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1961 Teacher survey Dataset

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Code AG61 Aggression at 15 yrs - teacher's opinion
Code AGEC61 Average age of class (last figure of year and month only e.g. 14 years 8 months = 48) - = 11 months, + = 12 months
Code ANX61 Anxious at 15 years - teacher's opinion
Code AR61 Ratio of actual to possible school attendance - 1960/61
Code AS5961 Absence summary
Code ATT61 Attention at 15 years (teacher's opinion)
Code CARDI Career discussion at school
Code CARDW Who advised about child's career at school
Code CLN61 Number of children on roll of class. Total as on Jan 1st '61 or later
Code COED61 Sex of class at 15 years
Code COM61 Competitiveness at 15 years (teacher's opinion)
Code CONC61 Teacher's concentration assessment at 15 yrs
Code CRB61 Cribbing (copying other pupils' work) at 15 years (teacher's opinion)
Code CRI61 Criticism at 15 years (teacher's opionion)
Code DAR61 Dare-devil at 15 years (teacher's opinion)
Code DAY61 Daydreaming at 15 years (teacher's opinion)
Code DIS61 Discipline at 15 years (teacher's opinion)
Code DOB61 Disobedience at 15 years - teacher's opionion
Code ENE61 Energetic at 15 years - teacher's opinion
Code EXE Expectation of passing English at 'O' level - teacher's
Code EXL Expectation of passing a language at 'O' level - teacher's
Code EXM Teacher's expectation of passing Maths at 'O' level* if child should remain at school (*or the Scottish Leaving Cert. at lower level)
Code EXO Expectation of passing another subject at 'O' level - teacher's
Code EXS Expectation of passing Science at 'O' level - teachers
Code FEAB Teacher's opinion as to child's ability for further education - whole time study
Code FRI61 Making friends at 15 years - teacher's opinion
Code HABT61 Total number of habits reported by teacher
Code HAP61 Happiness at 15 years - teacher's opinion
Code KNO61 Teacher's knowledge of child
Code LAPE61 Number of language periods
Code LEAG61 Teacher's estimated school leaving age for SM
Code LEJO61 Has child got job when he leaves school (if leaving at 15 yrs, i.e. 1961)?
Code LEJOA61 Ability for job (leaving at 15 yrs)
Code LEJOT61 Nature of job if leaving at 15 yrs
Code LIE61 Lying at 15 years - teacher's opinion
Code NABT61 Nail biting (frequent) at 15 years - teacher's opinion
Code NEA61 Teacher's neatness assessment at 15 yrs
Code NOPT61 Nose picking - teacher's report
Code PUN61 Punctuality at 15 yrs
Code REST61 Restlessness at 15 years
Code ROU61 Roughness at 15 years - teacher's opinion
Code SCPE61 Number of Science periods
Code SEXT61 Sex of teacher
Code SOPT61 Picking sores - Teachers' reports
Code STAT61 Stammering at 15 years
Code TAS61 Teacher's global assessment of behaviour
Code THST61 Thumb or finger sucking - teacher's report
Code TINT61 Teacher's estimate of parents' interest in child's school progress 1961
Code TLAR Teacher's late reports on adjustment
Code TPR61 Teacher says discussed child's education with parents during past year - asked 1961.
Code TRU61 Truancy during past year at 15 yrs
Code TWT61 Nervous twitches or grimaces - teacher's report
Code U1461 Children under 14 yrs in class
Code WORK61 Teacher's work assessment at 15 yrs. When teacher couldn't make up his mind and ringed 'very hard' & 'average' or 'average' & 'poor', the answer is coded as 'average'


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