Dataset Description


1964 College Questionnaire Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric serno
Code BL Facilities: building in which class taught
Code CHW3 Class/homework: no. subjects
Code CHWG3 Class/homework: good passes. Actual no. of good passes or credit (with pass mark 40, 60-75) coded
Code CHWP3 Class/homework: passes. Actual no. coded of other passes (with pass mark 40, 40-59)
Code CHWV3 Class/homework: v. good passes. Actual no. of v. good passes or distinctions with pass mark 40, 75 or more
Code CLV3 Level of course
Code CLV4 Level of course 1964/65
Code CSGE Stage of course
Code CSGE2 Stage of course 1964/65
Code CWY College weeks in year
Code DLFT3 Date of leaving - month & year
Code ECC3 Employer/College Contact
Code EMS3 Exams F.E. Stats code
Code EMSG3 Exams: good passes
Code EMSN3 Exams: no. of subjects. Actual no. of papers sat
Code EMSP3 Exams: passes. Actual no. coded of other passes (with pass mark 40, 40-59)
Code EMSV3 Exams: V good passes Actual no. coded of v good passes or distinctions (with pass mark 40, 75 or over)
Code FACAN Facilities: canteen
Code FACCR Facilities: common room
Code FACL Facilities: library
Code FACPR Facilities: practical
Code FACSP Facilities: sports
Code FACSU Facilities: Students' Union
Code FACTC Facilities: teaching
Code FEMS Final exam F.E. Stats 11
Code HME How many evenings a week spent doing course?
Code LIGEN3 Hours/week liberal studies. Actual no. of hours per week coded
Code NOCL Number of classes
Code PERAT3 Percentage attendance at college. Actual percentage punched
Code PRACT3 Hours/week practical (actual no. of hours per week coded)
Code SENR Enrolled 1964/65
Code SJC3 Subject code (Probably from Dept of Education & Science FE Stats Code)
Code SJC4 Subject code 1964/65 (Probably from DES FE Stats Code)
Code STCL3 Students on register (from register). Actual no. coded
Code STCS Did student complete session?
Code STEM3 Students took exams. Actual no. coded
Code STREF Students referred. Actual no. coded
Code TCSE Type of course
Code THEO3 Hours/week - theory. Actual no. of hours per week coded
Code TOTST3 Total students. Total no. coded
Code YLFT3 If student did not complete 1963/4 session - why gave up course?