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NCDS3 Educational Questionnaire (1974) Dataset

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Name Label
Text NCDSID ncdsid serial number
Code OUTCME03 Outcome to NCDS3 (1974)
Code N622 0-3D Sex of child
Code N3REGION Region at NCDS3 (1974) - 16 years
Numeric N2098 3S Date on Schools Questionnaire-day
Code N2100 3S Date on Schools Questionnaire-month
Code N2101 3S Date on Schools Questionnaire-year
Code N2269 3S Region - School Questionnaire
Code N2102 3S Local Authority & voluntary schools
Code N2103 3S Schools not wholly maintained by LEA
Code N2104 3S No. pupils at present on school roll
Code N2108 3S No. on school roll who are boarders
Code N2112 3S Is school single sex, co-educational
Code N2113 3S Age in yrs-youngest pupils in school
Code N2114 3S Age in yrs-oldest pupils in school
Code N2115 3S Percent childn in sch Dad non-man job
Code N2116 3S If school comprehensive-how formed
Code N2117 3S % boys aged 15 studying GCE,SCE only
Code N2119 3S % girls aged 15 studying GCE,SCE only
Code N2121 3S % of boys aged 15 studying CSE only
Code N2123 3S % of girls aged 15 studying CSE only
Code N2125 3S % of boys aged 15 studying GCE & CSE
Code N2127 3S % of girls aged 15 studying GCE & CSE
Code N2129 3S Boys obtaining 2 passes-GCE'A',3SCEH
Code N2131 3S Girls obtaining 2 passes-GCE'A',3SCEH
Code N2133 3S No. boys doing f.time degree courses
Code N2135 3S No. girls doing f.time degree courses
Code N2137 3S Percentage-boys staying on at school
Code N2139 3S Percentage-girls staying on at school
Code N2141 3S No. of full-time teachers in school
Code N2144 3S Part-time staff,full-time equivalent
Code N2146 3S No. f.time teachers who left last yr
Code N2148 3S How many teachers give career guidnce
Code N2149 3S Reducn teach. load for career guidnce
Code N2151 3S Career guidance-any special payment
Code N2152 3S Career training received by teacher
Code N2153 3S Lessons on reproduction-physiology
Code N2154 3S Lessons on personal aspects sex rels
Code N2155 3S Lessons about contraception
Code N2156 3S Lessons on venereal diseases
Code N2157 3S School class allocation-12 to 13 yrs
Code N2158 3S Parent-teacher meetings,discussion
Code N2159 3S Occasions parents see pupils at work
Code N2160 3S Parents shown teaching methods
Code N2161 3S Has sch a parent-teacher association
Code N2162 3S Does the school have a uniform
Code N2163 3S School lacks facilities M:C1-7
Code N2164 3S School lacks facilities M:C2-7
Code N2165 3S School lacks facilities M:C3-7
Code N2166 3S School lacks facilities M:C4-7
Code N2167 3S School lacks facilities M:C5-7
Code N2168 3S School lacks facilities M:C6-7
Code N2169 3S School lacks facilities M:C7-7
Numeric N2170 3S N of pupils expelled last year
Code N2184 3S Disciplinary methods-suspension
Code N2185 3S Disciplin.methods-corporal punishment
Code N2186 3S Disciplinary methods-physical,manual
Code N2187 3S Disciplinary methods-extra sch work
Code N2188 3S Disciplinary methods-detention
Code N2189 3S Disciplinary methods-loss spec status
Code N2190 3S Disciplin.methods-exclusion activity
Code N2191 3S Disciplinary methods-report to parent
Code N2192 3S Disciplinary methods-special reports
Code N2268 3S Local Authority - School Questionnair
Code N2193 3S Type English class
Code N2194 3S Ability range of English class-MC1:2
Code N2195 3S Ability range of English class-MC2:2
Code N2196 3S No. children in English class
Code N2198 3S English lessons-hours per week
Code N2199 3S Can child read enough to cope
Code N2200 3S Type mathematics class
Code N2201 3S Ability range of maths class-MC1:2
Code N2202 3S Ability range of maths class-MC2:2
Code N2203 3S No. children in maths class
Code N2205 3S Mathematics lessons-hours per week
Code N2206 3S Calculations-can child shop normally
Code N2207 3S Is child a boarder or day pupil
Code N2208 3S Exam intentions & passes-1st Subject
Code N2209 3S 1st Subject studied
Code N2211 3S Exam intentions & passes-2nd Subject
Code N2212 3S 2nd Subject studied
Code N2214 3S Exam intentions & passes-3rd Subject
Code N2215 3S 3rd Subject studied
Code N2217 3S Exam intentions & passes-4th Subject
Code N2218 3S 4th Subject studied
Code N2220 3S Exam intentions & passes-5th Subject
Code N2221 3S 5th Subject studied
Code N2223 3S Exam intentions & passes-6th Subject
Code N2224 3S 6th Subject studied
Code N2226 3S Exam intentions & passes-7th Subject
Code N2227 3S 7th Subject studied
Code N2229 3S Exam intentions & passes-8th Subject
Code N2230 3S 8th Subject studied
Code N2232 3S Exam intentions & passes-9th Subject
Code N2233 3S 9th Subject studied
Code N2235 3S Exam intentions & passes-10th Subject
Code N2236 3S 10th Subject studied
Code N2238 3S Exam intentions & passes-11th Subject
Code N2239 3S 11th Subject studied
Code N2241 3S Exam intentions & passes-12th Subject
Code N2242 3S 12th Subject studied
Code N2244 3S Ability rating-mathematics
Code N2245 3S Ability rating-English
Code N2246 3S Ability rating-modern languages
Code N2247 3S Ability rating-science
Code N2248 3S Ability rating-practical subjects
Code N2249 3S Ability rating-social studies
Code N2250 3S Child receiving help sch-backwardness
Code N2251 3S Child receiving help sch-superiority
Code N2252 3S Child receiving help sch-behaviour
Code N2253 3S Child receiving help sch-disability
Code N2254 3S Contact with any services-MC 1:5
Code N2255 3S Contact with any services-MC 2:5
Code N2256 3S Contact with any services-MC 3:5
Code N2257 3S Contact with any services-MC 4:5
Code N2258 3S Contact with any services-MC 5:5
Code N2259 3S Spec help aftr left sch due to hcap
Numeric N2272 3S Autumn-poss.half-day attendances 1973
Numeric N2275 3S Autumn-no. of half-days absent 1973
Numeric N2278 3S Autumn-poss.half-day attendances 1972
Numeric N2281 3S Autumn-no. of half-days absent 1972
Code N2284 3S Time child has been at this school
Code N2285 3S Most suitable type further,highr educ
Code N2286 3S Would staying on at school benefit chld
Code N2287 3S If not expected to stay on,1st reason
Code N2288 3S If not expected to stay on-2nd reason
Code N2289 3S If not expected to stay on-3rd reason
Code N2290 3S Child's 1st job-certainty of answer
Code N2291 3S Child's 1st job-area job description
Code N2292 3S Child's 1st job-job description
Code N2293 3S Child-been in trouble with the police
Code N2294 3S Chld trouble police-Soc Serv involved
Code N2295 3S Chld trouble police-how dealt with
Code N2296 3S Restless,difficulty staying seated
Code N2297 3S Child's behaviour,past year-truanting
Code N2298 3S Squirmy, fidgety
Code N2299 3S Destroys,damages own, others property
Code N2300 3S Frequently fights,very quarrelsome
Code N2301 3S Not much liked by other children
Code N2302 3S Often worries about many things
Code N2303 3S Tends to be on own-rather solitary
Code N2304 3S Irritable,touchy,flies off the handle
Code N2305 3S Often appears miserable,unhappy, etc
Code N2306 3S Twitches,mannerisms,tics-face or body
Code N2307 3S Frequently sucks thumb or finger
Code N2308 3S Frequently bites nails or fingers
Code N2309 3S School absences for trivial reasons
Code N2310 3S Is often disobedient
Code N2311 3S Cannot settle more than a few moments
Code N2312 3S Fearful of new situations & things
Code N2313 3S Fussy or over particular
Code N2314 3S Often tells lies
Code N2315 3S Has stolen at least once in past yr
Code N2316 3S Unresponsive, inert or apathetic
Code N2317 3S Often complains of aches or pains
Code N2318 3S Tears on arrival,refusal to enter sch
Code N2319 3S Has a stutter or a stammer
Code N2320 3S Resentful,aggressive when corrected
Code N2321 3S Bullies other children
Code N2322 3S Parnt-teacher discuss chld this sch y
Code N2323 3S Initiative parent-teacher discussion
Code N2324 3S Father's interest in chlds education
Code N2325 3S Mother's interest in chlds education
Code N2326 3S Cautious:1-2-3-4-5:Impulsive
Code N2327 3S Moody:1-2-3-4-5:Even-tempered
Code N2328 3S Timid:1-2-3-4-5:Aggressive
Code N2329 3S Flexible:1-2-3-4-5:Rigid
Code N2330 3S Sociable:1-2-3-4-5:Withdrawn
Code N2331 3S Lazy:1-2-3-4-5:Hardworkng
Code N2332 3S Child has poor hearing-teachers view
Code N2333 3S Child poor speech-teachers view
Code N2334 3S Child poor eyesight-teachers view
Code N2335 3S Child clumsy -teachers view
Code N2336 3S Child poor hand control-teachers view
Code N2337 3S Chld poor co-ordination-teachers view
Code N2338 3S Child obese,overweight-teachers view
Code N1721 3SD NCDS child's school attendance
Code N14 3S Year of school going comprehensive
Numeric N1701 3S No. of O level passes
Numeric N1702 3S No. of CSE grade 1 passes
Numeric N1703 3S No. of CSE grades 2-5 passes
Numeric N1704 3S No. of O levels to be taken
Numeric N1705 3S No. of subjects at A level-no O level
Numeric N1706 3S No. of CSEs to be taken
Numeric N1707 3S No. of external exams to be taken
Numeric N1708 3S N of subjects where no exam intended
Numeric N1709 3S No. of subs.studied for O level & CSE
Code N1710 3S Total number of subjects studied
Numeric N1711 3S N of subjects studied-Languages
Numeric N1712 3S N of subjects studied-English
Numeric N1713 3S N of subjects studied-Other arts
Numeric N1714 3S N of subjects studied-Social sciences
Numeric N1715 3S N of subjects studied-Domestic
Numeric N1716 3S N of subjects studied-Commercial
Numeric N1717 3S N of subjects studied-Mathematics
Numeric N1718 3S N of subjects studied-Sciences
Numeric N1719 3S N of subjects studied-Technical
Numeric N1720 3S N of subjects studied-Other
Numeric N1722 3S School attendances as % of maximum
Code N2339 3S Spec help aftr left sch due to hcap
Numeric ND3MATH ncds age 16: standardised Mathematics Test score (n16math)
Numeric ND3READ ncds age 16: standardised Reading Comprehension Test score (n16read)
Code ND3MRUTT ncds age 16: total Rutter behaviour score (mother)
Code ND3MRUTG ncds age 11: total Rutter behaviour score (mother) - grouped
Code ND3RUTIN ncds age 16: cohort member has information on at least 1 Rutter question
Code ND3RUTT ncds 16: total Rutter behaviour score (teacher)
Numeric ND3ASAGE ncds age 16: age of cohort member when sat assessments (n2098 n2100 n2101)
Code ND3RUTGA ncds age 16: total Rutter behaviour score (teacher) - grouped (teacher)
Code ND3RUTGB ncds age 16: total Rutter behaviour score (teacher) - grouped standard way
Numeric ND3MTAGE ncds age 16: est maths age at age 16 (derived from raw maths score)
Numeric ND3RDAGE ncds age 16: estimated reading age at age 16 (derived from raw reading score)
Code ND3RTINT ncds age 16: (t) cohort member has information on at least 1 Rutter question
Code ND3MRGSC ncds age 16: social class from mothers occupation (n2392 + n2393)
Code ND3COPD Recorded COPD (1974)
Code ND3COPDS Specialist or Doctor for COPD (1974)
Code ND3IAGE (Derived) Age in months at Medical Examination