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Wave 2 Youth self completion questionnaire data Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric pidp cross-wave person identifier (public release)
Code pid personal identifier (BHPS cohort)
Numeric b_hidp household identifier (public release)
Numeric b_pno person number
Code b_hhorig Sample origin, household
Code b_memorig Sample origin, individual
Code b_psu Primary sampling unit
Code b_strata Strata
Code b_sampst sample status
Code b_ivfio Individual level outcome
Code b_sex sex
Code b_dvage age (computed)
Code b_ypdobm date of birth:month
Code b_ypdoby date of birth:year
Code b_ypsex gender of youth
Code b_yptvvidhrs hours spent watching tv on a school day
Code b_yptvvidhrw hours spent watching tv on a weekend including video and dvds
Code b_ypsocweb do you belong to a social web-site such as bebo, facebook or myspace?
Code b_ypnetcht Hours using social media on weekdays
Code b_ypmulpgms ever play multiplayer online games
Code b_ypeatlivu how many times in last 7 days eaten evening meal with family
Code b_yphrshswrk how many hours do you spend doing or helping with housework in an average wee
Code b_yplate past month: times out after 9.00 pm
Code b_ypnpal number of close friends
Code b_ypsbfgf has steady boyfriend or girfriend
Code b_ypesta i feel i have a number of good qualities.
Code b_ypesti i don't have much to be proud of
Code b_ypestb i certainly feel useless at times
Code b_ypestj i am as able as most people
Code b_ypestc i am a likeable person
Code b_ypestk i can usually solve my own problems
Code b_ypeste i am inclined to feel i am a failure
Code b_ypestf at times i feel i am no good at all
Code b_ypfparty go to a party, dance, disco or nightclub
Code b_ypfcinema go to the cinema
Code b_ypfpaint how often do painting, drawing, printmaking or sculpture
Code b_ypftheatre go to the theatre
Code b_ypfpcart use a computer to create original artworks or animation
Code b_ypflvespt go to watch live sport
Code b_ypfgo2pub go to a pub or bar
Code b_ypfhnghm how often hang around near home
Code b_ypfhngtn how often hang around in town centre
Code b_ypfythclub go to youth clubs, scouts, girl guides or other organised activities
Code b_ypflibrary go to a library
Code b_ypfmuseum go to museums or galleries
Code b_ypfhistplc go to visit an historic place or stately home
Code b_ypfvolunt do voluntary or community work
Code b_ypfpolitm go to a political meeting/march, rally or demonstration
Code b_ypnbuks past month: num books read for pleasure
Code b_ypdisbuk frequency of discussing books at home
Code b_ypdistv frequency of discussing tv at home
Code b_ypgetbuk frequency of adults giving books as presents
Code b_ypfadmus frequency of adults taking to museums or art galleries
Code b_ypfadspt frequency of adults taking to watch live sport
Code b_ypfadttr frequency of adults taking to see theatre, dance performance or classical musi
Code b_ypmusinst do you play a musical instrument?
Code b_yposclas1 music
Code b_yposclas2 art
Code b_yposclas3 dance
Code b_yposclas4 sport
Code b_yposclas5 tutorials for school subjects
Code b_yposclas6 religious classes
Code b_yposclas7 none of these
Code b_yposclas8 other
Code b_yphsw feel about your school work?
Code b_yphap feel about your appearance?
Code b_yphfm feel about your family?
Code b_yphfr feel about your friends?
Code b_yphsc feel about your school?
Code b_yphlf feel about your life as a whole?
Code b_yphmwrk ever set homework at school
Code b_ypfhmwrk how often set homework
Code b_ypfhweve how many evenings do homework
Code b_yphmwkhrs how many hours spent helping with or doing homework
Code b_yphmwkwe how many hours homework at weekends
Code b_yphmwkhlp does anyone at home help with homework
Code b_yphmwkwho1 mum or stepmum
Code b_yphmwkwho2 dad or stepdad
Code b_yphmwkwho3 a brother or sister
Code b_yphmwkwho4 another relative living with you
Code b_yphmwkwho5 any non-relative living with you
Code b_yphmwkwho6 no-one, i do it myself
Code b_ypacvwell importance of doing well in gcse's or standard grades
Code b_yplvsc2do what would most like to do at 16
Code b_yp2uni would like to go to college/university
Code b_yptruant whether has ever played truant
Code b_ypsrhlth would you say your health is
Code b_ypfrutppd portions of fresh fruit and vegetables per day
Code b_yphlwtr personal view of weight for height
Code b_yptrydiet ever diet or try to lose weight
Code b_ypextype1 walking, including walking the dog
Code b_ypextype2 swimming or diving
Code b_ypextype3 cycling
Code b_ypextype4 jogging or running
Code b_ypextype5 tennis, squash or badminton
Code b_ypextype6 keep fit, aerobics or gym training
Code b_ypextype7 football
Code b_ypextype8 rugby
Code b_ypextype9 netball, basketball or hockey
Code b_ypextype10 cricket
Code b_ypextype11 athletics
Code b_ypextype12 martial arts
Code b_ypextype13 horse riding
Code b_ypextype14 gymnastics
Code b_ypextype15 dance
Code b_ypextype16 other type of sport or activity
Code b_yppsprt how often play sport, aerobics, keep fit
Code b_yptrvl2sch main means of travel to school
Code b_ypevrsmo ever smoke cigarettes at all
Code b_ypsmofrq frequency of smoking
Code b_ypevralc ever had an alcoholic drink
Code b_ypdklm past month: how many alcoholic drinks?
Code b_yp5alcdr frequency of 5 plus alcoholic drinks
Code b_ypdrnklt how many times intoxicated in lifetime
Code b_ypdrnky on how many occasions have you been intoxicated or drunk - during the last 12
Code b_ypdrnk4w how many times intoxicated in last 4 weeks
Code b_ypdrgsol ever tried: glue/solvent sniffing
Code b_ypdrgmj ever tried: cannabis
Code b_ypdrgoth ever tried: other drugs
Code b_ypfrdrg frequency of drug use
Code b_ypeasmj ease of obtaining cannabis
Code b_ypsmrsk1 cigarette smoking: perceived risk of smoking occasionally
Code b_ypsmrsk2 cigarette smoking: perceived risk of one or more packs per day
Code b_ypalcrsk1 have one or two alcoholic drinks nearly every day
Code b_ypalcrsk2 have four or five alcoholic drinks nearly every day
Code b_ypalcrsk3 have five or more alcoholic drinks each weekend
Code b_ypmjrsk1 cannabis: perceived risk try once or twice
Code b_ypmjrsk2 cannabis: perceived risk smoke occasionally
Code b_ypmjrsk3 cannabis: perceived risk smoke regularly
Code b_ypersk1 ecstasy: perceived risk try once or twice
Code b_ypamrsk1 amphetamine: perceived risk try once or twice
Code b_ypamrsk2 amphetamine: perceived risk take regularly
Code b_ypamar at what age do you want to get married?
Code b_ypapar at what age do you want to start a family?
Code b_ypfutatxt what would you like to be doing in 10 years time?
Code b_intdatd_if Interview date: Day, imputation flag
Code b_intdatm_if Interview date: Month, imputation flag
Code b_intdaty_if Interview date: Year, imputation flag
Code b_doby_if DOB Year imputation flag
Code b_age_if Imputation flag for age_dv
Code b_fnpid Natural father: PIDP
Code b_mnpid Natural mother: PIDP
Code b_pn1pid Natural parent 1: PIDP
Code b_pn1pno Natural parent 1: PNO
Code b_pn1sex Natural parent 1: Sex
Code b_pn2pid Natural parent 2: PIDP
Code b_pn2pno Natural parent 2: PNO
Code b_pn2sex Natural parent 2: Sex
Code b_pns1pid Nat/step/adopt parent 1: PIDP
Code b_pns1pno Nat/step/adopt parent 1: PNO
Code b_pns1sex Nat/step/adopt parent 1: Sex
Code b_pns2pid Nat/step/adopt parent 2: PIDP
Code b_pns2pno Nat/step/adopt parent 2: PNO
Code b_pns2sex Nat/step/adopt parent 2: Sex
Code b_grfpid Grandfather: PIDP
Code b_grmpid Grandmother: PIDP
Code b_sex_dv Sex, derived
Code b_age_dv Age, derived from dob_dv and intdat_dv
Code b_intdatd_dv Interview date: Day, derived
Code b_intdatm_dv Interview date: Month, derived
Code b_intdaty_dv Interview date: Year, derived
Code b_dobm_dv DOB: Month, derived
Code b_doby_dv DOB: Year, derived
Code b_npn_dv Number of R's natural parents in hh
Code b_npns_dv Number of R's nat/step/adopt parents in hh
Code b_ngrp_dv Number of R's grandparents in hh
Code b_nnsib_dv Number of R's natural siblings in hh
Code b_nnssib_dv Number of R's nat/step/adopt siblings in hh
Code b_yphlhtm_dv Unit of current height
Code b_yphlhtf_dv Height in feet and inches: feet
Code b_yphlhti_dv Height in feet and inches: inches
Code b_yphlhtcm_dv Height in cm, derived
Code b_yphlwtm_dv Unit of current weight
Code b_yphlwts_dv Weight in stones and pounds: stones
Code b_yphlwtp_dv Weight in stones and pounds: pounds
Code b_yphlwtk_dv Weight reported in kg
Code b_yphlwtkg_dv Weight in kg, derived
Code b_ypbmi_dv Body Mass Index
Code b_ethn_dv Ethnic group (derived from multiple sources)
Code b_country Country of residence
Code b_gor_dv Government Office Region
Code b_urban_dv Urban or rural area, derived
Code b_hhresp_dv Household response status
Code b_agegr5_dv Age group (age_dv): 5 year intervals
Code b_agegr10_dv Age group (age_dv): 10 year intervals
Code b_agegr13_dv Age group (age_dv): 13 categories
Numeric b_buno_dv benefit unit number
Code b_adresp15_dv PNO of person responsible for child under 16
Code b_rach16_dv Whether responsible for child under 16
Numeric b_hrpid Household reference person: PIDP
Numeric b_hrpno Household reference person: PNO
Code b_fnpno Natural father: PNO
Code b_fnspid Nat/step/adopt father: PIDP
Code b_fnspno Nat/step/adopt father: PNO
Code b_mnpno Natural mother: PNO
Code b_mnspid Nat/step/adopt mother: PIDP
Code b_mnspno Nat/step/adopt mother: PNO
Code b_grfpno Grandfather: PNO
Code b_grmpno Grandfather: PNO
Numeric b_ythscus_xw cross-sectional youth self-completion weight
Numeric b_ythscbh_xw cross-sectional BHPS youth interview weight
Numeric b_ythscub_xw BHPS+UKHLS cross-sectional youth interview weight