Dataset Description


Wave 6 Call records Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Numeric f_hidp household identifier (public release)
Code f_issueno issue number
Code f_callno call number
Numeric f_intnum interviewer number
Code f_hhorig Sample origin, household
Code f_psu Primary sampling unit
Code f_strata Strata
Code f_month sample month
Code f_quarter sample quarter
Code f_ivfho Household level outcome
Code f_c_length call length (mins)
Code f_c_status call status
Code f_callstrtdatd call start date (day)
Code f_callstrtdatm call start date (month)
Code f_callstrtdaty call start date (year)
Code f_callstrtdathh call start date (hours)
Code f_callstrtdatmm call start date (minutes)
Code f_callstrtdatss call start date (seconds)
Code f_callenddatd call end date (day)
Code f_callenddatm call end date (month)
Code f_callenddaty call end date (year)
Code f_callenddathh call end date (hours)
Code f_callenddatmm call end date (minutes)
Code f_callenddatss call end date (seconds)
Code f_q1 who attempting to contact
Code f_q2 contact type
Code f_q3 address/tel no attempting
Code f_q4 type of letter posted
Code f_q5 whether contact made
Code f_q7 if any osm / psm live at address
Code f_q8 alive and living in the uk
Code f_whatnow action to take next
Code f_hhgrid_length length of time it took to complete household grid
Code f_hhint_length length of time it took to complete the household interview
Code f_hh_outcome hh outcome at this call
Code f_dateappty date of appointment (year)
Code f_dateapptm date of appointment (month)
Code f_dateapptd date of appointment (day)
Code f_timeappthh time of appointment (hours)
Code f_timeapptmm time of appointment (minutes)
Code f_callbacky date of callback (year)
Code f_callbackm date of callback (month)
Code f_callbackd date of callback (day)
Code f_tnc Total number of calls per issue
Code f_ivtnc Total number of calls