Dataset Description


Wave 6 Enumeration information Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric pidp cross-wave person identifier (public release)
Code pid personal identifier (BHPS cohort)
Numeric f_hidp household identifier (public release)
Numeric f_pno person number
Code f_hhorig Sample origin, household
Code f_memorig Sample origin, individual
Code f_psu Primary sampling unit
Code f_strata Strata
Code f_sampst sample status
Code f_month sample month
Code f_quarter sample quarter
Code f_ivfio Individual level outcome
Code f_ioutcome individual outcome
Code f_ivfho Household level outcome
Code f_sex sex
Code f_dvage Age at interview, derived
Code f_birthm dob month
Code f_birthy definitive dob year
Code f_dvage_orig original dvage computed in field
Code f_marstat legal marital status
Code f_livesp live with spouse
Code f_livewith live with someone as a couple
Code f_employ in paid employment
Code f_livpar living at home with parent(s)
Code f_hgpart pno of husband/wife/cp
Code f_hgbiom pno of biological mother
Code f_hgbiof pno of biological father
Code f_hgadoptm pno of adoptive mother
Code f_hgadoptf pno of adoptive father
Code f_newmum biological mother of a new entrant baby
Code f_newdad biological father of a new entrant baby
Code f_respm16 mother of a child under 16
Code f_respf16 father of a child under 16
Code f_rising16 enumerated at last wave and 16 at current wave
Code f_rjrflag rejoiner to household
Code f_pensioner respondent is of pensionable age
Code f_absun confirm absent at university
Code f_unihome confirm main residence
Code f_ynew New joiner reason
Code f_joiner Unlisted joiner
Code f_rejoiner whether or not a rejoiner (0/1)
Code f_rejoinero Joiner indicator
Code f_jnmnth month joined the household
Code f_jnyear year joined the household
Code f_nesex new entrant sex
Code f_nebirthm new entrant dob month
Code f_nebirthy new entrant dob year
Code f_ageif age last birthday
Code f_more more household members
Code f_dieprismth month to prison or died
Code f_dieprisyr year to prison or died
Code f_includ absence check
Code f_stillres still resident at issued address
Code f_mothr moved with other hh member
Code f_lvwhy leavers...why left
Code f_movemth month left household
Code f_moveyr year left household
Code f_newper new person status flag
Code f_lingua Language translation needed in
Code f_reasref10 looking after ill/elderly
Code f_reasref11 looking after child(ren)
Code f_reasref12 respondent almost never home
Code f_reasref13 respondent is temporarily absent
Code f_reasref14 stressful family situation
Code f_reasref15 too busy (not elsewhere specified)
Code f_reasref20 unhappy about confidentiality
Code f_reasref21 questions too personal
Code f_reasref22 respondent does not want to be bothered
Code f_reasref23 nothing ever changes
Code f_reasref24 survey is too long
Code f_reasref25 survey is waste of time
Code f_reasref26 previous bad experience with surveys
Code f_reasref30 other family member opposes respondent participating
Code f_reasref31 someone has convinced respondent to refuse
Code f_reasref32 other hhold member refuses on behalf of respondent
Code f_reasref96 no reason given
Code f_reasref97 other reason
Code f_hglieng interview conducted in english
Code f_hglitrans translated language
Code f_hhlang anyone in hh need translated interview
Code f_region region computed
Code f_modetype Mode in which HH grid completed
Code f_newentrant whether or not a new survey participant (0/1)
Code f_title title for household member
Code f_whoelse other hh members present
Code f_abseduc child living away at school/uni
Code f_absadd absent at school in private/halls
Code f_absent absent member
Code f_nhhmembers nhhmembers
Code f_absflag absent flag
Code f_nametype whether resident, student or absent
Code f_csex check correct sex
Code f_cdobm correct dob month
Code f_cdoby correct dob year
Code f_cageif correct age last birthday
Code f_bornuk born in the uk
Code f_uk2009 to uk before or after 2009
Code f_indethg1 indian
Code f_indethg2 mixed indian
Code f_indethg3 pakistani
Code f_indethg4 bangladeshi
Code f_indethg5 sri lankan
Code f_indethg6 caribbean/west indian
Code f_indethg7 mixed carib/west indian
Code f_indethg8 north african
Code f_indethg9 black african
Code f_indethg10 african asian
Code f_indethg11 chinese
Code f_indethg12 far eastern
Code f_indethg13 turkish
Code f_indethg14 middle eastern/iranian
Code f_indethg96 none of these
Code f_relethg1 indian
Code f_relethg2 mixed indian
Code f_relethg3 pakistani
Code f_relethg4 bangladeshi
Code f_relethg5 sri lankan
Code f_relethg6 caribbean/west indian
Code f_relethg7 mixed carib/west indian
Code f_relethg8 north african
Code f_relethg9 black african
Code f_relethg10 african asian
Code f_relethg11 chinese
Code f_relethg12 far eastern
Code f_relethg13 turkish
Code f_relethg14 middle eastern/iranian
Code f_relethg96 none of these
Code f_curradd91 live current address october 1991
Code f_cntry91 country lived in 1991
Code f_curradd99 live current address october 1999
Code f_cntry99 country lived in 1999
Code f_curradd10 live current address january 2010
Code f_cntry10 country lived in 2010
Code f_lon10 london borough 15 jan 2010
Code f_reng10 england county 15 jan 2010
Code f_scot10 scotland council area 15 jan 2010
Code f_wal10 wales authority 15 jan 2010
Code f_ni10 northern ireland county 15 jan 2010
Code f_intdatd_if Interview date: Day, imputation flag
Code f_intdatm_if Interview date: Month, imputation flag
Code f_intdaty_if Interview date: Year, imputation flag
Code f_doby_if DOB Year imputation flag
Code f_age_if Imputation flag for age_dv
Code f_ppsex Partner's sex
Code f_fnpid Natural father: PIDP
Code f_mnpid Natural mother: PIDP
Code f_pn1pid Natural parent 1: PIDP
Code f_pn1pno Natural parent 1: PNO
Code f_pn1sex Natural parent 1: Sex
Code f_pn2pid Natural parent 2: PIDP
Code f_pn2pno Natural parent 2: PNO
Code f_pn2sex Natural parent 2: Sex
Code f_pns1pid Nat/step/adopt parent 1: PIDP
Code f_pns1pno Nat/step/adopt parent 1: PNO
Code f_pns1sex Nat/step/adopt parent 1: Sex
Code f_pns2pid Nat/step/adopt parent 2: PIDP
Code f_pns2pno Nat/step/adopt parent 2: PNO
Code f_pns2sex Nat/step/adopt parent 2: Sex
Code f_grfpid Grandfather: PIDP
Code f_grmpid Grandmother: PIDP
Code f_ff_ivlolw fed forward interview outcome prev wave
Code f_ff_everint ever full individual interview (inc. tel)
Code f_sex_dv Sex, derived
Code f_age_dv Age, derived from dob_dv and intdat_dv
Code f_intdatd_dv Interview date: Day, derived
Code f_intdatm_dv Interview date: Month, derived
Code f_intdaty_dv Interview date: Year, derived
Code f_dobm_dv DOB: Month, derived
Code f_doby_dv DOB: Year, derived
Code f_pensioner_dv Whether R is of pensionable age
Code f_marstat_dv Harmonised de facto marital status
Code f_npn_dv Number of R's natural parents in hh
Code f_npns_dv Number of R's nat/step/adopt parents in hh
Code f_ngrp_dv Number of R's grandparents in hh
Code f_nnsib_dv Number of R's natural siblings in hh
Code f_nnssib_dv Number of R's nat/step/adopt siblings in hh
Code f_npensioner_dv Total # of pensionable age in hh
Code f_ethn_dv Ethnic group (derived from multiple sources)
Code f_country Country of residence
Code f_gor_dv Government Office Region
Code f_urban_dv Urban or rural area, derived
Code f_hhresp_dv Household response status
Code f_agegr5_dv Age group (age_dv): 5 year intervals
Code f_agegr10_dv Age group (age_dv): 10 year intervals
Code f_agegr13_dv Age group (age_dv): 13 categories
Code f_livesp_dv Lives with spouse in hh
Code f_cohab_dv Lives with cohabitee in hh
Code f_single_dv Single in hh
Code f_mastat_dv De facto marital status
Numeric f_buno_dv benefit unit number
Code f_depchl_dv Whether dependent child - official definition
Numeric f_nchild_dv Number of own children in household
Code f_ndepchl_dv Number of own dependent children in household
Code f_adresp15_dv Responsible adult for child under 18
Code f_respm16_dv whether natural/adoptive/step mother of child under 16
Code f_respf16_dv whether natural/adoptive/step/foster father of child under 16
Code f_rach16_dv Whether responsible for child under 16
Numeric f_hrpid Household reference person: PIDP
Numeric f_hrpno Household reference person: PNO
Code f_ppid partner's person identifier: PIDP
Code f_ppno partner's person number: PNO
Code f_sppid Spouse's person identifier: PIDP
Code f_sppno Spouse's person number: PNO
Code f_fnpno Natural father: PNO
Code f_fnspid Nat/step/adopt father: PIDP
Code f_fnspno Nat/step/adopt father: PNO
Code f_mnpno Natural mother: PNO
Code f_mnspid Nat/step/adopt mother: PIDP
Code f_mnspno Nat/step/adopt mother: PNO
Code f_grfpno Grandfather: PNO
Code f_grmpno Grandfather: PNO
Code f_scflag_dv flag for self completion record
Numeric f_psnenui_li longitudinal person UKHLS+BHPS+IEMB inclusion weight
Numeric f_psnen91_lw BHPS 1991 longitudinal enumerated person weight
Numeric f_psnen01_lw BHPS 2001 longitudinal enumerated person weight
Numeric f_psnenus_lw longitudinal enumerated person weight
Numeric f_psnenub_lw combined longitudinal enumerated person weight
Numeric f_psnenub_xw cross-sectional enumerated person weight
Numeric f_psnenui_xw cross-sectional enumerated person weight