code SPENDU1 Amount to spend - c.f. others
Code SQUINTU1 Squint?
Code SUMJBU1 Type of job in summer
Code SUNPRU1 Sunday papers read
Code TGSU1 Size of tutorial groups
Code THWWU1 Total hours per week evening study
Code TIMUU1 Time travelling to university. Actual no. of minutes 05 = 5 minutes, etc.
Code TPGWU1 Type of post-graduate work
Code TYUNIU1 Type of university
Code WCGEU1 Have you any wish to change your present living arrangements this year?
Code WKHABU1 Work/study habits (actal scores coded)
Code WLIVU1 Where living
Code XMJBU1 Length of Christmas vacation job (weeks)
Code XMSDYU1 Hours of study in Christmas vacation 00=none 18=18hrs (6 hrs per week for 3 weeks)
Code YEUNIU1 Year of entry to university (1960's - last digit of year)