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Date of Birth

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How often have you done each of the following activities in the last 12 months?
Play a musical instrument
Performing arts (singing in a group or choir, acting, dance/ballet, comedy)
Painting, drawing, printmaking or sculpture
Photography, film or video making as an artistic activity (not family or holidays)
Textile crafts, wood crafts or any other crafts, such as embroidery, knitting, wood turning, furniture making, pottery or jewellery
Writing stories, plays or poetry
Go to the theatre to watch a play/drama
Go to the theatre to watch a pantomime or musical
Go to an opera, classical music concert or ballet
Go to another type of concert
Go to the cinema
Visit an art exhibition / gallery
Visit a museum
Visit a historical site / stately home
Visit a theme park
Visit a zoo, wildlife park or aquarium
Go to a library
Go to a book club (to discuss a book that you have read)
Have a meal in a restaurant, cafe or pub
Go for a drink at a pub or club
Work in the garden
Do DIY, home maintenance or car repairs
Attend meetings for local groups/voluntary organisations
Do unpaid voluntary work
Attend meetings or events organised by a trade union
Attend meetings or events organised by a political party
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