Dataset Description


Wave 1 Household data from respondent households Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_hidp household identifier (public release)
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_intnum interviewer number
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hhorig sample origin
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_psu a_psu_dv
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_strata sampling strata
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_month month of sample issue
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivfho household response outcome
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_startdatd date interview for this household was started - date of day
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_startdatm date interview for this household was started - month
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_startdaty date interview for this household was started - year
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_intdated household interview day
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_intdatem household interview month
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_intdatey household interview year
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh1 whether person number 1 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh2 whether person number 2 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh3 whether person number 3 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh4 whether person number 4 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh5 whether person number 5 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh6 whether person number 6 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh7 whether person number 7 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh8 whether person number 8 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh9 whether person number 9 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh10 whether person number 10 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh11 whether person number 11 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh12 whether person number 12 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh13 whether person number 13 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh14 whether person number 14 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh15 whether person number 15 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ivh16 whether person number 16 answered household questionnaire
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsbeds number of bedrooms
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsrooms number of other rooms
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsownd house owned or rented
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr10 non-household member
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr11 whether person number 1 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr12 whether person number 2 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr13 whether person number 3 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr14 whether person number 4 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr15 whether person number 5 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr16 whether person number 6 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr17 whether person number 7 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr18 whether person number 8 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr19 whether person number 9 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr110 whether person number 10 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr111 whether person number 11 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr112 whether person number 12 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr113 whether person number 13 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr114 whether person number 14 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr115 whether person number 15 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsowr116 whether person number 16 owner of house
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsval value of property: home owners
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsyrbuy year became owner: home owners
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hscost original purchase price of property
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsyr04 year mortgage began
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hstotmg total amount secured against property
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_mglife years left on mortgage
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_mgtype type of mortgage
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpmg last total monthly mortgage payment
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsjb accommodation with present job: renter
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp0 non-household member
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp1 whether person number 1 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp2 whether person number 2 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp3 whether person number 3 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp4 whether person number 4 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp5 whether person number 5 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp6 whether person number 6 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp7 whether person number 7 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp8 whether person number 8 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp9 whether person number 9 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp10 whether person number 10 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp11 whether person number 11 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp12 whether person number 12 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp13 whether person number 13 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp14 whether person number 14 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp15 whether person number 15 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentp16 whether person number 16 renter of accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentll landlord of rented accommodation
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentf accommodation rented furnished or other
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rent net amount of last rent payment
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentwc weeks covered by last rental payment
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentinc1 water and/or sewerage charges
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentinc2 heating or lighting or hot water
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentinc3 council tax (rates)
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentinc96 none of these
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_renthb housing benefit
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentg gross rent including housing benefit
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fuelhave1 electricity
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fuelhave2 gas, including calor gas
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fuelhave3 oil
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fuelhave4 other fuel, including solid fuel
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fuelhave96 or none of these?
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fuelduel separate or combined gas and electricity bill
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpduely amount electricity and gas
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpelecy amount electricity
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpgasy amount gas
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpoily amount oil
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpsfly amount other fuel
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_heatch central heating
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_solar1 install solar panels for electricity
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_solar2 install solar water heating
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_solar3 install wind turbine to generate electricity
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_etariff considering green tariff
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rubrec separate items for recycling
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_othrec1 frequency of using bottle bank
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_othrec2 frequency of using paper recycling point
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_othrec3 frequency of using plastic bag recycling point
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_othrec4 frequency of using garden waste recycling facility
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hsctax council tax band
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xphsdb behind with rent/mortgage
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xphsdct behind with council tax
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xphsdba up to date with all bills
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse1 colour television
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse2 video recorder/dvd player
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse3 satellite dish/sky tv
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse4 cable tv
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse5 deep freeze or fridge freezer
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse6 washing machine
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse7 tumble drier
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse8 dish washer
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse9 microwave oven
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse10 home computer/pc (not games console)
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse11 compact disc player
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse12 landline telephone
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse13 mobile telephone (anyone in household)
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cduse96 or none of the above?
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_pcnet access to the internet
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_pcbroad broadband connection
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpfood1_g3 amount food
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpfdout_g3 food outside the home
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpaltob_g3 total amount spent on alcohol
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_matdepa holiday
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_matdepb friends/family around for drink or meal
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_matdepc all weather shoes
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_matdepd house in decent state of repair
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_matdepe household contents insurance
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_matdepf regular savings
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_matdepg replace worn out furniture
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_matdeph replace or repair major electrical goods
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hheat keep accommodation warm enough
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cdephave1 children have family holidays
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cdephave2 children have enough bedrooms
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cdephave3 children have leisure equipment
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cdephave4 children have celebrations on special occassions
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cdepdo1 children go swimming
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cdepdo2 children do hobbies/leisure activities
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cdepdo3 children have friends round
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cplay children attend nursery/playgroup
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cdeptrp children go on school trips
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_cdelply outdoor space for children to play
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ncars number of cars in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_carnum1 car number 1
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ensize1 engine size of car 1
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_whodrive1 pno of main driver of car 1
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_carnum2 car number 2
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ensize2 engine size of car 2
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_whodrive2 pno of main driver of car 2
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_carnum3 car number 3
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ensize3 engine size of car 3
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_whodrive3 pno of main driver of car 3
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_carnum4 car number 4
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ensize4 engine size of car 4
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_whodrive4 pno of main driver of car 4
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_carnum5 engine size of car 5
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ensize5 engine size of car 5
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_whodrive5 pno of main driver of car 5
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_lenhhintv interviewer: estimate overall length of household interview (including introd
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hhlang translated interview required
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hhintlang language hh questionnaire completed in
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hhwhoint who conducted hh interview
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_emboost ethnic minority boost flag
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_gpcomp general population sample comparison with em boost
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_lda low density area for ethnic minorities
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hhsize number of people in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_absent whether there is anyone else who normally lives here but is away at the momen
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_numadult number of adults (aged 16 or over) in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_numchild number of children (aged 15 or under) in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_nunder15 number of children aged 14 or under in household
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_n10to15 number of children aged 10 to 15 in household
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_nunder10 number of children aged 10 or under in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmngrs_tc fihhmngrs_dv includes top coded component (EUL version only)
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnlabgrs_tc fihhmnlabgrs_dv includes top coded component (EUL version only)
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentgrs_if monthly gross rent, imputation flag
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpmg_if monthly mortgage payment imputation flag
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_npensioner_dv Total # of pensionable age in hh
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnnet1_dv total household net income - no deductions
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ficountax_dv amount deduction component 9: council tax
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnnet3_dv total household net income - individual/household deductions
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnlabgrs_dv total gross household labour income: month before interview
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnlabnet_dv total net household labour income: month before interview
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnmisc_dv total household miscellaneous income: month before interview
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnprben_dv total household private benefit income: month before interview
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmninv_dv total household investment income: month before interview
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnpen_dv total household pension income: month before interview
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnsben_dv total household social benefit income: month before interview
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rent_dv last rent payment, montly
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_rentgrs_dv monthly gross rent, including housing benefit
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hbadjust_dv income adjustment for housing benefit included in gross rent
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpmg_dv monthly mortgage payment including imputations
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_xpmgint_dv estimated interest in monthly mortgage payment
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_houscost1_dv monthly housing cost including mortgage principal payments
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_houscost2_dv monthly housing cost excluding mortgage principal payments
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmngrs1_dv gross household income: month before interview, hb adj
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmnnet4_dv total household net income - hb adj & individual/household deductions
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_country country of residence
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_gor_dv government office region
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_urban_dv Urban or rural area, derived
Code us1_a_hhresp.us1_a_hhresp_dv Household response status
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_hhtype_dv Composition of household, LFS-version
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_hrpid Household reference person: PIDP
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_hrpno Household reference person: PNO
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_ncouple_dv # of couples within hh
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_nonepar_dv Number of lone parents in hh
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_nkids_dv Number of children in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_nch02_dv Number of children aged 0-2 in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_nch34_dv Number of children aged 3-4 in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_nch511_dv Number of children aged 5-11 in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_nch1215_dv Number of children aged 12-15 in household
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_agechy_dv Age of youngest child in HH
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_npens_dv # of people over pensionable age in hh
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_nemp_dv Number employed in the hh
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_nue_dv Number not in paid employment in the hh
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_nwage_dv Number working age in hh
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_nchoecd_dv Number of children aged 0-13 in hh, OECD definition
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_nadoecd_dv Number of adults aged 14+ in hh, OECD definition
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_ieqmoecd_dv Modified OECD equivalence scale
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_tenure_dv housing tenure
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhnegsei_if flag for negative self employment income
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmngrs_if share of imputed HH total income
Code us1_a_hhresp.a_fihhmngrs_dv gross household income: month before interview
Numeric us1_a_hhresp.a_hhdenus_xw cross-sectional household weight