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1953 School Doctor Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric SERNO
Code ABD53 Abdominal pain at 7 yrs (during past year)
Code ABPND2 Abdominal pain
Code ALE53 Alertness at 7 years
Code ALE531 Alertness at 7 years - first option chosen
Code ALE532 Alertness at 7 years - second option chosen
Code BRE53 Breathing (with mouth open in the daytime) 1953
Code CARD53 Other heart abnormalities (those not mentioned in any other art of the form) 1953
Code COLE53 Deafness with colds 1953
Code CTHSD2 Clothes when weighed
Code DAD2 Date of D2
Code DEF53 Other abnormalities or deformities
Code DRCND2 Treatment - asthma
Code EYO53 Eye defects other than squint 1953
Code FAU53 Pillars of Fauces 1953
Code FITD2 Fits and convulsions
Code FTOCD2 Fits & convulsions - occurrence
Code GLA53 Glasses in 1953
Code HAN53 Handedness - 1953
Code HEAMD2 Deafness
Code HEAR53 Doctor's assessment of child's hearing - 1953
Code HLALD2 How long they last (asthma attacks) hours
Code HT53 Height at 7 years (inches) ½ inches coded alternately up and down
Code HTR53 Heart trouble - restriction of activities 1953
Code HTT53 Heart trouble 1953
Code IMP53 Hernia or weakness in inguinal canal - 1953
Code INVGD2 Investigations - asthma
Code LAD53 Left ear drum 53
Code LAM53 Left meatus 1953
Code LRI53 Cough (without a cold) 1953
Code LRID53 Coughing attacks day or night 1953 (when not got a cold)
Code LYMA53 Lymphatic glands (Axilla) 1953
Code LYMG53 Lymphatic glands (Groin) 1953
Code LYMN53 Lymphatic glands (Neck) 1953 (excluding tonsillar glands)
Code MEUD2 Height measure used
Code MH53 Metric height of SM in 1953 in mm (derived) (mean 1199.61 - 4140 observations)
Code MURL53 Murmurs - lying 1953
Code MURS53 Murmurs - standing 1953
Code MW53 Metric weight of SM in 1953 in kilos x 10 (derived) (mean 228.09 - 4000 observations)
Code NAB53 Nail biting at 7 years
Numeric NAB531 Nail biting at 7 years - first option chosen
Numeric NAB532 Nail biting at 7 years - second option chosen
Numeric NAD53 Nasal discharge - type - 1953
Text NHT53 Height at age 7 coded in inches
Text NIH53 Indication of whether any change made to original height variable (NHT53)
Text NIWT53 Indication of whether any change made to original weight variable (NWT53)
Numeric NOFITD2 Number of fits & convulsions (actual number coded)
Numeric NOTD2 Asthma - number of attacks
Text NWT53 Weight at age 7 coded in pounds
Numeric ONP53 Obstructions of nasal passages 1953
Numeric ORT53 Orthopaedic defects 1953
Numeric PAINVD2 Parent attending interview
Numeric PHDVD2 Physical developments
Numeric PND53 Post nasal discharge 1953
Numeric PUE53 Pulse rate minus 50 at beginning of actual examination by doctor i.e. section b of form
Numeric PUL53 Pulse rate minus 50 at end of doctor's actual examination i.e. section b of form
Numeric PULM53 Lungs 1953
Numeric RAD53 Right ear drum 1953
Numeric RAM53 Right meatus 1953
Numeric REL53 Reliability of child's medical history given my mother to school doctor
Numeric RHYL53 Heart rhythm lying 1953
Numeric RHYS53 Heart rhythm standing 1953
Numeric SCLSD2 Type of weighing scales used - form D2
Numeric SIF53 Frequency of recurrent vomiting during last year at 7 yrs
Numeric SNEL53 Snellen left eye without glasses 1953
Numeric SNER53 Snellen right eye without glasses 1953
Numeric SNEX53 Reason for not measuring acuity 1953
Numeric SNOR53 Snoring 1953
Numeric SNUF53 Snuffly or running nose during last year - asked in 1953
Numeric SORE53 Sore throats during last year - asked in 1953
Numeric SPHD2 Any speech abnormalities - form D2
Numeric SQU53 Squint 1953
Numeric STHPYD2 Therapy? - if yes to SPHD2
Numeric TADNA Adenoidal symptoms and signs (number of symptoms and signs seen)
Numeric TCOGA Lower resp. infection 1952/53
Numeric TERA Ear trouble 1952/53
Numeric TESA53 Testes 1953
Numeric TIND2 Type of interview
Numeric TONB53 Benefit of tonsillectomy - asked by doctor to mother 1953
Numeric TONC53 Tonsils - condition of crypts 1953
Numeric TONG53 Tonsils - size 1953
Numeric TONL53 Waiting list for tonsillectomy - asked by doctor to mother 1953
Numeric TONM53 Whether child's tonsils removed - mother asked by doctor 1953
Numeric TONO53 Has anyone suggested removal of child's tonsils - if so who (asked by school doctor to mother)
Numeric TONP53 Tonsils - presence 1953
Numeric TONW4653 Where tonsils removed up to 1953
Numeric TONX53 Tonsillar glands 1953
Numeric TONY53 Need for removal of tonsils - examining doctor's opinion 1953
Numeric TREMA Tonsils
Numeric TSIGTA Tonsils (number of signs of infected tonsils coded)
Numeric TURPA Upper respiratory passages 1952/3
Numeric WDLD53 1953 Doctor's form
Numeric WT53 Weight at 7yrs - pants and knickers only - without shoes


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