Dataset Description


Wave 5 Sample and Household level data for issued households Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric e_hidp household identifier (public release)
Numeric e_intnum interviewer id
Code e_hhorig Sample origin, household
Code e_psu Primary sampling unit
Code e_strata Strata
Code e_month sample month
Code e_ivfho Household level outcome
Code e_arftype interviewer: what type of arf are you using for this household?
Code e_aorigadd interviewer: is this interview being conducted at qhffw.qh.ff_address1, qhffw
Code e_nwhseno what is the highest new household number on the front of the arf?
Code e_origaddstat arf a.8: what is the status of the household at the original issued address o
Code e_addfound whether respondents found at trace addresses.
Code e_numtrace number of traced addresses visited
Code e_anyeng computed for checks. any part of the interview conducted in english.
Code e_nneedtran number of individuals coded as needing a tranlation into one of the 9 languag
Code e_hhadeng interviewer: does every adult in the household speak sufficient english to co
Code e_transreq1 arabic
Code e_transreq2 bengali
Code e_transreq3 cantonese
Code e_transreq4 gujarati
Code e_transreq5 punjabi (gurmukhi)
Code e_transreq6 punjabi (urdu)
Code e_transreq7 somali
Code e_transreq8 urdu
Code e_transreq9 welsh
Code e_transreq96 none of these
Code e_hhothlang10 albanian
Code e_hhothlang11 amharic
Code e_hhothlang12 chinese
Code e_hhothlang13 croatian
Code e_hhothlang14 farsi
Code e_hhothlang15 french
Code e_hhothlang16 greek
Code e_hhothlang17 hindi
Code e_hhothlang18 lingala
Code e_hhothlang19 lithuanian
Code e_hhothlang20 luganda
Code e_hhothlang21 malayalam
Code e_hhothlang22 mandarin
Code e_hhothlang23 pashto
Code e_hhothlang24 polish
Code e_hhothlang25 portuguese
Code e_hhothlang26 russian
Code e_hhothlang27 serbian
Code e_hhothlang28 spanish
Code e_hhothlang29 swahili
Code e_hhothlang30 tamil
Code e_hhothlang31 tigrignia
Code e_hhothlang32 turkish
Code e_hhothlang33 vietnamese
Code e_hhothlang96 none of these
Code e_hhtrans interviewer: is there anyone able to act as an interpreter for this hhold (ho
Code e_hhsuffengb do any household members speak sufficient english to complete their interview
Code e_outcome interviewer:final outcome for household interview, = computed or unout
Code e_toc telephone outcome - computed
Code e_catunout interviewer: enter the 3 digit outcome code.
Code e_reliable interviewer: earlier you coded the residential status of the members of this
Code e_giftdone interviewer: please code if £20 gift card offered to household
Code e_issue_num issue
Code e_aintlen computed interview length in minutes
Code e_moverreissue re-issued outcome 673 (to by-pass observations), 1 = yes
Code e_vchoice protects choice
Code e_tu count of unique respondent telephone numbers
Code e_hhdone household questionnaire completed
Code e_hhintlang language hhold interview conducted in
Code e_hhwhoint interpreter or interviewer for non-english
Code e_nresfull number full individual questionnaire completed by resident respondents
Code e_nindiv number full individual questionnaire completed - ftf and cati
Code e_nproxy number of proxy individual questionnaires completed
Code e_ninterp number of full productive individual questionnaires in other language with in
Code e_notherlang number of full productive individual questionnaires in other language - no in
Code e_nselfc1015 number of self completions by 10 to 15 year olds to pay for
Code e_n45plus number of add-on fees for 45+ year olds
Code e_ncasi number of casi modules to pay for
Code e_addstatus addstatus
Code e_setuseful setuseful
Code e_unprodstatus are there any reasons to permanently withdraw this whole household from the s
Code e_ynorevisit1 bereavement
Code e_ynorevisit2 critical/terminal illness
Code e_ynorevisit3 hospitalised for remainder of the fieldwork period
Code e_ynorevisit4 in the process of moving
Code e_ynorevisit5 divorce/separation
Code e_ynorevisit6 new baby
Code e_ynorevisit7 change in job circumstances
Code e_ynorevisit8 other reason
Code e_yremove1 all household members mentally incapable of interview (eg senile)
Code e_yremove2 all household members physically incapable of interview (eg long term sicknes
Code e_yremove3 all household members asked not to be re-contacted or have contacted office t
Code e_yremove4 violent or threatening behaviour towards interviewer
Code e_yremove5 other reason
Code e_howcontact has this household requested that an interviewer phones first to make an appo
Code e_naans number of following observation questions answered for fees
Code e_obsintroorig the following observation questions relate to the original issued address and
Code e_obsintrotrace the following observation questions relate to the final address that you visi
Code e_dweltyp arf qletter.1: address dwelling type
Code e_a2 arf qletter.2: how many floors are there at the address?
Code e_a31 locked common entrance
Code e_a32 locked gates
Code e_a33 security staff or gatekeeper
Code e_a34 entry phone access
Code e_a35 none of these
Code e_a36 unable to obtain information
Code e_a4 arf qletter.4: on what floor of the building is the address s main entrance?
Code e_unkgard arf qletter.5: does the address have an unkempt garden ?
Code e_carvanb arf qletter.6: standing outside, can you observe any signs of a car or van be
Code e_childb arf qletter.7: standing outside, can you observe any signs of children under
Code e_vicini1 boarded houses, abandoned buildings, demolished houses or demolished buildings
Code e_vicini2 trash, litter or junk in street/road
Code e_vicini3 heavy traffic on street/road
Code e_vicini96 none of these
Code e_rescond arf qletter.9: which of these best describes the condition of residential pro
Code e_hsfit arf qletter.10: how is the external condition of the address relative to othe
Code e_sanresp number of respondents
Code e_sannresp number of selected but not interviewed
Code e_sacnwho interviewer: who is the main contact person for this serial number? if the na
Code e_sa1rnc interviewer: is there any reason why this address should not be recontacted?
Code e_sasrf special report form
Code e_sas1act interviewer: is any special action required on receipt in the office for this
Code e_sabarr1 locked common entrance
Code e_sabarr2 locked gates
Code e_sabarr3 security staff or other gatekeeper
Code e_sabarr4 entry phone access
Code e_sabarr5 none of these
Code e_salent locked common entrance
Code e_salgat locked gates
Code e_sagatek security staff or other gatekeeper
Code e_saephon entry phone access
Code e_sadtype description of the selected flat or house (i.e. the selected dwelling unit) o
Code e_saadcon interviewer: was the address on the arf label correct and complete for the ho
Code e_sasupflg interviewer: was a supervisor present for all or part of this interview?
Code e_catihholdreiss hhold level flag to identify cati re-issued (post fieldwork exercise for non
Code e_hholdmodedv hhold mode type
Code e_hhgridmodedv hhold grid mode type
Code e_rincentives reissue incentive sent
Code e_ivtnc Total number of calls
Code e_ff_all_moved if all members of household since previous interview have moved
Code e_ff_tel telephone interview at this wave (bhps sample only)
Code e_ff_nonprod non productive at preceding wave
Code e_country Country of residence
Code e_gor_dv Government Office Region
Code e_urban_dv Urban or rural area, derived