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1961 School Nurse's Interview with Mother Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric SERNO
Code AD61 Adults (ie 15 yrs and over) in family 1961 - actual no. coded
Code ADB61 Adults not in family (household 1961) actual no coded
Code AML61 Lack of home amenities (has a bathroom, has running hot water, has own [not shared] kitchen) 1961
Code BATS61 Bathroom available for use - 1961
Code BYBY61 Sleeping arrangements
Code CH61 5-15 yr olds in family 1961
Code CHB61 5-15 yr olds in household not siblings 1961
Code COH61 Composite housing 1961
Code COMPA7 Form completion A7 (Nurses Final)
Code CROW61 Crowding 1961
Code DWEL61 Type of dwelling 1961
Code FAT61 Total in family (siblings & adults) 1961
Code FOCC61 Occupation (fathers'). Coded using OPCS Classification of Occupation 1970. Also see OG61
Code FSA61 Mothers advising children on taking job requiring full-time or part-time Study After leaving school
Code FSH Further full-time study at university or technical college - whether husband agrees (1961)
Code FSTAT61 Fathers' status variables also see OG61
Code GP61 Grandparents in household, 1961
Code HC61 Husband's health complaints
Code HCD61 Husband's chronic disability
Code HH61 Husband's health 1961
Code HOU61 Total in household 1961
Code HSH4661 Hospital stay - husband (46-61)
Code HSW4661 Hospital stay - wife 1946-61
Code HWAT61 Hot water (source) 1961
Code HWKA7 Has husband ever been unable to get work or had to give up work for 3 mths or more because of illness
Text IND61 Husband's industry 1961
Numeric INF61 Children less than 5 yrs old in family 1961
Numeric INFB61 Infants less than 5 yrs old not members of family 1961
Text JADP Parent's discussion about child's job on leaving school
Numeric JFM Parents' views on job
Numeric JFSM Necessary to study full or part time after leaving school for job - mother asked
Numeric JGM Job child is taking when leaving school - mother asked
Numeric JGPM (see JSEM) Relative importance of things in choosing a job - mother's opinion
Numeric JIWM Relative importance of things in choosing a job - mother's opionion numbered 1-6
Numeric JOBM Relative importance of things in choosing a job - mother's opionion numbered 1-6 Being one's own boss
Numeric JPC Children's opportunities compared with parents - mother asked
Numeric JPRM Relative importance of things in choosing a job - mother's opinion - numbered 1-6 - Good prospects
Numeric JPWM Relative importance of things in choosing a job mother's opinion numbered 1-6 - Pride in one's work
Text JREM Unscrambled from Y29.50 types of jobs mother would advise child against taking.
Numeric JSEM Relative importance of things in choosing a job - mother's opinion - numbered 1-6 - Security
Numeric KITS61 Shared kitchen 1961
Numeric MAS61 Male sibs in manual work 1961
Numeric MCT6061 Parents meeting with teacher during last year i.e.1960-61
Numeric MLAR Mothers' late reports on adjustment
Numeric MLAR2 Mothers' late reports on adjustment
Numeric MPI61 Maudsley Personality Inventory (neuroticism scale only) completed by mother
Numeric NMS61 Male siblings in non-manual work 1961
Numeric NOS No. of secondary schools attended up to 15 yrs
Text OCL61 Occupancy per room - long code to one decimal point (e.g. 5 = 0.5 rooms per person)
Numeric OG61 Husband's Occupational Group
Numeric OPDB5761 Out-patient treatment for behaviour trouble
Numeric OTH61 Total others in household 1961. Actual no. coded
Numeric OWN61 Ownership of house 1961
Numeric PAW61 Father away regularly for work reasons 24hrs or more at a time
Numeric PIA7 Person interviewed
Numeric PREP61 Where child does preparation
Numeric PROT61 Parents discussed child's progress with teacher 1961
Numeric ROOM61 Total number of rooms used by household 1961
Numeric SAT61 Mother satisfied that school is suited to child's abilities
Numeric SEAR61 Siblings - male and female - earning 1961
Numeric SLA Age at which mother wishes child to leave school - asked 1961
Numeric SLHV61 Age at which father wishes child to leave school in relation to mother's wishes
Numeric SLOW61 Whether in own room 1961
Numeric TLE4661 Time lost from employment by husband because of illness
Text TV61 Telephone and other amenities* 1961 *Telephone, car, television. Van used for business not counted as car
Numeric VPS61 Views on further study.* *This question refers to mothers against full time or part time study after child leaves school. They are asked 'would they still advise against if further study cost nothing'.
Numeric WC61 Wife's health complaints 1961
Numeric WCD61 Wife's chronic disability 1961
Numeric WH61 Wife's health (own opinion)
Numeric WK61 Whether mother working March 1961


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