Dataset Description


Wave 7 Household data from respondent households Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric g_hidp household identifier (public release)
Code g_intnum Interviewer Number
Code g_hhorig Sample origin, household
Code g_psu Primary sampling unit
Code g_strata Strata
Code g_month sample month
Code g_quarter sample quarter
Code g_ivfho Household level outcome
Code g_hglieng Interview conducted in English
Code g_hglitrans Translated language
Code g_addrchck Address check - asked
Code g_origadd Interview being conducted at original address - computed
Code g_coreswho1 Person number 1
Code g_coreswho2 Person number 2
Code g_coreswho3 Person number 3
Code g_coreswho4 Person number 4
Code g_coreswho5 Person number 5
Code g_coreswho6 Person number 6
Code g_coreswho7 Person number 7
Code g_coreswho8 Person number 8
Code g_coreswho9 Person number 9
Code g_coreswho10 Person number 10
Code g_coreswho11 Person number 11
Code g_coreswho12 Person number 12
Code g_coreswho13 Person number 13
Code g_coreswho14 Person number 14
Code g_coreswho15 Person number 15
Code g_coreswho16 Person number 16
Code g_coreswho96 No longer live with any of these people
Code g_mores More household members
Code g_cordet1 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet2 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet3 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet4 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet5 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet6 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet7 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet8 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet9 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet10 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet11 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet12 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet13 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet14 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet15 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet16 ff_ttl ff_forname ff_surname, ff_sex, ff_birthd ff_birthm ff_birthy
Code g_cordet17 Correct details check: PNO 17
Code g_cordet18 Correct details check: PNO 18
Code g_cordet19 Correct details check: PNO 19
Code g_cordet20 Correct details check: PNO 20
Code g_cordet21 Correct details check: PNO 21
Code g_cordet22 Correct details check: PNO 22
Code g_cordet23 Correct details check: PNO 23
Code g_cordet24 Correct details check: PNO 24
Code g_cordet25 Correct details check: PNO 25
Code g_cordet26 Correct details check: PNO 26
Code g_cordet27 Correct details check: PNO 27
Code g_cordet28 Correct details check: PNO 28
Code g_cordet29 Correct details check: PNO 29
Code g_cordet30 Correct details check: PNO 30
Code g_cordet31 Correct details check: PNO 31
Code g_cordet32 Correct details check: PNO 32
Code g_cordet96 None correct
Code g_hhlang Anyone in HH need translated interview
Code g_hhqref1 Person number 1
Code g_hhqref2 Person number 2
Code g_hhqref3 Person number 3
Code g_hhqref4 Person number 4
Code g_hhqref5 Person number 5
Code g_hhqref6 Person number 6
Code g_hhqref7 Person number 7
Code g_hhqref8 Person number 8
Code g_hhqref9 Person number 9
Code g_hhqref10 Person number 10
Code g_hhqref11 Person number 11
Code g_hhqref12 Person number 12
Code g_hhqref13 Person number 13
Code g_hhqref14 Person number 14
Code g_hhqref15 Person number 15
Code g_hhqref16 Person number 16
Code g_hhqref17 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO17
Code g_hhqref18 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO18
Code g_hhqref19 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO19
Code g_hhqref20 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO20
Code g_hhqref21 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO21
Code g_hhqref22 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO22
Code g_hhqref23 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO23
Code g_hhqref24 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO24
Code g_hhqref25 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO25
Code g_hhqref26 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO26
Code g_hhqref27 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO27
Code g_hhqref28 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO28
Code g_hhqref29 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO29
Code g_hhqref30 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO30
Code g_hhqref31 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO31
Code g_hhqref32 Household Questionnaire Ref Person: PNO32
Code g_iemb IEMB sample member
Code g_fborn Not born in UK/living with someone not born in UK
Code g_nkids05 Number of children aged 0-5 in hhold
Code g_nkids015 Number of children aged 0-15 in hhold
Code g_n10to15 Number of children aged 10 - 15 in HH
Code g_nkids615 Number of children aged 6-15 in hhold
Code g_npensioner Number of pensioners in the hhold
Code g_hgstrtdaty household grid starts (year)
Code g_hgstrtdatm household grid starts (month)
Code g_hgstrtdatd household grid starts (day)
Code g_hgstrtdathh household grid starts (hours)
Code g_hgstrtdatmm household grid starts (minutes)
Code g_hgstrtdatss household grid starts (seconds)
Code g_hgenddaty household grid end (year)
Code g_hgenddatm household grid end (month)
Code g_hgenddatd household grid end (day)
Code g_hgenddathh household grid end (hours)
Code g_hgenddatmm household grid end (minutes)
Code g_hgenddatss household grid end (seconds)
Code g_hlieng Interview conducted in English
Code g_hlitrans Translated language
Code g_hliwho Who translated
Code g_ivh0 whether answers hh questions: non hh member
Code g_ivh1 Person number 1
Code g_ivh2 Person number 2
Code g_ivh3 Person number 3
Code g_ivh4 Person number 4
Code g_ivh5 Person number 5
Code g_ivh6 Person number 6
Code g_ivh7 Person number 7
Code g_ivh8 Person number 8
Code g_ivh9 Person number 9
Code g_ivh10 Person number 10
Code g_ivh11 Person number 11
Code g_ivh12 Person number 12
Code g_ivh13 Person number 13
Code g_ivh14 Person number 14
Code g_ivh15 Person number 15
Code g_ivh16 Person number 16
Code g_histrtdaty household interview start (year)
Code g_histrtdatm household interview start (month)
Code g_histrtdatd household interview start (day)
Code g_histrtdathh household interview start (hours)
Code g_histrtdatmm household interview start (minutes)
Code g_hsroomchk House room check
Code g_hsbeds Number of bedrooms
Code g_hsrooms Number of other rooms in accommodation
Code g_hsowndchk Housing tenure check
Code g_hsownd House owned or rented
Code g_hsowr10 whether owns accomodation: non hh member
Code g_hsowr11 whether owns accomodation: pno 1
Code g_hsowr12 whether owns accomodation: pno 2
Code g_hsowr13 whether owns accomodation: pno 3
Code g_hsowr14 whether owns accomodation: pno 4
Code g_hsowr15 whether owns accomodation: pno 5
Code g_hsowr16 whether owns accomodation: pno 6
Code g_hsowr17 whether owns accomodation: pno 7
Code g_hsowr18 whether owns accomodation: pno 8
Code g_hsowr19 whether owns accomodation: pno 9
Code g_hsowr110 whether owns accomodation: pno 10
Code g_hsowr111 whether owns accomodation: pno 11
Code g_hsowr112 whether owns accomodation: pno 12
Code g_hsowr113 whether owns accomodation: pno 13
Code g_hsowr114 whether owns accomodation: pno 14
Code g_hsowr115 whether owns accomodation: pno 15
Code g_hsowr116 whether owns accomodation: pno 16
Code g_hsval Value of property: home owners
Code g_mgynot How home came to be owned outright
Code g_hsyrbuy Year became owner: home owners
Code g_hscost Original purchase price of property
Code g_hsyr04 Year mortgage began
Code g_mgold Amount borrowed at purchase: mortgagee
Code g_mglife Years left to pay: mortgage
Code g_mgtype Type of mortgage
Code g_mgextra Taken out additional mortgage on home
Code g_mgnew Amount of additional mortgage on home
Code g_mgxty1 Home extension
Code g_mgxty2 Home improvements or repairs
Code g_mgxty3 Car purchase
Code g_mgxty4 Other consumer goods
Code g_mgxty5 Emergencies, loss of income or subsistence goods
Code g_mgxty6 Consolidation
Code g_mgxty97 Other
Code g_hstotmg Total amount secured against property
Code g_xpmg Last total monthly mortgage payment
Code g_hsjb Accommodation with present job: renter
Code g_rentp0 Non-household member whether rents accomodation: non hh member
Code g_rentp1 Person number 1
Code g_rentp2 Person number 2
Code g_rentp3 Person number 3
Code g_rentp4 Person number 4
Code g_rentp5 Person number 5
Code g_rentp6 Person number 6
Code g_rentp7 Person number 7
Code g_rentp8 Person number 8
Code g_rentp9 Person number 9
Code g_rentp10 Person number 10
Code g_rentp11 Person number 11
Code g_rentp12 Person number 12
Code g_rentp13 Person number 13
Code g_rentp14 Person number 14
Code g_rentp15 Person number 15
Code g_rentp16 Person number 16
Code g_rentll Landlord of rented accommodation
Code g_rentf Accommodation rented furnished or other
Code g_rent Net amount of last rent payment
Code g_rentwc Weeks covered by last rental payment
Code g_rentinc1 [Water and/or sewerage charges {If REGION = GB}]
Code g_rentinc2 Heating or lighting or hot water
Code g_rentinc3 [Council Tax {if REGION = GB}] / [Rates {if REGION = NI}]
Code g_rentinc96 None of these
Code g_renthb Receives rent rebate or rent allowance
Code g_rentg Gross rent including Housing Benefit
Code g_fuelhave1 Electricity
Code g_fuelhave2 Gas, including Calor Gas
Code g_fuelhave3 Oil
Code g_fuelhave4 Other fuel, including solid fuel
Code g_fuelhave96 Or none of these?
Code g_fuelduel Separate or combined gas and electricity bill
Code g_xpduely Amount spent on gas and electricity combined
Code g_duelpay Method of payment for gas and electric combined
Code g_xpelecy Amount spent on electricity
Code g_elecpay Method of payment for electricity
Code g_xpgasy Amount spent on gas
Code g_gaspay Method of payment for gas
Code g_xpoily Amount spent on oil
Code g_xpsfly Amount spent on other fuel
Code g_heatch Household has central heating
Code g_hsctax Council tax band of accommodation
Code g_xphsdb Problems paying for housing
Code g_xphsdct Problems paying Council Tax
Code g_xphsdba Problems paying bills
Code g_cduse1 Television set
Code g_cduse2 DVD/Blu-Ray player
Code g_cduse3 Satellite dish/Sky TV
Code g_cduse4 Cable TV
Code g_cduse5 Deep freeze or fridge freezer (EXCLUDE: fridge only)
Code g_cduse6 Washing machine
Code g_cduse7 Tumble drier
Code g_cduse8 Dish washer
Code g_cduse9 Microwave oven
Code g_cduse10 Home computer/PC (include laptop but not games console or tablet computer)
Code g_cduse11 Compact disc player (INCLUDE if part of a sound system)
Code g_cduse12 Landline telephone
Code g_cduse13 Mobile telephone (anyone in household)
Code g_cduse96 Or none of the above?
Code g_pchas Consumer durables in accommodation
Code g_pcnet Has access to the internet from home
Code g_pcbroad Broadband connection from home computer
Code g_xpfood1_g3 Amount spent on food from supermarket
Code g_xpfdout_g3 Amount spent on meals/snacks outside the home
Code g_xpaltob_g3 Amount spent on alcohol
Code g_ncars Number of cars in household
Code g_carval Value vehicle(s) less amount outstanding
Code g_hhqurecomplete HHold Questionnaire completed CAWI
Code g_hienddaty household interview end (year)
Code g_hienddatm household interview end (month)
Code g_hienddatd household interview end (day)
Code g_hienddathh household interview end (hours)
Code g_hienddatmm household interview end (minutes)
Code g_hienddatss household interview end (seconds)
Code g_intdatey household admin record (year)
Code g_intdatem household admin record (month)
Code g_intdated household admin record (day)
Code g_hholdmodedv Mode for the completion of the household interview
Code g_ringfence CAPI ringfenced household
Code g_ensze1 car no.1: Engine size
Code g_whodrive1 car no.1: Main driver of car
Code g_carn2h1 car no.1: Car/Van bought new or secondhand
Code g_carfuel1 car no.1: Type of fuel car/van uses
Code g_carage1 car no.1: Age of car/van
Code g_ensze2 car no.2: Engine size
Code g_whodrive2 car no.2: Main driver of car
Code g_carn2h2 car no.2: Car/Van bought new or secondhand
Code g_carfuel2 car no.2: Type of fuel car/van uses
Code g_carage2 car no.2: Age of car/van
Code g_ensze3 car no.3: Engine size
Code g_whodrive3 car no.3: Main driver of car
Code g_carn2h3 car no.3: Car/Van bought new or secondhand
Code g_carfuel3 car no.3: Type of fuel car/van uses
Code g_carage3 car no.3: Age of car/van
Code g_ensze4 car no.4: Engine size
Code g_whodrive4 car no.4: Main driver of car
Code g_carn2h4 car no.4: Car/Van bought new or secondhand
Code g_carfuel4 car no.4: Type of fuel car/van uses
Code g_carage4 car no.4: Age of car/van
Code g_ensze5 car no.5: Engine size
Code g_whodrive5 car no.5: Main driver of car
Code g_carn2h5 car no.5: Car/Van bought new or secondhand
Code g_carfuel5 car no.5: Type of fuel car/van uses
Code g_carage5 car no.5: Age of car/van
Numeric g_hhsize Household size, incl. absent members
Code g_fihhmngrs_tc fihhmngrs_dv includes top coded component (EUL version only) (EUL version only)
Code g_fihhmnlabgrs_tc fihhmnlabgrs_dv includes top coded component (EUL version only) (EUL version onl
Code g_rentgrs_if monthly gross rent, imputation flag
Code g_xpmg_if monthly mortgage payment imputation flag
Code g_ctband_if data source for council tax band (ctband_dv)
Code g_ff_hsbeds Number of bedrooms at previous wave (QHFFW.QH.ff_hsbeds)
Code g_ff_hsrooms Number of other rooms at previous wave (QHFFW.QH.ff_hsrooms)
Code g_ff_hsownd Tenancy Status at previous wave (QHFFW.QH.ff_hsownd)
Code g_npensioner_dv Total # of pensionable age in hh
Code g_fihhmnnet1_dv total household net income - no deductions
Code g_ficountax_dv amount deduction component 9: (net) council tax
Code g_fihhmnnet3_dv total household net income - individual/household deductions
Code g_fihhmnlabgrs_dv total gross household labour income: month before interview
Code g_fihhmnlabnet_dv total net household labour income: month before interview
Code g_fihhmnmisc_dv total household miscellaneous income: month before interview
Code g_fihhmnprben_dv total household private benefit income: month before interview
Code g_fihhmninv_dv total household investment income: month before interview
Code g_fihhmnpen_dv total household pension income: month before interview
Code g_fihhmnsben_dv total household social benefit income: month before interview
Code g_rent_dv last rent payment, montly
Code g_rentgrs_dv monthly gross rent, including housing benefit
Code g_hbadjust_dv income adjustment for housing benefit included in gross rent
Code g_xpmg_dv monthly mortgage payment including imputations
Code g_xpmgint_dv estimated interest in monthly mortgage payment
Code g_houscost1_dv monthly housing cost including mortgage principal payments
Code g_houscost2_dv monthly housing cost excluding mortgage principal payments
Code g_fihhmngrs1_dv gross household income: month before interview, hb adj
Code g_fihhmnnet4_dv total household net income - hb adj & individual/household deductions
Code g_ctband_dv council tax band, using reports, external data and imputes
Code g_country Country of residence
Code g_gor_dv Government Office Region
Code g_urban_dv Urban or rural area, derived
Code g_hhresp_dv Household response status
Code g_hhtype_dv Composition of household, LFS-version
Numeric g_hrpid Household reference person: PIDP
Numeric g_hrpno Household reference person: PNO
Numeric g_ncouple_dv # of couples within hh
Numeric g_nonepar_dv Number of lone parents in hh
Code g_nkids_dv Number of children in household
Code g_nch02_dv Number of children aged 0-2 in household
Code g_nch34_dv Number of children aged 3-4 in household
Code g_nch511_dv Number of children aged 5-11 in household
Code g_nch1215_dv Number of children aged 12-15 in household
Code g_agechy_dv Age of youngest child in HH
Code g_npens_dv # of people over pensionable age in hh
Numeric g_nemp_dv Number employed in the hh
Numeric g_nue_dv Number not in paid employment in the hh
Numeric g_nwage_dv Number working age in hh
Numeric g_nchoecd_dv Number of children aged 0-13 in hh, OECD definition
Numeric g_nadoecd_dv Number of adults aged 14+ in hh, OECD definition
Code g_ieqmoecd_dv Modified OECD equivalence scale
Code g_tenure_dv housing tenure
Code g_fihhnegsei_if flag for negative self employment income
Code g_fihhmngrs_if share of imputed HH total income
Code g_fihhmngrs_dv gross household income: month before interview
Numeric g_hhdenub_xw cross-sectional household weight
Numeric g_hhdenui_xw UKHLS+BHPS+IEMB cross-sectional household weight