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1957 Examination by the School Doctor Dataset

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Name Label
Code ABD57 Abdominal pain at 11 yrs (during last year)
Code ABDI57 Abdominal distension at 11 yrs
Code ABPND3 Abdominal pain
Code ALE57 Alertness at 11 years
Code ASTMD3 Asthma
Code BRD57 Breast development at 11 years
Code CARD57 Other heart abnormalities (those not mentioned in any other part of the form) 1957
Code CONG57 Evidence of congenital heart disease 1957
Code CTHSD3 Clothes when weighed
Code DAD3 Date of interview
Code DEF57 Other abnormalities or deformities
Code DRCND3 Treatment - asthma attack
Code DWCD3 Deaf with colds?
Code EYD57 Eye dominance 1957
Code EYO57 Eye defects other than squint 1957
Code FAU57 Pillars of Fauces 1957
Code FITD3 Fits - during the last year - or loss of consciousness
Code FITIHD3 Fits - whether in illness or health
Code FOAD3 Frequency of asthma attacks (number of attacks over the year coded)
Code GLA57 Whether glasses worn in 1957
Code HAN57 Handedness - 1957
Code HANB57 Picking up Ball - 1957
Code HEA57 Hearing aid 1957
Code HEAM57 Hearing
Code HEAR57 Doctor's assessment of child's hearing - 1957
Code HLALD3 Length - asthma attack (actual hours coded)
Code HTR57 Heart trouble - restriction of activities 1957
Code HTT57 Heart trouble 1957
Code IMP57 Impulse on coughing in the inguinal canal 1957
Code INVGD3 Asthma - investigations
Code JAU4657 Jaundice 1946 - 1957
Code LAD57 Left ear drum 1957
Code LAM57 Left meatus 1957
Code LYMA57 Lymphatic glands (Axilla) 1957
Code LYMG57 Lymphatic glands (Groin) 1957
Code LYMN57 Lymphatic glands (Neck) 1957 (excluding tonsillar glands)
Code MEN57 Periods at 11 years
Code MEUD3 Height measure used
Code MH57 Metric height of SM in 1957 in mm (derived) (mean 1407.74 - 3995 observations)
Code MURL57 Murmurs - lying 1957
Code MURS57 Murmurs - standing 1957
Code MW57 Metric weight of SM in 1957 in kilos x 10 (derived) (mean 345.81 - 3960 observations)
Code NAB57 Nail biting at 11 years
Text NHT57 Height at age 11 coded in inches
Text NIH57 Indication of whether any change made to original height variable (NHT57)
Numeric NIW57 NIght wetting at 11 yrs
Text NIWT57 Indication of whether any change made to original weight variable (NWT57)
Numeric NOFITD3 Number of fits (actual number coded)
Text NWT57 Weight at age 11 coded in pounds
Numeric ORT57 Orthopaedic defects 1957
Numeric PAM57 Palpable masses 1957 e.g. liver, spleen
Numeric PD3 Development
Numeric PH57 Pubic hair at 11 years
Numeric PID3 Person interviewed
Numeric PUE57 Pulse rate minus 50 at beginning of actual examination by doctor i.e. section b of form
Numeric PUL57 Pulse rate minus 50 at end of doctor's examination i.e. section b of form
Numeric PULM57 Lungs 1957
Numeric RAD57 Right ear drum 1957
Numeric RAM57 Right meatus 1957
Numeric RCVMD3 Recurrent vomiting
Numeric RHH57 Any evidence of rheumatic heart disease 1957
Numeric RHO57 Other manifestations of rheumatic disease other than heart 1957
Numeric RID3 Result of interview
Numeric SCLSD3 Type of weighing scales used - form D3
Numeric SIF57 Frequency of recurrent vomiting during the last year at 11 yrs
Numeric SNEL57 Snellen left eye without glasses 1957
Numeric SNELG57 Snellen left eye with glasses 1957
Numeric SNER57 Snellen right eye without glasses 1957
Numeric SNERG57 Snellen right eye with glasses 1957
Numeric SPHD3 Any speech abnormalities - form D3
Numeric SQU57 Squint 1957
Numeric STHPYD3 Speech therapy
Numeric TEE57 Teeth - number of times seen by dentist during last year - asked 1957
Numeric TESA57 Testes 1957
Numeric TESB57 Can testes be drawn down - 1957
Numeric TONC57 Tonsils - condition of crypts 1957
Numeric TONG57 Tonsils - size 1957
Numeric TONP57 Tonsils - presence 1957
Numeric TONX57 Tonsillar glands 1957
Numeric TONY57 Need for removal of tonsils - examining doctor's opinion 1957
Numeric TSIGB Condition of tonsils 1957 (number of abnormal signs seen)
Numeric UMH57 Umbilical hernia 1957
Numeric XRT Type of X-ray


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