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1959 Child Interview Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric serno Serial Number
Code AGP Aggression scale - Pintner
Code CLB59 Clubs at 13 years
Code COCI59 Interests with other children and/or alone
Code EXT59 Extroversion at 13 years - Pintner
Code FAM59 Size of family (children) 1959 survey child and surviving siblings
Code HOB59 Hobbies at 13 years
Code INFO59 Information status 1959
Code int13 Interview contact status at age 13
Code JOC59 Job child thinks he will do when leaving school or university
Code JOCP59 Alternative job choice if could do any job
Code JOW59 Reason for choosing job
Code MP1 I like to go from one group of children to another and talk
Code MP10 I like to belong to clubs
Code MP11 I like to play rough sports
Code MP12 I worry about the little mistakes I make
Code MP13 I think of clever things to say afterwards when it is too late
Code MP14 I like to take charge of things for the teacher
Code MP15 I like asking questions in class
Code MP16 I get angry about nothing
Code MP17 I fall and trip over things
Code MP18 I often talk to myself
Code MP19 I often have ideas running through my head so that I cannot sleep
Code MP2 I make friends easily
Code MP20 I think there are too many things I am not allowed to do
Code MP21 I dislike people who are not tough
Code MP22 I hate being pushed around by older people
Code MP23 I am always afraid that sad things will happen to me
Code MP24 I often think people follow me at night
Code MP25 I worry about getting ill
Code MP26 I think most people make too much fuss over animals
Code MP27 I get angry when other children criticise me
Code MP28 I am afraid of thunder
Code MP29 I often feel sad for no reason at all
Code MP3 I like friends better than books
Code MP30 I say one thing and do another
Code MP31 I find I have to stick up for myself because no one else will stick up for me
Code MP32 I find it is usually safer to do things alone
Code MP33 I feel I am tougher than most people of my age
Code MP34 I usually feel tired and worn out
Code MP35 I make believe I am someone else
Code MP36 I sometimes feel like hitting people
Code MP37 I think most people will tell lies to keep out of trouble
Code MP38 I find that very few people can be trusted
Code MP39 I think most people respect you if you're tough
Code MP4 I find it easy to start speaking to a new pupil
Code MP40 I believe almost anything that anybody tells me
Code MP41 I find it hard to forget a wrong that's been done to me
Code MP42 I feel I get blamed for things I did not do
Code MP43 I am unconcerned about what others think of me
Code MP44 I feel I have a right to fight for what I want
Code MP45 I can make children frightened of me easily
Code MP5 I keep quiet when I am with other people
Code MP6 I like to spend my holiday in some quiet place
Code MP7 I make up my mind without much thinking
Code MP8 I would sooner say than write what I think
Code MP9 I feel at home at parties
Code NEU Neuroticism (Pintner) Range 00-30 Sum of 'Yes' on Aggressive Neurotic scales
Code NEUS Short neuroticism - Pintner
Code PAC59 Interests [hobbies] with parents and friends
Code PMI59 Interests shared with father & mother
Code PTF Full Pintner