Dataset Description


1977 Postal Questionnaire Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Code ACCS77 Any accidents
Code AR77 Arthritis or rheumatism?
Code ARDI77 Arthritis or rheumatism - which diagnosis?
Code ARDR77 Arthritis or rheumatism - seen doctor
Code AREX77 Arthritis or rheumatism - exercise help?
Code ARINJ77 Arthritis or rheumatism - after an injury
Code ARPER77 Arthritis or rheumatism - during last year
Code ARPTS77 Arthritis or rheumatism - which parts
Code ARTIM77 Arthritis or rheumatism - how many times?
Code ARWK77 Arthritis or rheumatism - time off work?
Code BACK77 Trouble with back
Code BKDI77 Trouble with back - diagnosis
Code BKDR77 Trouble with back - seen doctor
Code BKEX77 Trouble with back - exercise help?
Code BKINJ77 Trouble with back - after an injury
Code BKPER77 Trouble with back- during last year
Code BKPTS77 Trouble with back - which parts?
Code BKTIM77 Trouble with back - how many times?
Code BKWK77 Trouble with back - off work?
Code BRONC77 Chest illness
Code CHMSTR77 Cause of strain in the home
Code CIG77 Cigar smoker?
Code CMARJ77 Change of marital status
Code CWKSTR77 Cause of strain at work
Code CWOR77 Keep fit: cause of worry about health
Code CYCL77 How fit - cycling
Code DRVSTS77 Any doctor visits?
Code EHMSTR77 Effect of strain
Code EMP77 Number of employees in your firm
Code EWKSTR77 Effects of strain at work
Code FIT77 How fit do you think of yourself as being?
Code FLIV77 Father alive?
Code HAK77 Headache
Code HDI77 Headache - diagnosis
Code HDR77 Headache - seen doctor
Code HMSTR77 Under strain at home?
Code HOAD77 Any hospital admissions
Code HOOP77 Any out-patient visits?
Code HSEV77 Headache severity
Code HSID77 Headaches - one side
Code HSIG77 Headaches - warning signs
Code HSIK77 Headache - nausea
Code HT77 Height (feet and inches, e.g. 5 foot 8 inches = 508)
Code HWAR77 Headache warning
Code HWEN77 Headaches - how often?
Code HWOR77 Keep fit: health worries
Code IMPEX77 Important experiences
Code INHS77 How far do/did you usually take the smoke in? (4 alternatives)
Code JOB77 Work status
Code JOBMYSM77 Month started present job
Code JOBMYSY77 Year started present job. Last two digits eg 1974 = 74
Code KFIT77 Keep fit - classes
Code LSWKIL77 Length of longest spell off work through illness since March 1972: to nearest whole calendar month
Code MCHIL77 Children since last contact
Code MEDS77 Any medicines - excludes contraceptive pill
Code MLIV77 Mother alive?
Code NAMEP77 Name of most recently-taken contraceptive pill
Code NNWK77 Number of times unemployed and still looking for work since March 1972
Code NONITS77 Number of nights worked at a stretch
Code NONWK77 Unemployment since March 1972
Code NOWKIL77 Number of spells off work through illness since March 1972
Code NWK77 Night work or shifts?
Code NWKM77 Number of nights worked after midnight (monthly average)
Code OACTS77 Keep fit - other activities
Code OUG77 Type of job (OPCS coding) Occupation Unit Groups
Code OWKIL77 Been off work through illness since March 1972
Code PILL77 Ever taken the pill
Code PIPE77 Pipe smoker?
Code PRCAU77 Keep fit: other precautions
Code PREGNOW77 Expecting baby now?
Code PSUPNO77 Number of people part-supervised
Code REG77 Number of times registered unemployed since March 1972
Code SEMP77 Number of people employed
Code SLEEP77 Trouble with sleep
Code SMODS77 Number of cigarettes per day
Code SMOS77 Cigarette smoker?
Code SPROB77 Types of trouble with sleep. If 2 types noted, code both, eg trouble 1 'difficulty getting to sleep' and 2 'waking up in the night' = 12
Code SPY77 Year last stopped taking pill. Last two digits eg 1974 = 74
Code SQUAS77 How fit - squash?
Code STOPY77 Year last gave up cigarettes. Last two digits eg 1974 = 74
Code SUPNO77 Number of people wholly supervised
Code SUPO77 Supervision of others
Code SWIM77 How fit - swimming?
Code THRVA77 Hours worked at work per week. NB 371/2 = 38; 371/4 = 37
Code THRVAH77 Hours worked at home per week. NB 371/2 = 38; 371/4 = 37
Code TIMEP77 Time on contraceptive pill (complete years)
Code TNWK77 Total time unemployed since March 1972: to nearest whole calendar month (excluding spells of less than1 month)
Code TUM77 Stomach pain?
Code TUMBAF77 Stomach pain better after food?
Code TUMDI77 Stomach pain - diagnosis
Code TUMDR77 Stomach pain - seen doctor
Code TUMED77 Stomach pain - medicine taken
Code TUMEDH77 Stomach pain - medicine help
Code TUMEDT77 Stomach pain - type of medicine
Code TUMLA77 Stomach pain - length of attack
Code TUMP77 Stomach pain - how often
Code TUMTIM77 Stomach pain - during last year
Code TUMVES77 Stomach pain - any investigations
Code TUMWAF77 Stomach pain - worse after food
Code TUMWAK77 Stomach pain - wake at night
Code TUMWK77 Stomach pain - off work
Code WIC77 Cough morning in winter
Code WID77 Cough day/night in winter
Code WIM77 Cough most days
Code WKSTR77 Strain at work
Code WSTNOW77 Present waist measurement (inches) coded as two digits, ignore half inches
Text WT77 Weight (stones and lbs, e.g. 11 stone 5 lbs = 1105)
Code WTCHEK77 Weight last checked
Code YESP77 Currently taking the pill