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NCDS1 Medical Questionnaire (1965) Dataset

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Name Label
Text NCDSID ncdsid serial number
Code N622 0-3D Sex of child
Code N1REGION Region at NCDS1 (1965) - 7 years
Code N330 1M Date on Medical Exam - month & year
Code N331 1M Person with child at medical exam.
Code N332 1M Childs height, no shoes-nearest inch
Code N334 1M Childs height,no shoes-to centimeter
Code N337 1M Childs weight,underclothes-nearest lb
Code N339 1M Head circumference- nearest 0.5 inch
Code N342 1M Major handicap,disfiguring condition
Code N345 1M Mouth or palate abnormality
Numeric N346 1M Total missing,filled & carious teeth
Code N348 1M Permanent incisors have appeared
Code N349 1M Signs of past,present otitis media
Code N350 1M Pathological heart condition
Code N351 1M Any other sign of heart disease
Code N352 1M Deformity of external ear
Code N353 1M Abnormal chest shape
Code N354 1M Other heart murmer
Code N362 1M Inguinal hernia
Code N363 1M Other hernia
Code N364 1M Eczema
Code N365 1M URISTIX urine test-Protein colour
Code N366 1M URISTIX urine test-Glucose colour
Code N367 1M Cerebral palsy
Code N368 1M Tics habit spasm
Code N369 1M Congenital upper limb defect
Code N370 1M Any malfunction of upper limb
Code N371 1M Congenital lower limb defect
Code N372 1M Any malfunction of lower limb
Code N373 1M Hand laterality test-throw & draw
Code N374 1M Foot laterality test-kick & hop
Code N375 1M Eye laterality test-tube & card
Code N376 1M Vision test result for right eye
Code N377 1M Vision test result for left eye
Code N378 1M Vision test result for right eye
Code N379 1M Vision test result for left eye
Code N380 1M Evidence of squint on result of test
Code N381 1M Latent squint
Code N382 1M Doctor's assessment of vision
Code N383 1M Mispronounced words-test sentences
Code N385 1M Any stammer present
Code N386 1M Assessment of speech intelligibility
Code N387 1M Incorrect hearing responses-right ear
Code N388 1M Incorrect hearing responses-left ear
Code N389 1M Doctor's assessment of hearing
Code N390 1M Reason for Special Education MC1:3
Code N391 1M Reason for Special Education MC2:3
Code N392 1M Reason for Special Education MC3:3
Code N397 1M Spec educn treatment,spec school
Code N398 1M Child in special teaching unit
Code N399 1M Consideration for special sch likely
Code N400 1M Education most suitable for child
Code N401 1M General motor handicap
Code N402 1M Disfiguring condition
Code N403 1M Mental retardation
Code N404 1M Emotional maladjustment
Code N405 1M Abnormal head and neck
Code N406 1M Abnormal upper limb
Code N407 1M Abnormal lower limb
Code N408 1M Abnormal spine
Code N409 1M Abnormal respiratory system
Code N410 1M Abnormal alimentary system
Code N411 1M Abnormal urogenital system
Code N412 1M Abnormal heart
Code N413 1M Abnormal blood
Code N414 1M Abnormal skin
Code N415 1M Epileptic condition
Code N416 1M Other C.N.S. condition
Code N417 1M Diabetes
Code N418 1M Any other condition
Code N421 1M Skull deformity
Code N422 1M Spina bifida
Code N423 1M Other spinal disorder
Code N424 1M Talipes
Code N425 1M Other neurological,skeletal disorder
Code N1816 1M Additional asthma information
Code N1817 1D Defects found in NCDS1 sample-MC 1:4
Code N1818 1D Defects found in NCDS1 sample-MC 2:4
Code N1819 1D Defects found in NCDS1 sample-MC 3:4
Code N1820 1D Defects found in NCDS1 sample-MC 4:4
Code N1822 1D Defects in NCDS1 sample cont-MC 1:3
Code N1823 1D Defects in NCDS1 sample cont-MC 2:3
Code N1824 1D Defects in NCDS1 sample cont.-MC 3:3
Code N1827 1D Handicaps-MC 1:3
Code N1828 1D Handicaps-MC 2:3
Code N1829 1D Handicaps-MC 3:3
Code N1837 1M Maternal illness while pregnantM:C1-2
Code N1838 1M Maternal illness while pregnantM:C2-2
Code N1842 12D Epilepsy identification
Code N1850 1D Asthma identifcation
Code ND1IAGE (Derived) Age in months at Medical Examination
Code ND1ASTMA Recorded Asthma (1965)
Code ND1BRONC Recorded Bronchitis (1965)
Code ND1COPD Recorded COPD (1965)