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BCS70 Moving On (1986) Dataset

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Text BCSID research case identifier
Code FLAG_E Document E completed
Code E1 Moving on -One way ad. limits type people for flat
Code E2 Moving on -What does '#80 p.c.m.' mean?
Code E3 Moving on -What advantage to tenant of rent book?
Code E4 Moving on -How often does a quarterly bill arrive?
Code E5 Moving on -1 risk against which should insure home
Code E6 Moving on -What does 'Oil C.H.' mean in house ad
Code E7 Moving on -Reason for insuring eg your new stereo
Code E8 Moving on -Did police have right to search Wayne?
Code E9 Moving on -Why police had right to search Wayne?
Code E10 Moving on -To whom should Wayne complain officially
Code E11 Moving on -Must Tracey tell parents what happened?
Code E12 Moving on -Can Tracey plead guilty by post?
Code E13 Moving on -What type of court will hear the case?
Code E14 Moving on -What is 'third party' motor insurance?
Code E15 Moving on -Youngest age get married with consent
Code E16 Moving on -What age drink alcohol with meal in pub?
Code E17 Moving on -Age child legally becomes adult in GB
Code E18 Moving on -One local rep. you could write to
Code E19 Moving on -How find name and address of local rep.
Code E20 Moving on -Suggest how to proceed for clear answer
Code E21 Moving on -Way to tell yr activities to neighbours
Code E22_1 Moving on -1st precaution to protect home when away
Code E22_2 Moving on -2nd precaution to protect home when away
Code E23 Moving on -Which statement about marriage is true?
Code E24 Moving on -Title given to those elected local govt
Code E25 Moving on -What is the electoral register?
Code E26 Moving on -What tax used by local council each year
Code E27 Moving on -1st thing to do if say from council/gas
Code E28_1 Moving on -Valid title given
Code E28_2 Moving on -Date of birth given
Code E28_3 Moving on -Marital status given
Code E28_4 Moving on -Address and post code given
Code E28_5 Moving on -Present occupation given
Code E28_6 Moving on -Exams specified-grades given
Code E28_7 Moving on -Details of any useful experience given
Code E28_8 Moving on -Valid reason for your application given
Code E28_9 Moving on -At least 7 parts answered
Code E28_10 Moving on -All parts answered and no crossing out
Code E28_11 Moving on -Signature present
Code E28_12 Moving on -Date given
Code E29 Moving on -What does 's.a.e.' mean?
Code E30 Moving on -1st thing wrong with attitude-behaviour
Code E31 Moving on -2nd thing wrong with attitude-behaviour
Code E32 Moving on -Personnel dept interviews and what else?
Code E33 Moving on -What does 'clock in' mean?
Code E34 Moving on -What arrangement varies start-finish
Code E35 Moving on -Activities in induction-training period
Code E36 Moving on -Other reason people work besides money
Code E37 Moving on -First claim of Supplementary Benefit
Code E38 Moving on -Is John entitled to redundancy pay?
Code E39 Moving on -Will John get unemployment benefit?
Code E40 Moving on -Will John get supplementary benefit?
Code E41 Moving on -Is John eligible for place on YTS scheme?
Code E42 Moving on -Where should John go for advice re job?
Code E43 Moving on -Kind of work place for retailing
Code E44 Moving on -Kind of work place for catering
Code E45 Moving on -One way 'market research' can be done
Code E46 Moving on -Which of following are state owned?
Code E47 Moving on -Missing word in sentence
Code E48 Moving on -If a shop sells on 'credit' it means...
Code E49 Moving on -What is 'interest' on a loan?
Code E50 Moving on -What do the letters 'C.O.D.' stand for?
Code E51 Moving on -Firms should take complaint seriously...
Code E52 Moving on -Would boss put letter in In or Out tray?
Code E53 Moving on -Advantage of new technology to employer
Code E54 Moving on -Disadvantage of new technology
Code E55 Moving on -Why produce a glossy staff magazine?
Code E56 Moving on -What info expect to find in staff mag?
Code E57 Moving on -Is a public limited company state owned?
Code E58 Moving on -Is British Rail a public limited company
Code E59 Moving on -Is Marks & Spencer a public limited comp
Code E60 Moving on -What does a Shop Steward do?
Code E61 Moving on -Why do unions have a health & safety rep
Code E62 Moving on -What else unions discuss with management
Code E63 Moving on -What does the term 'time & a half' mean?
Code E64 Moving on -What do the words 'penalty clause' mean?
Code E65 Moving on -What is a 'profit'?
Code E66 Moving on -Another way profit could be used
Code E67 Moving on -Another reason why start own business
Code E68 Moving on -How to find out the demand for service
Code E69 Moving on -How could they get equipment they need?
Code E70 Moving on -Disadvantage of being self-employed
Code E71 Moving on -Why they have need of a receipt book
Code E72_1 Moving on -1st way to let people know about odd job
Code E72_2 Moving on -2nd way to let people know about odd job