Dataset Description


MCS2 Older Sibling Self-Completion Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Text MCSID MCS Research ID
Numeric BHPNUM00 Older sibling number
Code BOPQ1A0 OSSC Goes to sports classes or sports clubs
Code BOPQ1B0 OSSC Goes to cubs, brownies, etc
Code BOPQ1C0 OSSC Goes to dance classes
Code BOPQ1D0 OSSC Goes to arts classes outside school
Code BOPQ1E0 OSSC Goes to music lessons etc
Code BOPQ1F0 OSSC Goes to clubs Army, RAF, RN etc
Code BOPQ1G0 OSSC Goes to First Aid classes
Code BOPQ1H0 OSSC Goes to local playcentre or adventure playgound
Code BOPQ1I0 OSSC Goes to the local youth club
Code BOPQ1J0 OSSC Uses the local public library
Code BOPQ1K0 OSSC Goes to a local summer holiday play schemem
Code BOPQ1L0 OSSC Works for money after school on school days
Code BOPQ1M0 OSSC Works for money at weekends
Code BOPQ1N0 OSSC Works for money during the holidays
Code BOPQ1O0 OSSC Goes on own to talk over any problems
Code BOPQ2A0 OSSC Goes to a breakfast club
Code BOPQ2B0 OSSC Goes to a homework club
Code BOPQ2C0 OSSC Goes to an after school club
Code BOPQ2D0 OSSC Plays sport after school
Code BOPQ2E0 OSSC Plays music after school
Code BOPQ3A0 OSSC Goes to language classes outside school
Code BOPQ3B0 OSSC Goes to classes for school work at w/e
Code BOPQ3C0 OSSC Has a private tutor
Code BOPQ3D0 OSSC Goes to religious or cultural classes
Code BOPQ5A0 OSSC Parents set limits on TV you watch
Code BOPQ5B0 OSSC Tells parents where they are going
Code BOPQ5C0 OSSC Out after 9 pm
Code BOPQ5D0 OSSC Who chooses what you eat at home
Code BOPQ5E0 OSSC Parents strict about household chores
Code BOPQ5F0 OSSC Parents check on how doing at school
Code BOPQ6A0 OSSC Have you ever been to see a dentist
Code BOPQ6B0 OSSC Fillings by a dentist
Code BOPQ6C0 OSSC Do you ever smoke cigarettes
Code BOPQ6D0 OSSC How many cigarettes smoked in last week
Code BOPQ6E0 OSSC Do any friends ever smoke cannabis
Code BOPQ6F0 OSSC Alcoholic drink in the last 4 weeks
Code BOPQ6G0 OSSC Friends ever use drugs like
Code BOPQ6H0 OSSC Do you think you might use illegal drug
Code BOPQ7A0 OSSC Leave school or carry on
Code BOPQ7B0 OSSC Important to get good marks
Code BOPQ7C0 OSSC Do you like most of your teachers
Code BOPQ7D0 OSSC Are your teachers always getting at you
Code BOPQ7E0 OSSC Cares what teachers think about them
Code BOPQ7F0 OSSC Is it OK to break a bad school rule
Code BOPQ7G0 OSSC A lot of teachers like ordering pupils about
Code BOPQ7H0 OSSC Skipped or bunked off school in last year
Code BOPQ8A0 OSSC Stolen or tried to steal something
Code BOPQ8B0 OSSC Anything of yours damaged by vandals
Code BOPQ8C0 OSSC Anyone used force against you
Code BOPQ8D0 OSSC Anyone used a weapon against you
Code BOPQ8E0 OSSC Anyone threatened you
Code BOPQ8F0 OSSC Bullied in last 12 months
Code BOPQ9A0 OSSC Avoided paying fare
Code BOPQ9B0 OSSC Noisy or rude in a public place
Code BOPQ9C0 OSSC Ever Shoplifted
Code BOPQ9D0 OSSC Bought a stolen mobile phone
Code BOPQ9E0 OSSC Grafittied anything
Code BOPQ9F0 OSSC Vandalised something
Code BOPQ9G0 OSSC Ever picked on or bullied anyone
Code BOPQ9H0 OSSC Attackedsomeone because colour, race etc
Code BOPQ9I0 OSSC Carried a knife
Code BOPQ100 OSSC Do you enjoy living in this area
Code BOPQ110 OSSC Worry about being robbed/mugged in area
Code BOPQ120 OSSC Afraid to walk alone after dark
Code BOPQ130 OSSC Are most people in this area friendly