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1954 School Nurse's Interview with Mother Dataset

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Name Label
Code AD54 Adults (ie 15 yrs and over) in family 1954 - actual no. coded
Code ADB54 Adults (15+ yrs) not in family (household 1954) actual no. coded
Code BYBY54 Sleeping arrangements
Code CH54 5-15 yr olds in family 1954
Code CHB54 5-15 yr olds in household not siblings 1954
Code CROW54 Crowding 1954
Code DWEL54 Type of dwelling 1954
Code FAM54 Size of family (children) 1954 survey child and surviving siblings
Code FAT54 Total in family (siblings & adults) 1954
Code FSCH54 Mother's choice of future school for child at age of 11 yrs - asked in 1954 aged 8
Code GRAP Parents who prefer other than grammar school - would they accept place if offered to the child
Code GRR Parents not wishing for grammar school place - reasons why would not accept if if offered
Code HOU54 Total in household 1954
Text IND54 Husband's industry - 1954
Numeric INF54 Children less than 5 yrs old in family 1954
Numeric INFB54 Infants less that 5 yrs old not members of family 1954
Numeric MEAR Mother's early reports on adjustment
Numeric MEAR2 Mother's early reports on adjustment
Text MGI54 Maternal grandfather's industry 1954 (if dead, ill or unemployed etc last industry coded)
Numeric MGL54 Maternal grandfather living 1954
Numeric MGOCC54 Occupation (maternal grandfather's occupations). Coded using OPCS Classification of Occupations 1970
Numeric MGSTAT54 Grandfather's status variables (maternal grandfather?)
Numeric MOM Mother's occupation before marriage
Numeric OTH54 Total others in household 1954. Actual no. coded
Numeric OWN54 Ownership of house 1954
Text PGI54 Paternal grandfather's industry 1954 (if dead or retired last main job given)
Numeric PGL54 Paternal grandfather alive 1954
Numeric PGOCC54 Occupation (paternal grandfather). Coded using OPCS Classification of Occupations 1970 (also see PGI54)
Numeric PGSTAT54 Grandfather's status variables (also see PGJ54)
Numeric PIA4 Person interviewed
Numeric PROT54 Parents discussed child's progress with teacher 1954
Numeric PTA4 Is there a Parent Teacher Association?
Numeric PTA54 Either parent member of PTA 1954
Numeric PTMA4 Have you met present class or head teacher?
Numeric ROOM54 Total number of rooms used by household 1954
Numeric SCOPA4 Attendance at school clinic or Out-patients since Sept '53
Numeric SCTS54 Type of school attended by sibs - secondary school only
Numeric SLA4 Does child sleep in room by himself or with others?
Numeric TGRF Parents who wish child to go to grammar school - where would they send her/him if s/he failed?
Numeric WTRA4 What are your reasons for wanting child to go to this school?
Numeric WTSA4 Which type of school would you prefer?


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