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In the last year have you ever:


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I would like to get some idea about how you have been feeling about things over the last year.

0 - Never in the last year (ie never)

1 - Up to 10 days in total, less than once a month (ie occasionally)

2 - A spell up to 1 month, once or twice a month, "a months worth" (ie sometimes)

3 - A spell up to 4 months, once or twice a week, 3-10 times a month (ie quite often)

4 - A spell over 4 months, 3+ times a week, 11 + times a month (ie very often)

5 - Every day in the last year (ie always)

have you felt on edge or keyed up or mentally tense?
have you been in low spirits or felt miserable?
have you felt particularly low or depressed first thing in the mornings?
have you had the feeling that something terrible might happen?
have you had days when your thoughts were muddled or slow?
have you had no appetite, not counting periods of physical illness?
have you been in situations, such as in a crowd or an enclosed space or meeting people, when you became unduly anxious?
have you been in situations when you felt shaky or sweaty or your heart pounded or you could not get your breath?
have you had trouble getting off to sleep?
have you had trouble with waking up and not being able to get back to sleep?
have you been frightened or worried about becoming ill or about dying?
have you felt fidgety or restless?
have you found it hard to concentrate on things or found your thoughts drifting off to other things?
have there been days when you tired out very easily?
have there been days when you found it difficult to get things done or had trouble getting started on things?
have you had the feeling that the future does not hold much for you?
have you been so caught up in your own thoughts that you neglected things?
have you seemed to lose interest in things?

In the last year have you ever:

felt that life is hardly worth living? No
thought that you really would be better off dead? No
thought about taking your own life? No
made plans to take your own life? No
attempted to take your own life? No
attempted to take your own life? Yes

Looking back over your adult life have nervous or emotional troubles ever stopped you from working or doing domestic chores or having social contacts for a fortnight or longer?

Yes, in the last year
Yes, but not in the last year
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