Dataset Description


Wave 3 Household data from respondent households Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric c_hidp household identifier (public release)
Numeric c_intnum interviewer id
Code c_hhorig Sample origin, household
Code c_psu Primary sampling unit
Code c_strata Strata
Code c_month sample month
Code c_ivfho final household interview outcome
Code c_nitype nitype
Code c_hhlang anyone in hh need translated interview
Numeric c_hhsize number of people in household
Numeric c_numadult number of adults (aged 16 or over) in household
Code c_nkids015 number of children aged 15 or under in household
Code c_nunder15 number of children aged 14 or under in household
Numeric c_nunder10 number of children aged 9 or under in household
Numeric c_n10to15 number of children aged 10 to 15 in household
Code c_origadd interview conducted at original address
Code c_ivh0 who answering hh qure: non household member
Code c_ivh1 who answering hh qure: adnames[1]
Code c_ivh2 who answering hh qure: adnames[2]
Code c_ivh3 who answering hh qure: adnames[3]
Code c_ivh4 who answering hh qure: adnames[4]
Code c_ivh5 who answering hh qure: adnames[5]
Code c_ivh6 who answering hh qure: adnames[6]
Code c_ivh7 who answering hh qure: adnames[7]
Code c_ivh8 who answering hh qure: adnames[8]
Code c_ivh9 who answering hh qure: adnames[9]
Code c_ivh10 who answering hh qure: adnames[10]
Code c_ivh11 who answering hh qure: adnames[11]
Code c_ivh12 who answering hh qure: adnames[12]
Code c_ivh13 who answering hh qure: adnames[13]
Code c_ivh14 who answering hh qure: adnames[14]
Code c_ivh15 who answering hh qure: adnames[15]
Code c_ivh16 who answering hh qure: adnames[16]
Code c_hsroomchk check on number of rooms
Code c_hsbeds number of bedrooms
Code c_hsrooms other rooms
Code c_hsowndchk check housing tenure
Code c_hsownd own accommodation
Code c_hsowr10 in whose name : non household member
Code c_hsowr11 in whose name : adnames[1]
Code c_hsowr12 in whose name : adnames[2]
Code c_hsowr13 in whose name : adnames[3]
Code c_hsowr14 in whose name : adnames[4]
Code c_hsowr15 in whose name : adnames[5]
Code c_hsowr16 in whose name : adnames[6]
Code c_hsowr17 in whose name : adnames[7]
Code c_hsowr18 in whose name : adnames[8]
Code c_hsowr19 in whose name : adnames[9]
Code c_hsowr110 in whose name : adnames[10]
Code c_hsowr111 in whose name : adnames[11]
Code c_hsowr112 in whose name : adnames[12]
Code c_hsowr113 in whose name : adnames[13]
Code c_hsowr114 in whose name : adnames[14]
Code c_hsowr115 in whose name : adnames[15]
Code c_hsowr116 in whose name : adnames[16]
Code c_hsval value
Code c_mgynot how home became owed outright
Code c_hsyrbuy year bought
Code c_hscost how much paid
Code c_hsyr04 start paying mortgage
Code c_mgold initial mortgage
Code c_mglife years left of mortgage
Code c_mgtype type of mortgage
Code c_mgextra taken out additional mortgage
Code c_mgnew amount of additional mortgage
Code c_mgxty1 what extra mortgage was used for: home extension
Code c_mgxty2 what extra mortgage was used for: home improvements or repairs
Code c_mgxty3 what extra mortgage was used for: car purchase
Code c_mgxty4 what extra mortgage was used for: other consumer goods
Code c_mgxty5 what extra mortgage was used for: emergencies, loss of income or subsistence
Code c_mgxty6 what extra mortgage was used for: consolidation
Code c_mgxty97 what extra mortgage was used for: other
Code c_xpmg last monthly installment
Code c_hsjb accommodation go with job
Code c_rentp0 name rented in: non household member
Code c_rentp1 name rented in: adnames[1]
Code c_rentp2 name rented in: adnames[2]
Code c_rentp3 name rented in: adnames[3]
Code c_rentp4 name rented in: adnames[4]
Code c_rentp5 name rented in: adnames[5]
Code c_rentp6 name rented in: adnames[6]
Code c_rentp7 name rented in: adnames[7]
Code c_rentp8 name rented in: adnames[8]
Code c_rentp9 name rented in: adnames[9]
Code c_rentp10 name rented in: adnames[10]
Code c_rentp11 name rented in: adnames[11]
Code c_rentp12 name rented in: adnames[12]
Code c_rentp13 name rented in: adnames[13]
Code c_rentp14 name rented in: adnames[14]
Code c_rentp15 name rented in: adnames[15]
Code c_rentp16 name rented in: adnames[16]
Code c_rentll who accommodation rented by
Code c_rentf furnishings
Code c_rent last rent payment
Code c_rentwc period covered
Code c_rentinc1 payments included: tf_rentincwater
Code c_rentinc2 payments included: heating or lighting or hot water
Code c_rentinc3 payments included: tf_rentinctax
Code c_rentinc96 payments included: none of these
Code c_renthb housing benefit
Code c_rentg amount if hb not deducted
Code c_fuelhave1 domestic fuel: electricity
Code c_fuelhave2 domestic fuel: gas, including calor gas
Code c_fuelhave3 domestic fuel: oil
Code c_fuelhave4 domestic fuel: other fuel, including solid fuel
Code c_fuelhave96 domestic fuel: or none of these?
Code c_fuelduel bills paid together
Code c_xpduely amount electricity and gas
Code c_duelpay method of payment for gas and electric combined
Code c_xpelecy amount electricity
Code c_elecpay method of payment for electricity
Code c_xpgasy amount gas
Code c_gaspay method of payment for gas
Code c_xpoily amount oil
Code c_xpsfly amount other fuel
Code c_heatch central heating
Code c_noisyn noise from neighbours
Code c_grimyn pollution from traffic or industry
Code c_crgraf extent of: graffiti on walls
Code c_crrubsh extent of: rubbish on street
Code c_crteen extent of: teenagers hanging about
Code c_crdrnk extent of: drunks/tramps on street
Code c_crvand extent of: vandalism
Code c_crrace extent of: racial insults/attacks
Code c_crburg extent of: homes broken into
Code c_crcar extent of: cars stolen/broken into
Code c_crmugg extent of: people attacked on street
Code c_hsctax council tax band
Code c_xphsdb behind with rent/mortgage
Code c_xphsdct behind with paying council tax
Code c_xphsdba up to date with all bills
Code c_cduse1 household items owned: colour television
Code c_cduse2 household items owned: video recorder/dvd player
Code c_cduse3 household items owned: satellite dish/ sky tv
Code c_cduse4 household items owned: cable tv
Code c_cduse5 household items owned: deep freeze or fridge freezer (exclude: fridge only)
Code c_cduse6 household items owned: washing machine
Code c_cduse7 household items owned: tumble drier
Code c_cduse8 household items owned: dishwasher
Code c_cduse9 household items owned: microwave oven
Code c_cduse10 household items owned: home computer/pc (not games console)
Code c_cduse11 household items owned: compact disc player (include if part of sound system)
Code c_cduse12 household items owned: landline telephone
Code c_cduse13 household items owned: mobile telephone (anyone in household)
Code c_cduse96 household items owned: or none of above?
Code c_pchas has pc (cati only)
Code c_pcnet access to the internet
Code c_pcbroad broadband connection
Code c_xpfood1_g3 amount food
Code c_xpfdout_g3 food outside the home
Code c_xpaltob_g3 total amount spent on alcohol
Code c_ncars number of cars/vans owned by household
Code c_carown who owns vehicle
Code c_carval how much vehicles are worth
Code c_ivlheng interview conducted in english
Code c_ivlhtrans translated language
Code c_ivlhwho who translated
Code c_ivlhbal amount of interview conducted in translation
Code c_hhintlang language hhold interview conducted in
Code c_outcome interviewer:final outcome for household interview, = computed or unout
Code c_hholdmodedv hhold mode type
Numeric c_intdated household interview (day)
Numeric c_intdatem household interview (month)
Numeric c_intdatey household interview (year)
Code c_fihhmngrs_tc fihhmngrs_dv includes top coded component (EUL version only)
Code c_fihhmnlabgrs_tc fihhmnlabgrs_dv includes top coded component (EUL version only)
Code c_rentgrs_if monthly gross rent, imputation flag
Code c_xpmg_if monthly mortgage payment imputation flag
Code c_histrtdathh household interview start (hours)
Code c_histrtdatmm household interview start (minutes)
Code c_histrtdatss household interview start (seconds)
Code c_hienddathh household interview end (hours)
Code c_hienddatmm household interview end (minutes)
Code c_hienddatss household interview end (seconds)
Code c_ff_hhsize fed forward household size from ip1
Code c_ff_tel telephone interview at this wave (bhps sample only)
Code c_ff_hsbeds number of bedrooms at previous wave
Code c_ff_hsrooms number of other rooms at previous wave
Code c_ff_hsownd tenancy status at previous wave
Code c_npensioner_dv Total # of pensionable age in hh
Code c_fihhmnnet1_dv total household net income - no deductions
Code c_ficountax_dv amount deduction component 9: council tax
Code c_fihhmnnet3_dv total household net income - individual/household deductions
Code c_fihhmnlabgrs_dv total gross household labour income: month before interview
Code c_fihhmnlabnet_dv total net household labour income: month before interview
Code c_fihhmnmisc_dv total household miscellaneous income: month before interview
Code c_fihhmnprben_dv total household private benefit income: month before interview
Code c_fihhmninv_dv total household investment income: month before interview
Code c_fihhmnpen_dv total household pension income: month before interview
Code c_fihhmnsben_dv total household social benefit income: month before interview
Code c_rent_dv last rent payment, montly
Code c_rentgrs_dv monthly gross rent, including housing benefit
Code c_hbadjust_dv income adjustment for housing benefit included in gross rent
Code c_xpmg_dv monthly mortgage payment including imputations
Code c_xpmgint_dv estimated interest in monthly mortgage payment
Code c_houscost1_dv monthly housing cost including mortgage principal payments
Code c_houscost2_dv monthly housing cost excluding mortgage principal payments
Code c_fihhmngrs1_dv gross household income: month before interview, hb adj
Code c_fihhmnnet4_dv total household net income - hb adj & individual/household deductions
Code c_country Country of residence
Code c_gor_dv Government Office Region
Code c_urban_dv Urban or rural area, derived
Code us3_c_hhresp_dv Household response status
Code c_hhtype_dv Composition of household, LFS-version
Numeric c_hrpid Household reference person: PIDP
Numeric c_hrpno Household reference person: PNO
Numeric c_ncouple_dv # of couples within hh
Numeric c_nonepar_dv Number of lone parents in hh
Code c_nkids_dv Number of children in household
Code c_nch02_dv Number of children aged 0-2 in household
Code c_nch34_dv Number of children aged 3-4 in household
Code c_nch511_dv Number of children aged 5-11 in household
Code c_nch1215_dv Number of children aged 12-15 in household
Code c_agechy_dv Age of youngest child in HH
Code c_npens_dv # of people over pensionable age in hh
Numeric c_nemp_dv Number employed in the hh
Numeric c_nue_dv Number not in paid employment in the hh
Numeric c_nwage_dv Number working age in hh
Numeric c_nchoecd_dv Number of children aged 0-13 in hh, OECD definition
Numeric c_nadoecd_dv Number of adults aged 14+ in hh, OECD definition
Code c_ieqmoecd_dv Modified OECD equivalence scale
Code c_tenure_dv housing tenure
Code c_fihhnegsei_if flag for negative self employment income
Code c_fihhmngrs_if share of imputed HH total income
Code c_fihhmngrs_dv gross household income: month before interview
Numeric c_hhdenub_xw cross-sectional household weight