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Perinatal Mortality Study (1958) Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Text NCDSID ncdsid serial number
Code N622 0-3D Sex of child
Code BSTATUS Birth Status
Code POD Q6:Place of Delivery
Code BOOKING Q26b: Booking In place
Code PLANC Q21b: Place of Antenatal care
Code DIASTOL Q29a: Diastolic Blood Pressure
Code MAXDBP Q29b: Maximum Diatolic Blood Pressure
Code ALBECL Q31: Albuminuria and Eclampsia
Code XRAY Q36: X-Ray given
Code ABNORM0X Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - No information
Code ABNORM00 Q37: No Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality
Code ABNORM01 Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - Diabetes
Code ABNORM02 Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - Heart
Code ABNORM03 Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - Active TB
Code ABNORM04 Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - influenza
Code ABNORM05 Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - German Measles
Code ABNORM06 Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - Disproportion
Code ABNORM07 Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - External version
Code ABNORM08 Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - Epilepsy
Code ABNORM09 Q37: Obstetric, pregnancy abnormality - Other
Code BLEED Q37: Bleeding in Pregnancy and before delivery
Code AD2HOSP Q38a: Admission to hospital
Code ADTYPE Q39: Type of Labour or Delivery Admission (Hospital)
Code PRESENT Q44: Presenting Part
Code LDRUG00 Q49a: No drugs of this type
Code LDRUG01 Q49a: Chloral, Welldorm
Code LDRUG02 Q49a: Barbiturate
Code LDRUG03 Q49a: Heroin
Code LDRUG04 Q49a: Largactil (chlorpomazine)
Code LDRUG05 Q49a: Sparine (promazine)
Code LDRUG06 Q49a: Phenergan (promethazine)
Code LDRUG07 Q49a: Doriden
Code LDRUG08 Q49a: Oblivon
Code LDRUG09 Q49a: Other
Code ATHETIC Q50: Anaesthetic
Code RESUS Q55: Resuscitation
Code DTB1 Q56: Drugs to baby (None)
Code DTB2 Q56: Drugs to baby (Coranine)
Code DTB3 Q56: Drugs to baby (Lobeline)
Code DTB4 Q56: Drugs to baby (Sedatives)
Code DTB5 Q56: Drugs to baby (Antagonists, nalorphine, levalorfan)
Code DTB6 Q56: Drugs to baby (Synkavit, Vikastab)
Code DTB7 Q56: Drugs to baby (Sulphonamides)
Code DTB8 Q56: Drugs to baby (Penicilin)
Code DTB9 Q56: Drugs to baby (Streptomycin)
Code DTB10 Q56: Drugs to baby (Other antibiotics)
Code ILLNESS Q59: Baby's Illness
Code MOD Q61: Month of Death
Code TOD Q61: Time of death
Code AAD Q61: Age at Death
Code SBNND Q61: Still Birth or Neo-natal Death (Dervied)
Code PLCWGT Placental Weight
Code TABLE62 Time of death for still births and neonatal deaths (Table 62)
Code N0REGION Region at PMS (1958) - Birth
Code N553 0 Mother's age last birthday,in years
Code N545 0 Mother's present marital status
Code N520 0 Interval between marriage & 1st birth
Code N490 0 Socio-economic group mother's husband (GRO 1951)
Code N492 0 Social class mother's husband (GRO 1951)
Code N494 0 Husband's age in years,1958
Code N537 0 Was mum at sch. after min.leaving age
Code N524 0 SEG maternal GPa as mum left school (GRO 1951)
Code N525 0 SEG maternal GPa-Miner,foreman code (GRO 1951)
Code N526 0 Mothers fathers social class (GRO 1951)
Code N571 0 Mums fathers soc class + miner codes (GRO 1951)
Code N549 0 Siblings alive,dead when mum left sch
Code N550 0 Birth order - mums live siblings
Code N551 0 Birth order-all mums siblings
Code N552 0 Siblings alive when mum left school
Code N539 0 Mums paid job when starting this baby (GRO 1951)
Code N540 0 Mums paid job during pregnancy (GRO 1951)
Code N543 0 Hrs of work in pregnancy & wk stopped
Code N542 0 Week in which mother stopped work
Code N512 0 M Number of persons per room
Code N546 0 Mum-No. cooked for when 1st pregnant
Code N496 0 Mother's weight in stones,1958
Code N497 0 Gestation period in days
Code N500 0 Week of mothers 1st antenatal visit
Code N501 0 Total number of antenatal vsits
Code N502 0 Smoking prior to pregnancy
Code N503 0 Smoking during pregnancy
Code N504 0 Parity
Code N510 0 Height of mum in inches at chlds brth
Code N548 0 Raised blood pressure & proteinuria
Code N518 0 Mothers blood group
Code N519 0 Mums min. haemoglobin while pregnant
Code N522 0 Abnormality during pregnancy
Code N527 0 Duration of labour-1st stage:hours
Code N528 0 Duration of labour-2nd stage-minutes
Code N529 0 Duration membranes ruptured-hours
Code N531 0 Whether labour induced
Code N534 0 Method of actual delivery
Code N535 0 Foetal distress
Code N536 0 Inhalational analgesia
Code N557 0 Delivery-Supervision Groups
Code N556 0 Place of booking-& delivery if diff
Numeric N574 0 Weight of baby in ounces
Code N646 0 Birthweight (ounces) or estimate
Code N515 0 Birthweight-gestational age for sex
Code N516 0 Birthweight for gest age for sex
Code N236 0P Social class of mother's husband (GRO 1951)
Code N514 0 Status of PMS births with no NCDS1
Code N639 0 Ma's smoking after mth 4 of pregnancy
Code N660 0 Mother's,father's social class 1958 (GRO 1951)
Code N1831 0 Illness noted in PMS-MC 1:3
Code N1832 0 Illness noted in PMS-MC 2:3
Code N1833 0 Illness noted in PMS-MC 3:3
Code N505 0 Previous abortions or ectopics
Code N506 0 Prev premature livebirths. . 5lb 9oz.
Code N507 0 Previous large births .8lbs 14oz +.
Code N508 0 Past stillbirths and neonatal deaths
Code N509 0 Past complications of pregnancy, etc
Code N532 0 Interval between this birth and last