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2006-10 Self completion Dataset

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Code DIEN109 How strongly you agree or disagree: In most ways my life is close to ideal
Code DIEN209 How strongly you agree or disagree: The conditions of my life are excellent
Code DIEN309 How strongly you agree or disagree: I am satisfied with my life
Code DIEN409 How strongly you agree or disagree: So far I have got the important things I want in life
Code DIEN509 How strongly you agree or disagree: If I could live my life again, I would change almost nothing
Code DIENER09 Diener SWLS
Code FEEL09 Overall, do you think you have enough opportunity to talk openly and share your feelings about things?
Code FRCD09 How much in the last 12 months did you confide in this person?
Code FRCM09 How much in the last 12 months would you have liked to have confided more in this person?
Code FRFG09 How much in the last 12 months did this person make you feel good about yourself?
Code FRL09 The person you have felt closest to in the last 12 months
Code FRPR09 How much in the last 12 months did this person give you worries, problems and stress?
Code FRSH09 How much in the last 12 months did you share interests, hobbies and fun with this person?
Code FRWR09 How much in the last 12 months did talking to this person make things worse?
Code GHQ0109 GHQ: Have you recently been feeling perfectly well and in good health
Code GHQ0209 GHQ: Been feeling in need of a good tonic
Code GHQ0309 GHQ: Been feeling run down and out of sorts
Code GHQ0409 GHQ: Felt that you are ill
Code GHQ0509 GHQ: Been getting any pains in your head
Code GHQ0609 GHQ: Been getting a feeling of tightness or pressure in your head
Code GHQ0709 GHQ: Been having hot or cold spells
Code GHQ0809 GHQ: Lost much sleep over worry
Code GHQ09 GHQ Caseness scale
Code GHQ0909 GHQ: Had difficulty staying asleep once you are off
Code GHQ1009 GHQ: Been managing to keep yourself busy and occupied
Code GHQ1109 GHQ: Been taking longer over the things you do
Code GHQ1209 GHQ: Felt on the whole you were doing things well
Code GHQ1309 GHQ: Been satisfied with the way you've carried out your task
Code GHQ1409 GHQ: Felt that you are playing a useful part in things
Code GHQ1509 GHQ: Felt capable of making decisions about things
Code GHQ1609 GHQ: Felt constantly under strain
Code GHQ1709 GHQ: Been able to enjoy your normal day-to-day activities
Code GHQ1809 GHQ: Been getting edgy and bad-tempered
Code GHQ1909 GHQ: Been getting scared or panicky for no good reason
Code GHQ2009 GHQ: Found everything getting on top of you
Code GHQ2109 GHQ: Been thinking of yourself as a worthless person
Code GHQ2209 GHQ: Felt that life is entirely hopeless
Code GHQ2309 GHQ: Been feeling nervous and strung-up all the time
Code GHQ2409 GHQ: Felt that life isn't worth living
Code GHQ2509 GHQ: Thought of the possibility that you might make away with yourself
Code GHQ2609 GHQ: Found at times you couldn't do anything because your nerves were too bad
Code GHQ2709 GHQ: Found yourself wishing you were dead and away from it all
Code GHQ2809 GHQ: Found that the idea of taking your life kept coming into your mind