Dataset Description


Wave 5 Details of child maintenance Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric pidp cross-wave person identifier (public release)
Code pid personal identifier (BHPS cohort)
Numeric e_hidp household identifier (public release)
Numeric e_pno person number
Code e_childpno pno of child
Code e_hhorig Sample origin, household
Code e_memorig Sample origin, individual
Code e_psu Primary sampling unit
Code e_strata Strata
Code e_sampst sample status
Code e_cseeterm How often sees non-resident parent during term-time
Code e_cstayterm frequency of overnight stays with nrp during term-time
Code e_cstaytermw Period overnight stays during term-time
Code e_cseehol How often sees non-resident parent during school holidays
Code e_cstayhol Frequency of overnight stays with non-resident partner during school
Code e_cstayholw Period overnight stays school holidays
Code e_cplmp how important decision are made in child s life
Code e_recon Frequency sees ex-partner
Code e_relex Relationship with ex-partner
Code e_rtoget Marital Status at time relationship ended
Code e_rlength length of relationship with nrp
Code e_rlgthu length of relationship with nrp: units
Code e_cmsvcuse accessed support services
Code e_cmservice1 4 Children
Code e_cmservice2 Action for Children
Code e_cmservice3 Barnardos
Code e_cmservice4 Children and Family Court Advisory Service (CAFCASS)
Code e_cmservice5 Centre for Separated Families
Code e_cmservice6 Citizens Advice Bureau
Code e_cmservice7 Community Legal Services
Code e_cmservice8 Families Need Fathers
Code e_cmservice9 Family Lives
Code e_cmservice10 Gingerbread
Code e_cmservice11 Marriage Care
Code e_cmservice12 Money Advice Service
Code e_cmservice13 National Domestic Violence Helpline
Code e_cmservice14 National Family Mediation
Code e_cmservice15 One Plus One
Code e_cmservice16 Relate
Code e_cmservice17 Resolution
Code e_cmservice18 Shelter
Code e_cmservice19 Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships
Code e_cmservice20 Women's Aid
Code e_cmservice97 Other
Code e_cmsvccon consider using support service
Code e_nrpage age of nrp at last birthday
Code e_rnrpre if nrp is now a couple
Code e_rnrpma nrp is currently married
Code e_rpchld nrp has other children
Code e_rpchldlv nrp lives with other natural children
Code e_rothchld nrp has other children living with them
Code e_exjob employment of ex-partner
Code e_cmsvcoth_code other support service
Code e_absparnam Absent parent identifier