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BCS70 Friendly Maths Test (1980) Dataset

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Text BCSID research case identifier
Code SEX10 PI -Child's sex
Code TESTS10 Maths test, Reading test, BAS test completed
Code I2504 FMT-What is one more than three?
Code I2505 FMT-What is the missing number?
Code I2506 FMT-How many stars altogether?
Code I2507 FMT-Add 349 and 63
Code I2508 FMT-Take away 5 from 5
Code I2509 FMT-What is one less than four?
Code I2510 FMT-Take away 3-2
Code I2511 FMT-Take away 432-36
Code I2512 FMT-What is the missing number?
Code I2513 FMT-Multiply 5 x 6
Code I2514 FMT-How many burgers?
Code I2515 FMT-Multiply again 138 x 7
Code I2516 FMT-A missing figure, but what is it?
Code I2517 FMT-Share 9 by 3
Code I2518 FMT-I have a box of 48 icecreams in my freezer. If I only eat 8
Code I2519 FMT-Divide 80 by 15
Code I2520 FMT-I've left out a number haven't I?
Code I2521 FMT-What does this sign mean?
Code I2522 FMT-All these number sentences are FIBS except one
Code I2523 FMT-What is thirty five in figures?
Code I2524 FMT-The 0 in 703 means...
Code I2525 FMT-How many tens are there in this number?
Code I2526 FMT-The mileometer in a car shows the distance in ...
Code I2527 FMT-45% are boys. What % are girls?
Code I2528 FMT-Do you know what 75% is as a fraction?
Code I2529 FMT-Smallest number?
Code I2530 FMT-2 over 10 =
Code I2531 FMT-Please add 1/2 + 1/2
Code I2532 FMT-What fraction is shaded?
Code I2533 FMT-What is 1/4 of 8?
Code I2534 FMT-Which fraction is largest?
Code I2535 FMT-6/12 is the same as...
Code I2536 FMT-These numbers are all answers in which times table?
Code I2537 FMT-I'd like to know the next number in this sequence
Code I2538 FMT-What base do we normally use?
Code I2539 FMT-Round off 3109 to the nearest hundred please
Code I2540 FMT-What's the time please mister?
Code I2541 FMT-Your train is due 10.52. It is now 9.05. How long do you hav
Code I2542 FMT-If you left on the 9.50 train from King's Cross, how long wo
Code I2543 FMT-Which line is shortest?
Code I2544 FMT-Estimate the height of your classroom door?
Code I2545 FMT-Please tell me please, which is a unit of area please!
Code I2546 FMT-What's the area of this rectangle?
Code I2547 FMT-What units do we use to measure the capacity of the bottle?
Code I2548 FMT-How many of these centicubes would fit into this box?
Code I2549 FMT-Unit of volume
Code I2550 FMT-Butter costs 1 pound per kilogram. How much is this pack?
Code I2551 FMT-How heavy are the apples?
Code I2552 FMT-The bird bath has frozen. How cold is it?
Code I2553 FMT-You have these coins. Which others do you need to buy a cone
Code I2554 FMT-If 1 pound is worth 2.31 dollars, how many dollars would you
Code I2555 FMT-What is the least number of coins you could use to make 38p?
Code I2556 FMT-If A=3, B=4 & C=5, what is A+B+C?
Code I2557 FMT-Amanda ate twice as many lollies as Wayne. If they ate 6 alt
Code I2558 FMT-Mary is 32cm shorter than Peter. Peter is 21cm taller than D
Code I2559 FMT-Where would this go?
Code I2560 FMT-This relation is is 3 times. What is the missing number?
Code I2561 FMT-Help me with the missing number please
Code I2562 FMT-The diameter of a bike wheel is 50cm. About how far will it
Code I2563 FMT-This is a...
Code I2564 FMT-Do you know the size of this angle?
Code I2565 FMT-Which angle do you think is smallest?
Code I2566 FMT-The lines on the 1km grid are roads. You have to drive from
Code I2567 FMT-NEWS FLASH!! A wreck is 6km East, 3km North from the lightho
Code I2568 FMT-A spy receives this message: EHT DROWSSAP SI MIT. What must
Code I2569 FMT-Rotate this a 1/4 turn
Code I2570 FMT-How many faces has a cube?
Code I2571 FMT-What would you call a line that goes straight down?
Code I2572 FMT-This pie chart shows how I spent my pocket money. What did I
Code I2573 FMT-How many girls support Liverpool?
Code I2574 FMT-You roll the die once. What is your chance of getting a 6?
Code I2575 FMT-This is a line graph of a plant's growth. On which day did
Code BD3AGE bcs70 age 10: age of cohort member when sat assessments (derived from i2503, i
Code BD3MATHS bcs70 age 10: Friendly Maths Test score (i2504 to i2575)
Code FMTSCORE Score for Friendly Maths Test
Code FMTINCORRECT No. answers incorrect for Friendly Maths Test
Code FMTPC Percentage Score for Friendly Maths Test