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1965 Cohort Member at University Dataset

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Name Label
Code ABOCTT1 Illness since October
Code ACCST1 Accidents since last one recorded
Code AGCOUT1 Age of deciding on course
Code ASTIGT1 Astigmatism
Code ATWKT1 Attitude to work sum scores 4 = good end 1 = bad end
Code CLINICT1 Clinic visits
Code COMPT1 Form completion T1
Code DRVSTST1 Seen doctor since October 1962?
Code FAMHAT1 Family help and attitude
Code HLAWT1 How long away from college (days - e.g. 1 week away ='5 days')
Code HOADT1 Hospital admissions since last one recorded
Code HOOPT1 Hospital admissions since last one recorded out-patient.
Code HTWT1 Hours teaching per week
Code HWPWT1 Hours of private study per week
Code JBREAT1 Reason for wanting job
Code LCOUT1 Level of course
Code LJOBT1 How long job for (weeks)
Code MPIEXT1 MPI Extrovert score
Code MPIINT1 MPI Neurotic score
Code NEWT1 Number of evenings worked
Code NPRST1 Daily newspapers
Code OPCCOUT1 Course (overall opinion of)
Code ORMT1 Own room?
Code PAR6T1 Parents' contribution to 6th form expenses
Code PCONTT1 Parents' contribution to expenses
Code PGWKT1 Post-graduate study
Code PPROBT1 Personal problems
Code PSPENDT1 Amount to spend
Code SCHCCT1 School help with choice of college
Code SCLIPT1 School - intellectual preparation for college
Code SCLSPT1 School - social preparation for college
Code SIDFTT1 What sight defects
Code SIGHTT1 Sight
Code SLEEPT1 Trouble with sleep
Code SPENDT1 Amount to spend
Code SQUINTT1 Squint?
Code SUMJBT1 Type of summer vacation job
Code SUNPRT1 Sunday newspapers
Code TCOLT1 Type of college
Code TCSUBT1 If Training College - subjects
Code TGST1 Size of teaching groups
Code TIMCT1 Time taken to get to college (minutes)
Code TPGWT1 Type of post-graduate study
Code WCCET1 Have you any wish to change your present living arrangements this year?
Code WKHABT1 Work habits. Sum scores 4 = good end, 1 = bad end
Code WLIVT1 Where living
Code XMJBT1 Length of Christmas vacation job (weeks)
Code XMSDYT1 Total hours of studying - Christmas vacation