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1964 YEO Questionnaire Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric serno
Code CEMP Class of Employment 18 years
Code E10 List heading Standard Industrial Classification new employer after 1st change of industry (see S.I.C 1958)
Code E11 Standard Industrial Classification list heading of new employer after 2nd change of industry (see S.I.C 1958)
Code E12 Total number of office jobs to 18
Code E13 Total number of practical jobs to 18
Code E14 Total number of active jobs to 18
Code E15 Total number of social jobs to 18
Code E16 Total number of artistic jobs to 18
Code E20 Job stability
Code E25 When left Y1 job
Code E26 Number of employers to Y3 (Y3 done) (superceded by EMPS18)
Code E27 Number of jobs to Y3 (at 18th birthday)(Y3 done)(superceded by JOBS18)
Code E29 Y3 classes (63/64)
Code E33 Y3 social group
Code E39 Vocational guidance to 18
Code E4 Size of biggest move up between adjacent jobs
Code E6 Total number of changes up or down skill classification
Code E7 Time at work in months before skill level change
Code E8 Direction of 1st change
Code E9 Serial of job at new skill level (after 1st change)
Code JOB642 Job at 18 yrs of age (eds 80)
Code JOBEW64 Whether survey member has ever worked
Code JOBGRO64 Job at 18 yrs old - G.R.O.
Code JOBINF64 Where did Y3 information come from?
Code JOBOB64 How was Y3 job obtained?
Code JOBOFF Latest date to March 64 SM off labour market (in months from Jan 1960)
Code JOBON Date survey member first on labour market (in months from Jan 1960)
Code JOBRM64 18 yrs old job - Rothwell-Miller
Code JOBSIC64 Job at 18 yrs of age S.I.C. (Standard Industrial Classification)
Code JOBSK64 18 yr old job - skill level
Code JOBSN64 Job serial no. i.e. number of jobs had up to and including job at 9-3-64
Code JOBT1 Time in first job
Code JOBT164 Time so far in 18 yr old job (or time in last job if not working at 18yrs)
Code JOBT64 Total number of jobs to 18 yrs (Superceded by JOBS18 & EMPS18
Code JOBTS64 18 yr old job - training status
Code JOBUNE Total time out of work if unemployed & looking for work
Code JOBWL6263 Why survey member left Y1 job
Code JOBY3 When started Y3 job if Y3 job not equal to Y1 job - coded in months February '61 (14) to March 64 (51)'
Code Y3COM64 Whether Y3 done
Code YEBIN64 Number of vocational guidance interviews at Youth Employment Bureau
Code YEOFJ64 Whether Y.E.O. found survey member 1st job if not working at time of Y1


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