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1962 Cohort Member at School Dataset

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Numeric serno Serial Number
Code ASP62 Subjects pupil liked very much 1962 - Summary
Code CARDI62 With whom pupil discussed future career
Code CLB62 Clubs
Code COMPS10B Form completion S10B
Code COUT62 Type of course pupil says is taking if not specialising in any particular subjects
Code DNR62 Daily newspapers read
Code ENGP62 Pupil's subject preference - English
Code EVC62 Evening Classes
Code EVS62 Subject pupil takes at evening classes
Code EXM62 Examinations - no. of 'O' levels coded. If exams other than 'O' code 'Y'
Code FCD62 Future career discussion
Code FCDWW62 Future career discussion - with whom
Code GRANT62 University grants - how much does pupil think this money covers?
Code HELS62 Subjects in which pupil receives regular help from parents or other person (not evening classes)
Code HOBS62 Hobbies - summary
Code HOLJ62 Full-time job for two weeks or longer during last summer holidays
Code HOLS62 Hours per week pupil studied during last holidays
Code HW62 Total homework - summary (hours/week)
Code HWHW62 Help with homework
Code HWSTU Homework minus prep - summary
Code HWTWD62 Homework time - weekday (hours x 10, e.g. 2.5 hours coded as 25)
Code HWTWE62 Homework time - weekend (hours x 10, e.g. 2.5 hours coded as 25)
Code JOCCWD62 Reason for changing mind since original job choice in Jan 61
Code JOCD62 If choice of job is different from that chosen in Jan 1961 what is it now ('62)?
Code JOGCLD62 Further classification of job if changed mind since Jan 1961
Code JOHSCLD62 Rothwell Miller interest - if change job choice since Jan 61
Code KTWS62 Kind of trouble with sleep (Summary Code) - values 26-56 are all multiple punched but exact reponses not known
Code KTWSL62 Kind of trouble with sleep
Code LANP62 Pupil's subject preference - modern language
Code LEAVP62 Age pupil expects to leave school
Code LIB62 Books read in last 4 weeks apart from set school books - where books came from?
Code LIBS62 Libraries used - Summary
Code MAG62 Magazines read
Code MATP62 Pupil's subject preference - mathematics
Code NEUR62 Neuroticism total 1962
Code NEWDS62 Daily newspapers - summary
Code NEWSS62 Sunday newspaper - summary
Code PALS62 What most of particular friends are doing
Code PREP62 Where pupil does homework
Code PTJE62 Part-time job - ever had up to 1962 for longer than 3 months (pupil)?
Code PTJH62 Part-time job now (1962) - how many hours a week - pupil?
Code PTJN62 Whether part-time job now (1962) (pupil)?
Code QUIC62 Speed that pupil thinks he picks things up and sees answers compared with his classmates
Code SCIP62 Pupil's subject preference - Science and/or Biology
Code SHOBS62 Leisure interests - summary
Code SHOL62 Studying in holidays
Code SNR62 Sunday newspapers read
Code SPORT62 Games other than compulsory ones played at school
Code SPORTO62 Organisation of non-compulsory games played at school
Code SWOP62 How hard pupil thinks he works compared with his classmates
Code THWT62 Total homework time (hours/week) = weekday x 4 + weekend
Code TWSL62 Trouble with sleep
Code UNIV62 University discussion
Code UNIVD62 Discussion with anyone the possibility of going to a university (Summary 1962) - pupil
Code UNIVF62 Any particular friends in pupil's class going to a university?
Code UNIVN62 Number of British universities known by pupil other than nearest.
Code UNIVQ62 Entrance qualifications pupil thinks are required for a university
Code UNIVS62 Whether elder siblings have been or going to university
Code UO62 University opportunity
Code WACD62 Whether accident since last recorded or since Jan 1961
Code WCL62 Since January 1961 have you attended a clinic?
Code WEHOLJ62 Whether holiday job
Code WHOLJ62 Why had holiday job
Code WIHM62 With whom has SM discussed possibility of going to university?
Code WIP62 Whether in-patient
Code WOP62 Whether out-patient
Code WWHM62 Who gives help with homework?


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