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1966 Postal Questionnaire Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Code ACCS66 Any accidents
Code BEDH66 Whether heat at night
Code BEDW66 Whether windows opened
Code BLOM66 Whether stuffy nose 3 mths
Code BLOS66 Whether stuffy nose summer
Code BLOW66 Whether stuffy nose winter
Code BRONC66 Whether bronchial illness
Code CHEST66 Whether weather affects
Code CHIL66 Whether SM has any children
Code CIG66 Whether smokes cigars
Code CIGIH66 Whether cigars inhaled
Code CIGS66 Total cigars smoked per week
Code CIGT66 Type of cigars
Code COLD66 Whether colds go to chest
Code COPH66 Phlegm last 3 years
Code CORCOU66 Whether Correspondence Course
Code DRVSTS66 Whether seen doctor in last year
Code HOAD66 Whether in-patient
Code HOOP66 Whether out patient
Code HT66 Height in inches
Code INHN66 Whether inhaled smoke
Code INHS66 Whether inhales cigarettes
Code JOB64 Type of job at 18 yrs
Code jsmags66 Age of starting to smoke (rep at 20 yrs)
Code MARAGM66 Date of marriage - month component
Code MARAGY66 Date of marriage - year component
Code NOCHIL66 Number of children. Actual number coded
Code NUM66 Number of bronchial illnesses
Code PEMP66 Present employment
Code PHL66 Phlegm morning
Code PHLD66 Phlegm day/night
Code PHLM66 Phlegm, 3 mths - winter
Code PINH66 Whether inhales pipe
Code PIPE66 Whether smokes pipe
Code POZ66 Pipe tobacco - ozs per week
Code PREGNOW66 Whether expecting child
Code PUFOG66 Whether fog affects
Code PUFT66 Whether short of breath
Code SMAGN66 Age of starting smoking cigarettes in years for SMs who no longer smoke
Code SMAGS66 Age of starting to smoke cigarettes in years for SMs who smoke currently
Code SMAX66 Total cigarettes per day (all)
Code SMODN66 Stopped smoking - total ever smoked
Code SMODS66 Total smoked per day - manufactured
Code SMON66 Whether ever smoked cigarettes
Code SMOR66 Ozs tobacco for handrolled cigarettes coded in half ozs
Code SMOS66 Whether smoking cigarettes
Code SMOT66 Type of cigarettes
Code SMOY66 Total per day 1 yr ago [cigarettes]
Code STOP66 Age of stopping smoking in years
Code TOWKIL66 Whether off work through accident or illness in last year
Code TTOW66 Total weeks off. Actual no. coded
Code TVIS66 Total no. of visits for all complaints. Actual no. coded
Code WHY66 Reason for stopping smoking
Code WIC66 Coughing morning
Code WID66 Coughing day/night
Code WIM66 Cough, 3 mths - Winter
Code WT66 Weight in pounds
Code WZY66 Does your chest ever sound wheezy or whistling?
Code WZYD66 Whether wheezy most days


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