Dataset Description


BCS70 Birth Survey (1970) Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Text BCSID research case identifier
Code A0002 Multiplicity Code
Code A0004B Region of residence of the mother
Code A0005A Mothers age at Delivery
Code A0006A Region of Birth of Mother
Code A0007A Region of Birth of Father
Code A0008A Region of Birth of Mother's Mother
Code A0009 Mothers Age at Completion of Education
Code A0010 Fathers Age at Completion of Education
Code A0011Y Year of Present Marriage
Code A0012 Present Marital Status
Code A0012A Premarital Conception
Code A0013 Socio Economic Group (RG 1966) Father
Code A0014 Social Class of Father in 1970
Code A0015 Employment Status of the Father
Code A0017 Socio Economic Group (RG 1966) Mother
Code A0018 Mothers Social Class in 1970
Code A0019 Employment Status of Mother
Code A0020 Mother Cares for Children at Home
Code A0021 Details of Who Cares 1st Instance
Code A0022 Number of Children 1st Instance
Code A0023 Details of Who Cares 2nd Instance
Code A0024 Number of Children 2nd Instance
Code A0025 Details of Who Cares 3rd Instance
Code A0026 Number of Children 3rd Instance
Code A0027 Details of Who Cares 4th Instance
Code A0028 Number of Children 4th Instance
Code A0029A Was Any Method of Contraception Used
Code A0029B Method of Contraception
Code A0029C Number of Pill Brands Used
Code A0029D Month Stopped Pill
Code A0029E 1st.Type of Pill
Code A0029F Months on Pill 1
Code A0029G 2nd.Type of Pill
Code A0029H Months on Pill 2
Code A0029I 3rd.Type of Pill
Code A0029J Months on Pill 3
Code A0029K 4th.Type of Pill
Code A0029L Months on Pill 4
Code A0029M 5th.Type of Pill
Code A0029N Months on Pill 5
Code A0029P Any Gaps Between Contraceptive Use
Code A0037 Mothercraft classes
Code A0038 Labour-preparation classes
Code A0044A Part 1:No Indication of how Completed
Code A0044B Part1 Completed By Interview With Mother
Code A0044C Part1 Completed from Hospital Records
Code A0044D Part1 Completed from G.P. Records
Code A0044E Part1 Completed from Midwife Records
Code A0044F Part1 Completed from Cooperation Card
Code A0044G Part1 Completed from Other Sources
Code A0052 Delivery year of first pregnancy
Code A0053 Sex of product of first pregnancy
Code A0054 Birthweight of Product of 1st Pregnancy
Code A0055 Outcome of first pregnancy
Code A0056 Method of Delivery - first pregnancy
Code A0058 Delivery Year of Second Pregnancy
Code A0059 Sex of Product of Second Pregnancy
Code A0060 Birthweight of Product of 2nd Pregnancy
Code A0061 Outcome of Second Pregnancy
Code A0062 Method of Delivery - 2nd Pregnancy
Code A0064 Delivery Year of Third Pregnancy
Code A0065 Sex of Product of Third Pregnancy
Code A0066 Birthweight of Product of 3rd Pregnancy
Code A0067 Outcome of Third Pregnancy
Code A0068 Method of Delivery - 3rd Pregnancy
Code A0070 Delivery Year of Fourth Pregnancy
Code A0071 Sex of Product of Fourth Pregnancy
Code A0072 Birthweight of Product of 4th Pregnancy
Code A0073 Outcome of Fourth Pregnancy
Code A0074 Method of Delivery - 4th Pregnancy
Code A0076 Delivery Year of Fifth Pregnancy
Code A0077 Sex of Product of Fifth Pregnancy
Code A0078 Birthweight of Product of 5th Pregnancy
Code A0079 Outcome of Fifth Pregnancy
Code A0080 Method of Delivery - 5th Pregnancy
Code A0082 Delivery Year of Sixth Pregnancy
Code A0083 Sex of Product of Sixth Pregnancy
Code A0084 Birthweight of Product of 6th Pregnancy
Code A0085 Outcome of Sixth Pregnancy
Code A0086 Method of Delivery - 6th Pregnancy
Code A0088 Delivery Year of Seventh Pregnancy
Code A0089 Sex of Product of Seventh Pregnancy
Code A0090 Birthweight of Product of 7th Pregnancy
Code A0091 Outcome of Seventh Pregnancy
Code A0092 Method of Delivery - 7th Pregnancy
Code A0099 Delivery Year of Eighth Pregnancy
Code A0100 Sex of Product of Eighth Pregnancy
Code A0101 Birthweight of Product of 8th Pregnancy
Code A0102 Outcome of Eighth Pregnancy
Code A0103 Method of Delivery - 8th Pregnancy
Code A0105 Delivery Year of Ninth Pregnancy
Code A0106 Sex of Product of Ninth Pregnancy
Code A0107 Birthweight of Product of 9th Pregnancy
Code A0108 Outcome of Ninth Pregnancy
Code A0109 Method of Delivery - 9th Pregnancy
Code A0111 Delivery Year of Tenth Pregnancy
Code A0112 Sex of Product of Tenth Pregnancy
Code A0113 Birthweight of Product of 10th Pregnancy
Code A0114 Outcome of Tenth Pregnancy
Code A0115 Method of Delivery - 10th Pregnancy
Code A0117 Delivery Year of Eleventh Pregnancy
Code A0118 Sex of Product of Eleventh Pregnancy
Code A0119 Birthweight of Product of 11th Pregnancy
Code A0120 Outcome of Eleventh Pregnancy
Code A0121 Method of Delivery - 11th Pregnancy
Code A0123 Delivery Year of Twelfth Pregnancy
Code A0124 Sex of Product of Twelfth Pregnancy
Code A0125 Birthweight of Product of 12th Pregnancy
Code A0126 Outcome of Twelfth Pregnancy
Code A0127 Method of Delivery - 12th Pregnancy
Code A0129 Delivery Year of Thirteenth Pregnancy
Code A0130 Sex of Product of Thirteenth Pregnancy
Code A0131 Birthweight of Product of 13th Pregnancy
Code A0132 Outcome of Thirteenth Pregnancy
Code A0133 Method of Delivery - 13th Pregnancy
Code A0135 Delivery Year of Fourteenth Pregnancy
Code A0136 Sex of Product of Fourteenth Pregnancy
Code A0137 Birthweight of Product of 14th Pregnancy
Code A0138 Outcome of Fourteenth Pregnancy
Code A0139 Method of Delivery - 14th Pregnancy
Code A0146 Delivery Year of Fifteenth Pregnancy
Code A0147 Sex of Product of Fifteenth Pregnancy
Code A0148 Birthweight of Product of 15th Pregnancy
Code A0149 Outcome of Fifteenth Pregnancy
Code A0150 Method of Delivery - 15th Pregnancy
Code A0152 Delivery Year of Sixteenth Pregnancy
Code A0153 Sex of Product of Sixteenth Pregnancy
Code A0154 Birthweight of Product of 16th Pregnancy
Code A0155 Outcome of Sixteenth Pregnancy
Code A0156 Method of Delivery - 16th Pregnancy
Code A0158 Delivery Year of Seventeenth Pregnancy
Code A0159 Sex of Product of Seventeenth Pregnancy
Code A0160 Birthweight of Product of 17th Pregnancy
Code A0161 Outcome of Seventeenth Pregnancy
Code A0162 Method of Delivery - 17th Pregnancy
Numeric A0163 Number of Previous Pregnancies
Code A0164 No of Previous Pregnancies (Entries on File)
Numeric A0165 Number of Twinned Pregnancies
Code A0166 Parity
Numeric A0167 Number of Previous Miscarriages
Code A0168 No of previous Pregnancies Miscarried
Numeric A0169 Number of Previous Stillbirths
Numeric A0170 Number of Previous Deaths <7 days
Numeric A0171 Number of Previous Deaths 7 days +
Code A0190 Number of Antenatal Visits
Code A0191 Date of First / Only Antenatal Visit
Code A0192 Date of Last Antenatal Visit
Code A0193A A.N. Care By Hospital Medical Staff
Code A0193B A.N. Care By L.H.A. Medical Officer
Code A0193C A.N. Care By General Practitioner
Code A0193D A.N. Care By Midwife Hospital
Code A0193E A.N. Care By Midwife GP Unit
Code A0193F A.N. Care By Midw. Domicilliary
Code A0193G A.N. Care By Other Consultant
Code A0193H A.N. Care By Other - Other
Code A0195A Gestational Age in Days
Code A0195B Gestational Age in Weeks
Code A0196 Certainty of Date of Last Menstrual Per.
Code A0196A Is the Stated LNMP Date Believable
Code A0197 Standing Height of Mother in Centimeters
Code A0198 ABO Blood Group of Mother
Code A0199 Rh Blood Group of Mother
Code A0200 Rhesus Antibodies of Mother
Code A0201 Haemoglobin Estimations Done
Code A0202 Number of Haemoglobin Estimations Done
Code A0203A Date Highest Haemoglobin Est. (Days)
Code A0203B Date Highest Haemoglobin Est. (Months)
Code A0204A Date Lowest Haemoglobin Est. (Days)
Code A0204B Date Lowest Haemoglobin Est. (Months)
Code A0205A Highest Haemoglobin Estimation
Code A0205B Lowest Haemoglobin Estimation
Code A0206 Wassermann Reaction Test
Code A0207 First Systolic Blood Pressure Reading
Code A0208 First Diastolic Blood Pressure Reading
Code A0209 Day of 1st Blood Pressure Reading Dd
Code A0210 Month of 1st Blood Pressure Reading MM
Code A0211 Highest Systolic Blood Pressure Reading
Code A0212 Diastolic at Time of Highest Systolic
Code A0213 Day of Highest Systolic Blood Pressure
Code A0214 Month of Highest Systolic Blood Pressure
Code A0215 Systolic at Time of Highest Diastolic
Code A0216 Highest Diastolic Blood Pressure Reading
Code A0217 Day of Highest Diastolic Blood Pressure
Code A0218 Month of Highest Diastolic Blood Pressr.
Code A0219 Last Systolic Pressure Before Labour
Code A0220 Last Diastolic Pressure Before Labour
Code A0221 Day of Last B.P. Reading Before Labour
Code A0222 Month of Last B.P. Reading Before Labour
Code A0226 Presence of Non-Infective Proteinuria
Code A0227 Presence of Pitting Oedema
Code A0228 Any Eclamptic Fits Prior to Labour
Code A0229 Presence of Clinical Diabetes in Mother
Code A0230 Occurence of Genital Tract Bleeding
Code A0231 Number of Genital Tract Bleeds
Code A0232 Month of 1st/Only Genital Tract Bleed
Code A0233 Month of Last Genital Tract Bleed
Code A0234 Cause of Genital Tract Bleed/S
Code A0235A Chest X-ray During Pregnancy
Code A0235B Abdominal X-ray During Pregnancy
Code A0235C Pelvic X-ray During Pregnancy
Code A0235D Other X-ray During Pregnancy
Code A0236 Occurence of Antenatal Inpatient Care
Code A0237 Number of Times Mother Discharged
Code A0238A Date of 1st/Only Admission. (Days)
Code A0238B Date of 1st/Only Admission. (Months)
Code A0239A Date Discharge from 1st Admission. (Days)
Code A0239B Date Discharge from 1st Admission. (Months)
Code A0240A Date of Last Admission. (Days)
Code A0240B Date of Last Admission. (Months)
Code A0241A Date of Last Discharge. (Days)
Code A0241B Date of Last Discharge. (Months)
Code A0242 Place of Delivery
Code A0243 Was the Delivery Booked at the Pod
Code A0244A Date Booked. (Days)
Code A0244B Date Booked. (Months)
Code A0245 How Labour Started
Code A0246A Labour Induced By Intravenous Drip
Code A0246B Labour Induced By Buccal
Code A0246C Labour Induced By Other Oxytocic Drugs
Code A0246D Labour Induced By Artificial Rupture
Code A0246E Labour Induced By Other Obe/Oestrogens
Code A0246F Labour Induced By Membrane Sweep
Code A0246G Labour Induced By Im Oxytocic Drug
Code A0247 Time Interval Between Rupture & Delivery
Code A0248 Birth Multiple Single,Twin,Triple
Code A0253 Time of Birth of the Baby (Hours)
Code A0254 Outcome of Delivery
Code A0255 Sex of the Baby
Code A0256 Duration 1st Stage of Labour (Hours
Code A0257 Duration 2nd Stage of Labour (1/4 hour intervals
Code A0258 Duration of 3rd Stage of Labour
Code A0259 Foetal Heart Rate During Labour
Code A0260 Other Recordings Made on Foetus
Code A0261A Meconium
Code A0261B Prolapsed Cord
Code A0262 Method of Delivery
Code A0263 Pain Relief During Labour-Analgesics
Code A0264 Pain Relief During Labour-Drugs B Wt
Code A0265 Pain Relief Other Methods Binary Wt
Code A0266A Anaesthetics During Labour - Binary Wt
Code A0266B Anaesthetics Post Labour - Binary Wt
Code A0266AA Anaesthetics During Labour (General)
Code A0266AB Anaesthetics during labour (epidural)
Code A0266AC Anaesthetics during labour (local)
Code A0266AD Anaesthetics during labour (other)
Code A0266BA Anaesthetics Post Labour (General)
Code A0266BB Anaesthetics during labour (epidural)
Code A0266BC Anaesthetics during labour (local)
Code A0267 Postpartum Haemorrhage of >499 Ml
Code A0268 Administration of Blood Transfusion
Code A0269 Manual Removal of Placenta
Code A0270 Time to Establish Regular Respiration
Code A0271 Administration of Oxygen Method B Wt
Code A0271A Oxygen Admin By Face Funnel
Code A0271B Oxygen Admin By Face Mask
Code A0271C Oxygen Admin By Nasal Tube
Code A0271D Oxygen Admin By Endotracheal Tube
Code A0271E Oxygen Admin By Incubator
Code A0271F Oxygen Admin By +Ve Press & Vent
Code A0272 Other Methods of Resuscitation B Wt
Code A0272A Resuscitation By Mouth to Mouth
Code A0272B Resuscitation By Mucous Extractor
Code A0272C Resuscitation By Stomach Tube
Code A0272D Resuscitation By Oesophageal Tube
Code A0272E Resuscitation By Ext.Cardiac Massage
Code A0272F Resuscitation By Tracheal Tube
Code A0273 Administration of Vitamin K
Code A0274 Prophylactic Use of Eye-Drops
Code A0275 Administration of Lethidrone to Baby
Code A0276 Administration of Vanillic Acid to Baby
Code A0277 Other Treatments Given to Baby
Code A0278 Birthweight of Baby in Grams
Code A0279 Age of Baby at Weighing
Code A0280 Lowest Recorded Weight of Baby Grams
Code A0281 Age in Days to Lowest Weight of Baby
Code A0282 Occurance of An Episiotomy or Tear
Code A0283A Delivery Undertaken By Domicillary-Midw
Code A0283B Delivery Undertaken By Hospital Midwife
Code A0283C Delivery Undertaken By Pupil Midwife
Code A0283D Delivery Undertaken By Consult Obstetn
Code A0283E Delivery Undertaken By Registrar
Code A0283F Delivery Undertaken By House Officer
Code A0283G Delivery Undertaken By GP
Code A0283H Delivery Undertaken By Medical Student
Code A0283I Delivery Undertaken By Hosp.Doct/Other
Code A0284A Pt2 Completed from Hosp. Records
Code A0284B Pt2 Completed from GP Records
Code A0284C Pt2 Completed from Midwife Records
Code A0284D Pt2 Completed from Coop Cards
Code A0284E Pt2 Compltd from Hosp.Doc.Persl Comm
Code A0284F Pt2 Compltd from GP Personal Commun
Code A0284G Pt2 Compltd from Midwife Persl Comm
Code A0284H Pt2 Compltd from Mother P. C.
Code A0284I Pt2 Compltd from Other Sources
Code A0288 Eclampsia First Occuring During Labour
Code A0289 Did Mother Have Urinary Infection
Code A0290 Did Mother Have Genital Tract Infection
Code A0291 Venous Complication of the Legs
Code A0292 Operations in Puerperium
Code A0293 Any Other Morbidity or Illness
Code A0294 Was Haemoglobin Estimation Done
Code A0295 Was Baby Medically Examined in 1st 24hrs
Code A0296A Examined By Consultant Obstetrician
Code A0296B Examined By Obstetric Registrar
Code A0296C Examined By Obstetric House Officer
Code A0296D Examined By Consultant Paediatrician
Code A0296E Examined By Paediatric Registrar
Code A0296F Examined By Paed House Officer
Code A0296G Examined By General Practitioner
Code A0296H Examined By Other
Code A0297 Was Lactation Attempted
Code A0298 Was Lactation Suppressed
Code A0299 If A0298=Sup. Was Oestrogen Used
Code A0300 Feeding of Baby - Day1
Code A0301 Feeding of Baby - Day2
Code A0302 Feeding of Baby - Day3
Code A0303 Feeding of Baby - Day4
Code A0304 Feeding of Baby - Day5
Code A0305 Feeding of Baby - Day6
Code A0306 Feeding of Baby - Day7
Code A0307 Congenital Abnormalities (1)
Code A0308 Congenital Abnormalities (2)
Code A0309 Degree of Congen. Ab
Code A0310 Lowest Recorded Rectal Temperature
Code A0311 Age at Rectal Temperature Reading
Code A0312 Time of Rectal Temperature Reading
Code A0313 Use of Low Reading Thermometer
Code A0314 Examined For Congen.Disloc.Of Hip
Code A0315 Test For Phenylketonuria
Code A0316 Age at Phenylketonuria test
Code A0317 Was the Baby Jaundiced
Code A0318 Maximum Serum Bilirubin Level
Code A0319 Age at Max Serum Bilirubin Level
Code A0320 Cause of Max Serum Bilirubin Level
Code A0321 Was Baby'S Blood Sugar Level Taken
Code A0322 Minimum Blood Sugar Level
Code A0323 Date of Minimum Blood Sugar Level
Code A0324 Age If <24hrs When Sugar Level Taken
Code A0325 Breathing Difficulties Inc. Rds
Code A0326 Did the Baby Have Cyanotic Attacks
Code A0327 Did Baby Have Fits or Convulsions
Code A0328 Did Baby Have Any Cerebral Signs
Code A0329 Did the Baby Have Fractures
Code A0330 Did the Baby Have Cephalhaematoma
Code A0331 Did the Baby Have Sticky Eyes
Code A0332 Did Baby Have Discharge from Umbilicus
Code A0333 Were Exchange Transfusions Given
Code A0334 Were Any Operations Performed
Code A0335 Other Illness or Conditions of the Baby
Code A0336 Age at Last Medical Examination of Baby
Code A0337A Last med exam by Consult Obstetricn
Code A0337B Last med exam by Obstet Registrar
Code A0337C Last med exam by Obstet House Officer
Code A0337D Last med exam by Consult Paediatrician
Code A0337E Last med exam by Paediatric Registrar
Code A0337F Last med exam by Paed House Officer
Code A0337G Last med exam by General Practitioner
Code A0337H Last med exam by Other
Code A0341 Where Baby Cared For - Day of Birth
Code A0342 Where Baby Cared For-1st Day After Birth
Code A0343 Where Baby Cared For-2nd Day After Birth
Code A0344 Where Baby Cared For-3rd Day After Birth
Code A0345 Where Baby Cared For-4th Day After Birth
Code A0346 Where Baby Cared For-5th Day After Birth
Code A0347 Where Baby Cared For-6th Day After Birth
Code A0348 Where Baby Cared For-7th Day After Birth
Code A0349 In Cot/Incubator Etc - Day of Birth
Code A0350 In Cot/Incubator Etc-1st Day After Birth
Code A0351 In Cot/Incubator Etc-2nd Day After Birth
Code A0352 In Cot/Incubator Etc-3rd Day After Birth
Code A0353 In Cot/Incubator Etc-4th Day After Birth
Code A0354 In Cot/Incubator Etc-5th Day After Birth
Code A0355 In Cot/Incubator Etc-6th Day After Birth
Code A0356 In Cot/Incubator Etc-7th Day After Birth
Code A0357 Where Was the Mother - Day of Birth
Code A0358 Where Was the Mother-1st Day After Birth
Code A0359 Where Was the Mother-2nd Day After Birth
Code A0360 Where Was the Mother-3rd Day After Birth
Code A0361 Where Was the Mother-4th Day After Birth
Code A0362 Where Was the Mother-5th Day After Birth
Code A0363 Where Was the Mother-6th Day After Birth
Code A0364 Where Was the Mother-7th Day After Birth
Code A0365 Date Given For Day of Birth & First Day
Code A0366 Person Informed - 1st Move
Code A0366A 1st Move Informed to G.P.
Code A0366B 1st Move Informed to Local Health Dept
Code A0366C 1st Move Informed to Domicilry Midwf
Code A0366D 1st Move Informed to GP Unit Midwife
Code A0366E 1st Move Informed to Hosp or GP Unit
Code A0366F 1st Move Informed to Other
Code A0367 Method of Informing - 1st Move
Code A0368 Date of Informing - 1st Move
Code A0369 Person Informed - 2nd Move
Code A0369A 2nd Move Informed to G.P.
Code A0369B 2nd Move Informed to Local Health Dept
Code A0369C 2nd Move Informed to Domicilry Midwf
Code A0369D 2nd Move Informed to GP Unit Midwife
Code A0369E 2nd Move Informed to Hosp or GP Unit
Code A0369F 2nd Move Informed to Other
Code A0370 Method of Informing - 2nd Move
Code A0371 Date of Informing - 2nd Move
Code A0372 Person Informed - 3rd Move
Code A0375A Pt3 Completed from Hosp. Records
Code A0375B Pt3 Completed from GP Records
Code A0375C Pt3 Completed from Midwife Records
Code A0375D Pt3 Completed from Coop Cards
Code A0375E Pt3 Compltd from Hosp.Doc.Persl Comm
Code A0375F Pt3 Compltd from GP Personal Commun
Code A0375G Pt3 Compltd from Midwife Persl Comm
Code A0375H Pt3 Compltd from Other Sources
Code A0376 Death Group
Code BD1AGEFB bcs70 age 0: Age of mother at first birth
Code BD1PSOC bcs70 age 0: social class at birth: fathers occupation (or mothers if missing)
Code BD1TEENM bcs70 age 0: ever a teenage mother (b0agefb grouped)
Code BD1MAGE bcs70 age 0: Age of mother at CM's birth (from s1 var a0005a/s2 var e008)
Code BD1FAGE bcs70 age 0: Age of father at CM's birth (from s2 var e009)
Code BD1MAGM bcs70 age 0: Age of mother at present marriage
Code BD1FAGM bcs70 age 0: Age of father at present marriage
Code BD1REGN Standard Region of residence 1970
Code BD1CNTRY Country of Interview (1970)
Code RDITEENM bcs70 age 0: (rdi) ever a teenage mother (b0agefb grouped)