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Wave 5 Youth self completion questionnaire data Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric us5_e_youth.pidp cross-wave person identifier (public release)
Code personal identifier (BHPS cohort)
Numeric us5_e_youth.e_hidp household identifier (public release)
Numeric us5_e_youth.e_pno person number
Code us5_e_youth.e_hhorig Sample origin, household
Code us5_e_youth.e_memorig Sample origin, individual
Code us5_e_youth.e_psu Primary sampling unit
Code us5_e_youth.e_strata Strata
Code us5_e_youth.e_sampst Sample status
Code us5_e_youth.e_ivfio individual interview outcome
Code us5_e_youth.e_sex sex
Code us5_e_youth.e_dvage age from date of birth or ageif
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypdobm date of birth - month
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypdoby date of birth - year
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsex sex of respondent
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcomp ever use a computer at home?
Code us5_e_youth.e_yppchw how often do you use a computer at home for doing schoolwork or course work?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcpgs how many hours do you spend using the computer at home for playing games on a
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcintnt how often do you use the computer at home for connecting to the internet, inc
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsocweb do you belong to a social web-site such as bebo, facebook or myspace?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypnetcht hours spend chatting or interacting with friends through social web-site on a
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypconsol do you or anyone else in your house have a games console such as playstation,
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypconstm how many hours do you spend playing games on a games console on a normal scho
Code us5_e_youth.e_yptvvidhrs how many hours do you spend watching tv, including video and dvds, on a norma
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypmobu do you have your own personal mobile phone?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypnpal how many close friends do you have?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypeatlivu in the past 7 days how many times have you eaten an evening meal together wit
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypfamsup do you feel supported by your family, that is the people who live with you?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypupset who would you turn to first within your family?
Code us5_e_youth.e_yplate in the past month, how many times have you stayed out after 9pm at night with
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsibling do you have any brothers or sisters living with you at home?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsibhit brothers/sisters hit, kick or push you
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsibsteal brothers/sisters take your belongings
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsibverab brothers/sisters call you nasty names
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsibtease brothers/sisters make fun of you
Code us5_e_youth.e_yphitsib hit, kick or push brothers/sisters
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypstealsib take belongings of brothers/sisters
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypverabsib call brothers/sisters nasty names
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypteasesib make fun of brothers/sisters
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypargm how often do you quarrel with your mother?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypargf how often do you quarrel with your father?
Code us5_e_youth.e_yptlkm how often do you talk to your mother, about things that matter to you?
Code us5_e_youth.e_yptlkf how often do you talk to your father, about things that matter to you
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypstephas do you have a step-mother or father, or someone like this, living at home wit
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsteprel how would you rate your relationship with your step-mother or father, or othe
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqa i try to be nice to other people, i care about their feelings
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqb i am restless, i cannot stay still for long
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqc i get a lot of headaches, stomach-aches or sickness
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqd i usually share with others (food, games, pens, etc.)
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqe i get very angry and often lose my temper
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqf i am usually on my own. i generally play alone or keep to myself
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqg i usually do as i am told
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqh i worry a lot
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqi i am helpful if someone is hurt, upset or feeling ill
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqj i am constantly fidgeting or squirming
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqk i have one good friend or more
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdql i fight a lot. i can make other people do what i want
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqm i am often unhappy, down-hearted or tearful
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqn other people my age generally like me
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqo i am easily distracted, i find it difficult to concentrate
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqp i am nervous in new situations. i easily lose confidence
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqq i am kind to younger children
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqr i am often accused of lying or cheating
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqs other children or young people pick on me or bully me
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqt i often volunteer to help others (parents, teachers, children)
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqu i think before i do things
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqv i take things that are not mine from home, school or elsewhere
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqw i get on better with adults than with people my own age
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqx i have many fears, i am easily scared
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqy i finish the work i m doing
Code us5_e_youth.e_yphsw how feel about school work
Code us5_e_youth.e_yphap how feel about appearance
Code us5_e_youth.e_yphfm how feel about family
Code us5_e_youth.e_yphfr how feel about friends
Code us5_e_youth.e_yphsc how feel about school go to
Code us5_e_youth.e_yphlf how feel about life as a whole
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypllknbrd do you like living in this neighbourhood?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcrwra how much do you worry that you might be a victim of a crime?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcrworb how safe would you feel walking alone in this area after dark?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypacvwell how important do you think it is for you to do well in your gcse exams or sta
Code us5_e_youth.e_yplvsc2do what would you most like to do when you are 16?
Code us5_e_youth.e_yp2uni would you like to go on to do further full-time education at a college or uni
Code us5_e_youth.e_yptruant in the last 12 months, have you ever played truant?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypparsch my parents are interested in how i do at school
Code us5_e_youth.e_yppareve my parents come to school parents evenings
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypotrmisb how often do other pupils at school misbehave or cause trouble in your classe
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypmisbsch how often would you say you yourself misbehave or cause trouble in your class
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypfrpbulli how often do you get physically bullied at school?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypfrobulli how often do you get bullied in other ways at school?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypfrpbully do you physically bully other children at school?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypfrobully how often do you bully children in other ways at school?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsave which of the following describes what you usually do with your money?
Code us5_e_youth.e_yppkmp how much money did you receive last week to spend on yourself?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypwklw did you do any paid work last week?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypwhrs how many hours paid work did you do last week?
Code us5_e_youth.e_yppay what was your total pay last week?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcare do you look after anyone who lives here with you on a regular basis?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcawho1 who do you look after?: mother/father
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcawho2 who do you look after?: grandfather/grandmother
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcawho3 who do you look after?: brother/sister
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcawho4 who do you look after?: another adult relative
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcawho5 who do you look after?: another adult who is not a relative
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcawho6 who do you look after?: another child relative
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcawho7 who do you look after?: another child who is not a relative
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcahrs about how many hours a week would you say that you usually spend looking afte
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypcasch how often do you have to miss school to do this?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypffdwk how many days in a usual week do you eat fast food?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypjfd how many days in a usual week to you eat crisps or sweets or have fizzy drink
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypevrsmo do you ever smoke cigarettes at all?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsmofrq which statement describes you best
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypfralco do you have any friends who drink alcohol regularly, that is at least once a
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypevralc have you ever had an alcoholic drink? that is a whole drink, not just a sip
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypregalco and would you say that you drink regularly, that is at least once a week?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypdklm how many times in the last four weeks have you had an alcoholic drink?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypfght how often in the past month have you had a fight with someone that involved p
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypvand in the past year, have you deliberately broken or damaged property that didn
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypshop in the past year, have you taken something from a shop, supermarket, or depar
Code us5_e_youth.e_yprace which of the following groups do you think you belong to?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypreliggb what is your religion?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypvte3gb which political party would you vote for?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypvte3ni which political party would you vote for?
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypvte6 how interested are you in politics?
Code us5_e_youth.e_yplvhm at what age would you like to leave home?
Code us5_e_youth.e_fnpid Natural father: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_mnpid Natural mother: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_pn1pid Natural parent 1: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_pn1pno Natural parent 1: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_pn1sex Natural parent 1: Sex
Code us5_e_youth.e_pn2pid Natural parent 2: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_pn2pno Natural parent 2: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_pn2sex Natural parent 2: Sex
Code us5_e_youth.e_pns1pid Nat/step/adopt parent 1: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_pns1pno Nat/step/adopt parent 1: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_pns1sex Nat/step/adopt parent 1: Sex
Code us5_e_youth.e_pns2pid Nat/step/adopt parent 2: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_pns2pno Nat/step/adopt parent 2: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_pns2sex Nat/step/adopt parent 2: Sex
Code us5_e_youth.e_grfpid Grand father: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_grmpid Grand mother: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsoc90 Young person: job like when left education: soc 1990
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsoc00 Young person: job like when left education: soc 2000
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsoc10 Young person: job like when left education: soc 2010
Code us5_e_youth.e_sex_dv Sex, derived
Code us5_e_youth.e_age_dv Age, derived from dob_dv and intdat_dv
Code us5_e_youth.e_intdatd_dv Interview date: Day, derived
Code us5_e_youth.e_intdatm_dv Interview date: Month, derived
Code us5_e_youth.e_intdaty_dv Interview date: Year, derived
Code us5_e_youth.e_dobm_dv DOB: Month, derived
Code us5_e_youth.e_doby_dv DOB: Year, derived
Code us5_e_youth.e_npn_dv Number of R's natural parents in hh
Code us5_e_youth.e_npns_dv Number of R's nat/step/adopt parents in hh
Code us5_e_youth.e_ngrp_dv Number of R's grandparents in hh
Code us5_e_youth.e_nnsib_dv Number of R's natural siblings in hh
Code us5_e_youth.e_nnssib_dv Number of R's nat/step/adopt siblings in hh
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqes_dv SDQ Subscale: Emotional Symptoms
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqcp_dv SDQ Subscale: Conduct Problems
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqha_dv SDQ Subscale: Hyperactivity/Inattention
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqpp_dv SDQ Subscale: Peer Relationship Problems
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqps_dv SDQ Subscale: Prosocial
Code us5_e_youth.e_ypsdqtd_dv SDQ Total Difficulties Score
Code us5_e_youth.e_yprelig_dv Religion: condensed GB-NI version
Code us5_e_youth.e_ethn_dv Ethnic group (derived from multiple sources)
Code us5_e_youth.e_country Country of residence
Code us5_e_youth.e_gor_dv Government Office Region
Code us5_e_youth.e_urban_dv Urban or rural area, derived
Code us5_e_youth.e_hhresp_dv Household response status
Code us5_e_youth.e_agegr5_dv Age group (DVAGE): 5 year intervals
Code us5_e_youth.e_agegr10_dv Age group (DVAGE): 10 year intervals
Code us5_e_youth.e_agegr13_dv Age group (DVAGE): 13 categories
Numeric us5_e_youth.e_buno_dv benefit unit number
Code us5_e_youth.e_adresp15_dv PNO of person responsible for child under 16
Code us5_e_youth.e_rach16_dv Whether responsible for child under 16
Numeric us5_e_youth.e_hrpid Household reference person: PIDP
Numeric us5_e_youth.e_hrpno Household reference person: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_fnpno Natural father: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_fnspid Nat/step/adopt father: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_fnspno Nat/step/adopt father: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_mnpno Natural mother: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_mnspid Nat/step/adopt mother: PIDP
Code us5_e_youth.e_mnspno Nat/step/adopt mother: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_grfpno Grand father: PNO
Code us5_e_youth.e_grmpno Grand father: PNO
Numeric us5_e_youth.e_ythscub_xw cross-sectional youth interview weight