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ALSPAC My Young Baby Boy/Girl Questionnaire Dataset

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Case Quantity



Name Label
Text aln_qlet
Numeric aln Pregnancy identifier
Text qlet Birth order (within pregnancy)
Code ka001 Questionnaire version (Form type)
Code ka010 Reaction at birth
Code ka011 Time until put to breast
Code ka012 Time next to mum in 1st 2 days
Code ka013 Time next to mum in 1st 2 nights
Code ka013a Time next to mum in 1st 2 nights (adjusted)
Code ka014 Admission to SCBU etc
Code ka020 Readmitted to hospital
Code ka021 Duration of stay
Code ka022 Mum stayed with baby
Code ka030 Feeding method 1st day
Code ka031 Feeding method 2nd-6th days
Code ka032 Feeding method in 2nd week
Code ka033 Feeding method in 3rd week
Code ka034 Feeding method in 4th week
Code ka035 Any breast feeding
Code ka036 Latest report of breast feeding
Code ka040 Use of SMA Gold
Code ka041 No. of days used SMA Gold
Code ka042 Use of SMA White
Code ka043 No. of days used SMA White
Code ka044 Use of Cow&Gate Plus
Code ka045 No. of days used Cow & Gate Plus
Code ka046 Use of Cow&Gate Premium
Code ka047 No. of days used Cow & Gate Premium
Code ka048 Use of Farleys Oster Milk
Code ka049 No. of days used Farley's Oster Milk
Code ka050 Use of Oster Milk 2
Code ka051 No. of days used Oster Milk 2
Code ka052 Use of Farley's Junior
Code ka053 No. of days used Farley's Junior
Code ka054 Use of other bottle milk
Code ka055 No. of days used other bottle milk
Code ka060 Baby fed on regular schedule
Code ka061 Current feeding
Code ka062 Baby has fruit juice
Code ka063 Baby has vitamins
Code ka064 Baby has glucose solution
Code ka065 Baby has cereal
Code ka066 Baby has other diet supplements
Code ka067 Baby given bottle of tea
Code ka068 Baby given bottle of coffee
Code ka069 Baby given bottle of water
Code ka070 Frequency of weak sucking
Code ka071 Weak Sucking
Code ka072 Frequency of choking
Code ka073 Choking
Code ka074 Frequency of dribbling
Code ka075 Dribbling
Code ka076 Frequency of drinking too fast
Code ka077 Drinking too fast
Code ka078 Frequency of exhaustion with feeding
Code ka079 Exhaustion with feeding
Code ka080 Frequency of slow feeding
Code ka081 Slow feeding
Code ka082 Frequency of small quantity feeds
Code ka083 Small quantity feeds
Code ka084 Frequency of baby being unsatisfied
Code ka085 Unsatisfied after feed
Code ka086 Frequency of refusing milk
Code ka087 Refuses milk
Code ka088 Frequency of wind
Code ka089 Lot of wind
Code ka090 Feeding difficulty
Code ka091 Baby fed lying with bottle propped up
Code ka092 Baby fed lying with bottle held up
Code ka093 Baby fed with bottle while held in arms
Code ka094 Baby breast fed
Code ka095 Baby uses comforter at night
Code ka096 Baby uses comforter during day
Code ka096a Ever uses dummy
Code ka097 Partner feeds baby at night
Code ka098 Partner ever feeds baby at night
Code ka150 Baby usually wakes at night
Code ka151 No. of awakenings at night
Code ka152 Down on back
Code ka153 Down on side
Code ka154 Down on front
Code ka155 Down position varies
Code ka156 Wakes on back
Code ka157 Wakes on side
Code ka158 Wakes on front
Code ka159 Wake position varies
Code ka160 Feed baby when wakes at night
Code ka161 Give baby water when wakes at night
Code ka162 Give baby cuddle when wakes at night
Code ka163 Give baby dummy when wakes at night
Code ka164 Baby to mum's bed when wakes at night
Code ka165 Nappy change when wakes at night
Code ka166 Other activity when baby wakes at night
Code ka167 Ever wake baby for feed
Code ka168 Place where baby goes down at night
Code ka169 Place where baby wakes up in morning
Code ka170 Baby goes down at night in
Code ka171 Baby wakes up in AM in
Code ka172 Baby sleeps with heating on at night
Code ka173 Baby sleeps with open window at night
Code ka174 Baby sleeps with duvet at night
Code ka175 Baby sleeps with electric blanket at night
Code ka176 Baby sleeps with pillow at night
Code ka177 Baby sleeps in baby nest at night
Code ka180 Layers of blanket on baby at night
Code ka181 Baby wears vest at night
Code ka182 Baby wears babygro at night
Code ka183 Baby wears nightie at night
Code ka184 Baby wears pyjamas at night
Code ka185 Baby wears cardigan or jumper at night
Code ka186 Baby wears sleepsuit at night
Code ka187 Baby wears bonnet at night
Code ka188 Baby wears mittens at night
Code ka189 Baby wears bootees at night
Code ka190 Baby wears other clothes at night
Code ka195 Baby cries in AM
Code ka196 Baby cries in early PM
Code ka197 Baby cries in late PM
Code ka198 Baby cries during night
Code ka199 Baby cries at other time
Code ka200 Baby has screaming fits
Code ka201 Screaming fits occur at certain times
Code ka202 Noticed any causes of screaming fits
Code ka203 Duration of screaming fits
Code ka204 Crying compared to similar aged babies
Code ka205 Baby crying is a problem
Code ka206 Reaction to babys crying
Code ka207 Can calm baby if crying
Code ka211 Baby possets
Code ka212 Baby vomits
Code ka213 Baby dirties nappy
Code ka214 Babys stools are hard
Code ka215 Babys stools are soft
Code ka216 Babys stools are curdy
Code ka217 Babys stools are liquid
Code ka218 Babys stools are brown
Code ka219 Babys stools are green
Code ka220 Babys stools are yellow
Code ka221 Babys stools fit other description
Code ka222 Baby had stomach upset
Code ka223 No. of stomach upsets
Code ka224 Length of worst stomach upset
Code ka225 GP called out
Code ka226 Went to GP
Code ka227 Contacted Health Visitor
Code ka228 Chemist asked
Code ka229 Other actions
Code ka230 When baby has diarrhoea fed as normal
Code ka231 Time of feeding disrupted by diarrohoea
Code ka232 Baby has oral rehydration for diarrhoea
Code ka233 Duration of oral rehydration treatment
Code ka238 Baby ever had jaundice
Code ka239 Baby ever had sticky eye
Code ka240 Baby ever had high temperature
Code ka241 Baby ever had jitters
Code ka242 Baby ever had sniffles
Code ka243 Baby ever had cough
Code ka244 Ever called out Dr for baby
Code ka245 No. of times Dr called out for baby
Code ka246 Ever seen Dr about baby's other problems
Code ka247 No. of times seen Dr about baby
Code ka248 Babys state of health
Code ka249 Baby had rash in joints or creases
Code ka250 Severity of rash in joints or creases
Code ka251 Rash in joints at present
Code ka252 Baby had face forearm or shin rash
Code ka253 Severity of face forearm or shin rash
Code ka254 Face, forearm or shin rash at present
Code ka255 Baby has had a nappy rash
Code ka256 Severity of nappy rash
Code ka257 Nappy rash at present
Code ka258 Baby has had cradle cap
Code ka259 Severity of cradle cap
Code ka260 Redness of cradle cap
Code ka261 Itching with cradle cap
Code ka262 Cradle cap at present
Code ka263 No. of medications since baby at home
Code ka264 Taken baby to child health clinic
Code ka265 Health visitor visited home
Code ka266 Intention to immunise baby
Code ka267 Baby had vitamin K when born
Code ka271 Baby wears terry nappies
Code ka272 Baby wears disposable nappies
Code ka273 Baby wears other type of nappy
Code ka274 Source of pram for new baby
Code ka275 Source of carry cot for new baby
Code ka276 Source of cradle for new baby
Code ka277 Source of cot for new baby
Code ka278 Source of baby bath for new baby
Code ka279 Source of changing mat for new baby
Code ka280 Source of blankets for new baby
Code ka281 Source of car seat for new baby
Code ka282 Applied for money from DSS for baby eqpt
Code ka283 Money from DSS for baby eqpt
Code ka284 Baby looks at mums face when being fed
Code ka284a Baby looks at mums face when being fed (Missing -> Never)
Code ka285 Baby follows mum with eyes when feeding
Code ka285a Baby follows mum with eyes when feeding (Missing -> Never)
Code ka286 Baby smiles
Code ka286a Baby smiles (Missing -> Never)
Code ka287 Baby laughs
Code ka287a Baby laughs (Missing -> Never)
Code ka288 Baby squeals
Code ka288a Baby squeals (Missing -> Never)
Code ka289 Baby lifts head when on tummy
Code ka289a Baby lifts head when on tummy (Missing -> Never)
Code ka290 Baby touches hands together
Code ka290a Baby touches hands together (Missing -> Never)
Code ka291 Baby startles when hears sound
Code ka291a Baby startles when hears sound (Missing -> Never)
Code ka295 Development Score
Code ka296 Number of Missings or Development Score
Code ka392 Feel known by baby
Code ka393 Feel preferred by baby to other
Code ka394 Placid
Code ka394a Baby is placid
Code ka395 Communicative
Code ka395a Baby is communicative
Code ka396 Grizzly
Code ka396a Baby is grizzly
Code ka397 Fretful
Code ka397a Baby is fretful
Code ka398 Demanding
Code ka398a Baby is demanding
Code ka399 Angry
Code ka399a Baby is angry
Code ka400 Cuddly
Code ka400a Baby is cuddly
Code ka401 Active
Code ka401a Baby is active
Code ka402 Sociable
Code ka402a Baby is sociable
Code ka403 Withdrawn
Code ka403a Baby is withdrawn
Code ka404 Stubborn
Code ka404a Baby is stubborn
Code ka405 Unresponsive
Code ka405a Baby is unresponsive
Code ka406 Happy
Code ka406a Baby is happy
Code ka407 Alert
Code ka407a Baby is alert
Code ka408 Time taken to love baby
Code ka490 Mother completed questionnaire
Code ka491 Father completed questionnaire
Code ka492 Other completed questionnaire
Code ka495 Date questionnaire completed -month
Code ka496 Date questionnaire completed -year
Code ka497 Age (weeks) questionnaire completed
Code ka498 Month of birth


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