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Wave 7 Details of parenting styles Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric pidp Cross-wave Person Identifier (Public Release)
Code pid personal identifier (BHPS cohort)
Numeric g_hidp household identifier (public release)
Code g_pno person number
Code g_childpno pno of child
Code g_hhorig Sample origin, household
Code g_memorig Sample origin, individual
Code g_psu Primary sampling unit
Code g_strata Strata
Code g_sampst sample status
Code g_ps1 Responsive to child's needs
Code g_ps2 Use physical punishment to discipline child
Code g_ps3 Take child's desires into account
Code g_ps4 Reasons for requests not given
Code g_ps5 Give feedback on child's behaviour
Code g_ps6 Spank child when disobedient
Code g_ps7 Encourage child to talk about feelings
Code g_ps8 Find it difficult to discipline child
Code g_ps9 Encourage child to express self
Code g_ps10 Take privileges away without explanation
Code g_ps11 Emphasise reasons for rules
Code g_ps12 Comfort child when upset
Code g_ps13 Yell when child misbehaves
Code g_ps14 Praise child when good
Code g_ps15 Give in when child makes a fuss
Code g_ps16 Explode in anger towards child
Code g_ps17 Threaten punishment more than give
Code g_ps18 Consider child's preferences when making plans
Code g_ps19 Grab child when disobedient
Code g_ps20 State punishment but don't give
Code g_ps21 Respect child's opinion
Code g_ps22 Allow child input into rules
Code g_ps23 Scold and criticise
Code g_ps24 Spoil child
Code g_ps25 Give reasons rules should be followed
Code g_ps26 Use threats with no justification
Code g_ps27 Warm happy times with child
Code g_ps28 Child left alone with no explanation
Code g_ps29 Help child understand consequences of their actions
Code g_ps30 Scold when child's behaviour doesn't meet expectations
Code g_ps31 Explain consequences of child's behaviour
Code g_ps32 Slap child when misbehaves
Code g_psdqa_dv PSDQ: Authorative parenting scale
Code g_psdqb_dv PSDQ: Authoritarian parenting scale
Code g_psdqc_dv PSDQ: Permissive parenting scale