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1948 Questionnaire Dataset

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Numeric serno
Code AML48 Lack of home amenities (has a bathroom, has running hot water, has own [not shared] kitchen) 1948
Code BATS48 Bathroom available for use - 1948
Code CHA48 5-15 yr olds in household 1948
Code COH48 Composite housing 1948
Code COLA4648 Age of first cold up to 24 months (1948) coded in months up to 24 months
Code COLN48 Number of colds Dec 1st - March 1st '48
Code COLO48 Others with frequent colds 1948 or catarrh
Code COLS48 Colds winter and summer
Code CROW48 Crowding 1948
Code DIA4648 Diarrhoea in first 2 years (46-48)
Code DIAA4648 Number of attacks of diarrhoea during first 2 years (46-48)
Code DIAT4648 Where treatment for diarrhoea during first two years (1946-48)
Code DIAY4648 Age of diarrhoea 0-24 months
Code DIP48 Diptheria immunisation
Code DWEL48 Type of house 1948
Code GYNA4648 Summary of obstetric and gynaecological complaints 46-48
Code GYNB4648 Treatment of obstetric and gynaecological complaints 46-48
Code GYNC48 Number of remaining gynaecological or obstetric disabilities in 1948
Code HOU48 Total in household 1948 Actual no. coded
Code HT48 Height at 2 years (inches) ½ inches coded alternately up and down
Code HWAT48 Hot water (source) 1948
Code INFA48 Infants less than 5 yrs old in household 1948 (including survey child)
Code IWCA4647 Number of Infant Welfare Centre attendances in first year
Code IWCD Age at start of Infant Welfare Centre attendance
Code KITS48 Shared kitchen 1948
Code LRIA4648 Age at first lower respiratory infection - i.e. bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia or pneumonia
Code LRIN4648 Number of lower respiratory infections 1946-48 (i.e. bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, pneumonia)
Code LRIT4648 Treatment for lower respiratory infection 1946-48 (i.e. bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, pneumonia)
Code MEN4648 Mother's increase or decrease in menstrual loss between 1946 - 48
Code MH48 Metric height of SM in 1948 in mm (derived) (mean 853.19 - 4010 observations)
Code MIL Milestones (child sitting up, standing, walking, teething and speaking several words; by two years old)
Code MW48 Metric weight of SM in 1948 in kilos x 10 (derived) (mean 129.2 - 4116 observations)
Code NAP48 When nappies worn at 2 yrs
Text NHT48 Height at age 2 coded in inches
Numeric NU48 Whether child goes (or has ever gone) to nursery class
Numeric NUAS4648 Age at first attendance at a nursery
Numeric NUL4648 Would you have liked to send him to a nursery? - asked 1948
Numeric NUST48 Whether still taken to nursery in 1948
Numeric NUW4648 Reason for going to nursery
Numeric NUWN4648 Why couldn't you send him to a nursery (if would like to have sent child to one)?
Text NWT48 Weight at age 2 coded in pounds
Numeric OWN48 Ownership of house 1948
Numeric PES4648 Whether pessary fitted to keep womb in place by 1948
Numeric REP48 State of the dwelling 1948
Numeric SIT Age of sitting up alone (months)
Numeric STA Age of standing alone (months)
Text TAL Age of talking. 01-24 actual age coded (months)
Numeric TOO Age of cutting first tooth (months)
Numeric WAL Age of walking several steps without support
Numeric WK48 Whether mother working March 1948
Numeric WKH48 Hours mother worked 1948
Numeric WKT48 Mother's type of work
Numeric WT48 Weight at 2 years - without clothes.
Numeric YARD48 Yard or garden 1948


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