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1961 Examination by the School Doctor Dataset

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Numeric SERNO
Code ABD61 Abdominal pain at 15
Code ABDI61 Abdominal distension at 15 yrs
Code ABPND4 Abdominal pain
Code ASTHD4 Asthma
Code AXH61 Axillary hair at 15 years
Code BCG Has child had BCG Vaccination (Asked by Doctor in 1961)
Code BHVRD4 Behaviour problems
Code BRD61 Breast development at 15 yrs
Code BRV61 Broken voice at 15 years
Code CARD61 Other heart abnormalities (those not mentioned in any other part of the form) 1961
Code CIRTCTD4 Circumstances of attack (of vomiting)
Code CONG61 Evidence of congenital heart disease 1961
Code DEF61 Other abnormalities and deformities
Code DEN61 Number of times seen by dentist during last year - 1961
Code DRCND4 Was doctor consulted? Asthma
Code EYA61 Additional visual errors ar 15 years
Code EYE61 Refractive error at 15 years
Code EYO61 Eye defects other than squint 1961
Code FAU61 Pillars of Fauces 1961
Code FITD4 Fits
Code FITILD4 Fits during illness
Code FOAD4 Frequency of occurrence of asthma attacks
Code GEN61 Genitalia at 15 yrs - boys
Code GLA61 Glasses supplied to child 1961
Code GLAW61 Glasses worn on day of examination 1961
Code HEA61 Hearing aid 1961
Code HEAL61 Is person attending exam with child worried about child's health?
Code HEAMD4 Hearing
Code HEAR61 Doctor's assessment of child's hearing - 1961
Code HLALD4 How long attacks last (asthma) hours
Code HOPL61 Can child hop on left leg
Code HOPR61 Can child hop on right leg
Code HRGCD4 Hearing and colds
Code HTR61 Heart trouble - restriction of activities 1961
Code HTT61 Heart trouble 1961
Code IMP61 Impulse on coughing in the inguinal canal 1961
Code INVGD4 Cause of asthma attacks investigated
Code LAD61 Left ear drum 1961
Code LAM61 Left meatus 1961
Code MATLT61 Picking up a matchstick with left hand
Code MATRT61 Picking up a matchstick with right hand
Code MEN61 Periods at 15 years
Code MENA Pain after start of periods
Code MEND Date of starting periods (first digit codes for the month (-=Nov, +=Dec), second digit is the final digit of the year periods started)
Code MENP Abdominal discomfort during 3 months preceding first period
Code MENR Regularity of periods
Code MURL61 Murmurs - lying 1961
Code MURS61 Murmurs - standing 1961
Code NAB61 Nail biting at 15 years
Code NHT61 Height at age 15 coded in inches
Code NIW61 Night wetting at 15 yrs
Code NOFITD4 Number of fits (actual number coded)
Code NWT61 Weight at age 15 coded in pounds
Code OB61 Obesity at 15 years
Code OPD6061 Out-patient attendance during past year i.e. 60/61
Code ORT61 Orthopaedic defects 1961
Code PAM61 Palpable masses 1961 e.g. liver, spleen
Code PELT61 Picking up a pencil with left hand
Code PENLT61 Picking up a penny with left hand
Code PENRT61 Picking up a penny with right hand
Code PERT61 Picking up a pencil with right hand
Code PHY61 Physique at 15 years
Code PINLT61 Picking up a pin with left hand
Code PINRT61 Picking up a pin with right hand
Code POL4661 Poliomyelitis immunisation by 1961
Code PRATD4 Parent/relative attending examination of child by school doctor
Code PUH61 Pubic hair at 15 yrs
Code PULM61 Lungs 1961
Code RAD61 Right ear drum 1961
Code RAM61 Right meatus 1961
Code RCVMD4 Recurrent vomiting
Code RHH61 Any evidence of rheumatic heart disease 1961
Code RHO61 Other manifestations of rheumatic disease other than heart 1961
Code SCLSD4 Scales
Code SIF61 Frequency of recurrent vomiting during the last year at 15 yrs
Code SNEL61 Snellen left eye without glasses 1961
Code SNELG61 Snellen left eye with glasses 1961
Code SNER61 Snellen right eye without glasses 1961
Code SNERG61 Snellen right eye with glasses 1961
Code SPHD4 Speech - abnormalities
Code SQU61 Squint 1961
Code STHPYD4 Need speech therapy
Code TAPLF61 Tapping left finger. Code no as given
Code TAPLFO61 Tapping left foot. Code no. as given
Code TAPRF61 Tapping right finger. Code no. as given
Code TAPRFO61 Tapping right foot. Code no. as given
Code THL61 Threading needle left hand - 1961
Code THR61 Threading needle right hand - 1961
Code TONC61 Tonsils - condition of crypts 1961
Code TONG61 Tonsils - size 1961
Code TONP61 Tonsils - presence 1961
Code TONX61 Tonsillar glands 1961
Code TONY61 Need for removal of tonsils - examining doctor's opinion 1961
Code TRMTD4 Treatment - behaviour problems


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