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1982 Present State Examination Dataset

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Name Label
Code pse182 Do you feel you are physically ill in any way?
Code pse482 What is it like when you worry? Rate worrying (4)
Code pse582 Have you had headaches or other pains during past month?
Code pse682 Have you been getting exhausted?
Code pse782 Have you had difficulty relaxing?
Code pse882 Have you been fidgety and restless?
Code pse982 Do you tend to worry over your physical health?
Code pse1082 Do you feel on edge, keyed up, mentally tense or strained?
Code pse1582 Do you tend to get anxious in certain situations? e.g. travelling, being alone in a lift or a tube train.
Code pse1682 Do you feel anxious about meeting people?
Code pse1782 Do you have specific fears?
Code pse2382 Rating of depressed mood (when did you last really enjoy something?) **Do you keep reasonably cheerful or have you been very depressed or low-spirited recently?
Code pse2682 Evidence of both depression and anxiety. Which is worse?
Code pse2782 Evidence of depression or anxiety. Worse at any particular time of day?
Code pse3182 Are you self-conscious in public?
Code pse3482 What has your appetite been like recently?
Code pse3582 Trouble getting off to sleep in past month
Code pse3782 Do you wake early in the morning?
Code pse3882 Has there been any change in your interest in sex?
Code pse3982 Depression increases before menstruation
Code pse4082 More irritable than usual
Code pse4282 Full of energy and exciting ideas?
Code pse4982 Does your imagination ever play tricks on you? Do you feel something odd is going on you can't explain? Do things have an unusual look or smell?
Code pse6082 Do you ever hear voices when nobody is about?
Code pse6482 Do you ever have a vision or see things other people couldn't see?
Code pse1182rec Have there been times when you have been anxious or frightened?
Code pse1282rec Have you had the feeling that something terrible might happen?
Code pse1482rec Have you had times when you felt shaky, heart pounding, sweaty and you had to do something about it?
Code pse1882rec Do you avoid situations which make you anxious?
Code pse1982rec Do your thoughts tend to be muddled or slow?
Code pse2082rec What has your concentration been like lately?
Code pse2182rec Do you tend to brood on things?
Code pse2282rec Have your interests changed at all?
Code pse2482rec Rating of hopelessness
Code pse2582rec Rating of suicidal plans or acts
Code pse2882rec Have you wanted to stay away from other people?
Code pse2982rec What is your opinion of yourself?
Code pse3082rec How confident do you feel in yourself?
Code pse3282rec Do you have the feeling that you are being blamed for something or even accused?
Code pse3382rec Do you tend to blame yourself at all?
Code pse3682rec Are you suffering from lack of energy?
Code pse4182rec Sometimes feel particularly cheerful and on top of world, without reason?
Code pse4382rec Seemed super efficient, as though you have special powers/talents?
Code pse4482rec Do you keep checking things you know you have already done?
Code pse4582rec Do you spend a lot of time on personal cleanliness, like washing over and over again?
Code pse4682rec Do you find it difficult to make decisions even about trivial things?
Code pse4782rec Have you felt recently that things around you were unreal?
Code pse4882rec Have you felt unreal, that you were not a person, not in the living world?
Code pse9782rec Have you had any lapses of memory lately?
Code pse9882rec What medicines or drugs do you take?
Code pse9982rec How much do you usually drink?
Code pseamd82 Are you attending for treatment anyone who is not medically qualified? (alternative med.)
Code pseanx82 Have you felt anxious, fearful or nervous for a considerable time in the last year?
Code psedep82 Have you felt at all depressed in the last year?
Code psehyp82 In the past year have there been times when you have felt overflowing with energy?
Code psemdm82rec May I ask are you seeing a doctor for your nerves (this month)?
Code psemdy82rec Have you seen a doctor for your nerves in the past year?