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1956 School Teacher's Questionnaire Dataset

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Name Label
Code AWP Child's attitude to work - teacher's opinion - primary school
Code BS56 Bad subjects at 10 yrs
Code CLA56 Average age of children in this class
Code CLAP56 Position in class at last placing
Code CLE56 Number in class over 11 years of age
Code CLN56 Number of children on roll of the class. Number as coded
Code CLS56 Sex of children in the class - 1956
Code CLY56 Number in this class who are under 10 yrs of age
Code COP56 Concentration primary school 1956 - teacher's opinion
Code DISP Discipline - primary school
Code DOC56 Difficulties with other children at school - teacher's opinion when child 10 yrs old
Code EXG56 Who gave extra tuition at 10 years
Code EXTS56 Extra tuition in basic subjects
Code GS56 Good subjects at 10 yrs
Code inf Inflation factor to adjust for stratified sample updated 11/10/96
Code PIS4A Comments on parents' interest in child's education
Code PTS4A Does school have parent/teacher association
Code QESCS4a Has child taken qualifying exam for secondary school?
Code SCHT56 Type of school
Code SCJY When child joined this school - last figure of year coded
Code SCT56 Most suitable school - teacher's opinion when child 10 yrs
Code sex Sex - taken from 5,362 list
Code STR56 Whether school streamed for ability within each year 1956
Code STRC56 Stream in which child is 1956
Code STRN56 Number of streams in each year - 1956. Actual no. coded 2-9 or more
Code TCL57 Teacher's estimate of child's clothing - state of repair - 57
Code TEC57 Teacher's comparison of child's cleanliness with other's in the class
Code TINT57 Teacher's assessment of parental interest in child's progress at school
Code TPR57 Teacher says she has discussed child's education with parents during past year. Asked in 1957.
Code TSCS4a Which type of secondary school?