Dataset Description


Wave 1 Sample and Household level data for issued households Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric us1_a_hhsamp.a_hidp household identifier (public release)
Numeric us1_a_hhsamp.a_intnum interviewer number
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_hhorig sample origin
Numeric us1_a_hhsamp.a_psu a_psu_dv
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_strata sampling strata
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_month month of sample issue
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_ivfho household response outcome
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_address address number
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_hhold hhold number
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_issue_num issue.
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_aintlen interview length in minutes
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_arftype type of arf used
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_dwellno dwelling unit number to which arf corresponds
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_hholdno household number to which arf corresponds
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_duno number of dwelling units at the address
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_hhno number of households at this dwelling unit
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d2 anyone in the household speak english (even if not main language)
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d31 arabic
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d32 bengali
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d33 cantonese
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d34 gujarati
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d35 punjabi (gurmukhi)
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d36 punjabi (urdu)
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d37 somali
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d38 urdu
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d39 welsh
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d396 none of these spoken
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d510 albanian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d511 amharic
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d512 chinese
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d513 croatian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d514 farsi
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d515 french
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d516 greek
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d517 hindi
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d518 lingala
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d519 lithuanian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d520 luganda
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d521 malayalam
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d522 mandarin
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d523 pashto
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d524 polish
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d525 portuguese
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d526 russian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d527 serbian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d528 spanish
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d529 swahili
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d530 tamil
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d531 tigrignia
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d532 turkish
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d533 vietnamese
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d596 none of these
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d6 whether able to use another household member or neighbour as an interpreter (
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d71 indian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d72 mixed indian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d73 pakistani
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d74 bangladeshi
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d75 sri lankan
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d76 caribbean / west indian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d77 mixed caribbean/west indian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d78 north african
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d79 black african
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d710 african asian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d711 chinese
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d712 far eastern
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d713 turkish
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d714 middle eastern / iranian
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d796 none of these
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_d795 unable to complete screening questions
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_outcome final outcome for household interview
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_queries1 purpose
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_queries2 interview length
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_queries3 panel design
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_queries4 confidentiality
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_queries5 incentive/payment
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_queries6 other query
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_queries7 no queries
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_refcode interviewer: please record the reason for household refusal (g.1 on the arf)
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_g2 information about unproductive addresses. g.2: approximate age of the person
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_g3 information about unproductive addresses. g.3: sex of person seen
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_g4 information about unproductive addresses. g.4: white or non-white background
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_g5 information about unproductive addresses. g.5: whether english was the first
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_g6 information about unproductive addresses. g.6: whether the number of people i
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_g7a information about unproductive addresses. g.7: number of persons age 16+ in h
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_g7b information about unproductive addresses. g.7: number of persons aged 10-15 i
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_g7c information about unproductive addresses. g.7: number of persons aged 0-9 in
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_g8 likelihood of obtaining an interview if a different interviewer called again
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_scrphase interviewer: did you complete screening at this address? this would be becaus
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_addalloc interviewer: is this address allocated to you for any interviewing after scre
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_waittran interviewer: does anyone aged 16+ in the household require a translated inter
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_screenvis interviewer: did you visit this address yourself?
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_screenedin interviewer: record household status.
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_origscrin original value at screenedin, if changed at d7
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_ntransoth number of individual quaires translated by an accompanying translator
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_ntransself number of individual quaires translated by the interviewer
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_scrout boost only: outcome code from screening phase.
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_recvouch did the household receive the £10 voucher that was in the advance card?
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_scstatus status of selfcompletion block
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_scriptcut shorter version of the questionnaire
Numeric us1_a_hhsamp.a_moi multiple occupancy indicator
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_emboost ethnic minority boost flag
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_gpcomp general population sample comparison with em boost
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_lda low density area for ethnic minorities
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_dweltyp A.2: ADDRESS DWELLING TYPE CODE ONE ONLY.
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_floors A.3: How many floors are there at the address?
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_addfloor A.4: On what floor of the building is the address s main entrance?
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_barriers1 Locked common entrance
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_barriers2 Locked gates
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_barriers3 Security staff or gatekeeper
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_barriers4 Entry phone access
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_barriers5 None of these
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_barriers6 Unable to obtain information
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_unkgard A.6: Does the address have an unkempt garden?
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_carvan A.7: Based on your observation, is it likely that this address has a car or v
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_child A.8: Based on your observation, is it likely that this address contains one o
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_vicini1 Boarded houses, abandoned buildings, demolished houses or demolished buildings
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_vicini2 Trash, litter or junk in street/road
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_vicini3 Heavy traffic on street/road
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_vicini96 None of these
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_rescond A.10: Which of these best describes the condition of residential properties i
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_hsfit A.11: How is the external condition of the address relative to other resident
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_ivtnc Total number of calls
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_country Country of residence
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_gor_dv Government Office Region
Code us1_a_hhsamp.a_urban_dv Urban or rural area, derived
Numeric us1_a_hhsamp.a_hhdenus_xd household design weight
Numeric us1_a_hhsamp.a_hhdengp_xd GPS household design weight