Dataset Description


ALSPAC My Little Boy/Girl Questionnaire Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Text aln_qlet
Code aln Pregnancy identifier
Text qlet Birth order (within pregnancy)
Code ke001 Form date
Code ke010 CH allowed to play W messy OBJs
Code ke011 CH allowed OBJs for building
Code ke012 CH sung to
Code ke013 Stories read to CH
Code ke014 CH praised
Code ke015 CH kissed or cuddled
Code ke016 CH shouted at
Code ke017 CH slapped
Code ke018 CH taken to park or playground
Code ke019 Carer has meal W CH
Code ke020 CH allowed to make lot of noise
Code ke021 Parenting Score
Code ke030 NO of cuddly animals CH has at home
Code ke031 NO of dolls CH has at home
Code ke032 NO of swings CH has at home
Code ke033 NO of toy vehicles CH has at home
Code ke034 NO of jigsaw puzzles CH has at home
Code ke035 NO of mobiles CH has at home
Code ke036 NO of building blocks CH has at home
Code ke037 NO of books CH has at home
Code ke038 NO of balls CH has at home
Code ke039 NO of walkers CH has at home
Code ke040 NO of sit in walkers CH has at home
Code ke041 NO of interlocking toys CH has at home
Code ke042 Toy Score
Code ke044 CH has access to special place for toys
Code ke060 CH burnt or scalded >15MTHs
Code ke061 NO of times CH burnt
Code ke069a Action of person W CH - Burn 1
Code ke069b Action of person W CH - Burn 2
Code ke069c Action of person W CH - Burn 3
Code ke070 CH dropped or fell >15 MTHs
Code ke071 NO of times
Code ke079a Action of person with CH - Fall 1
Code ke079b Action of person with CH - Fall 2
Code ke079c Action of person with CH - Fall 3
Code ke080 CH swallowed inappropriate OBJ >15MTHs
Code ke081 NO of times
Code ke089a Treatment by person W CH - Swallow 1
Code ke089b Treatment by person W CH - Swallow 2
Code ke089c Treatment by person W CH - Swallow 3
Code ke090 CHs other accidents >15MTHs
Code ke091 No of times
Code ke099a Action of person W CH - Accident 1
Code ke099b Action of person W CH - Accident 2
Code ke099c Action of person W CH - Accident 3
Code ke104 Total no of accidents
Code ke105 CH received LT injury MENT or PHYS
Code ke106 Ch scarred by accident
Code ke107 Ch PHYS disables by accident
Code ke108 CH developed PSYC PROB after accident
Code ke110 CH had cough MED >15MTHS
Code ke110a Ch had cough MED >15MTHs
Code ke111 CH had antibiotics >15 MTHs
Code ke111a Ch had antibiotics >15MTHs
Code ke112 CH had throat MED >15 MTHs
Code ke112a Ch had throat MED >15MTHs
Code ke113 CH had vitamins >15 MTHs
Code ke113a Ch had vitamins >15MTHs
Code ke114 CH had paracetamol >15 MTHs
Code ke114a Ch had paracetamol >15MTHs
Code ke115 CH had skin ointment >15 MTHs
Code ke115a Ch had skin ointment >15MTHs
Code ke116 CH had eye ointment >15 MTHs
Code ke116a Ch had eye ointment >15MTHs
Code ke117 CH had diarrhoea MED >15MTHs
Code ke117a Ch had diarrhoea MED >15MTHs
Code ke118 CH had decongestant >15 MTHs
Code ke118a Ch had decongestant>15MTHs
Code ke119 CH had ear drops >15 MTHs
Code ke119a Ch had ear drops >15MTHs
Code ke120 CH had eye drops >15 MTHs
Code ke120a Ch had eye drops >15MTHs
Code ke121 CH had teething gel >15 MTHs
Code ke121a Ch had teething gel >15MTHs
Code ke122 CH had laxative >15 MTHs
Code ke122a Ch had laxative >15MTHs
Code ke123 CH had other MED >15 MTHs
Code ke123a Ch had other MED >15MTHs
Code ke124 No. types of medication >15MTHs
Code ke125 Medication used daily in last 3MTHs
Code ke130 Specialist or HOSP DR checked CH >15MTHs
Code ke140 CH given glasses to wear
Code ke141 PROBs caused
Code ke143 CH given hearing aid
Code ke144 PROBS caused
Code ke146 CH had seizure
Code ke147 NO of times
Code ke148 Seizure lasted >15MINs
Code ke149 CH affected one side only
Code ke150 CH had fever
Code ke151 How high was his temperature
Code ke152 >1fit during illness W fever
Code ke153 CH given medicine
Code ke154 Carer given enough INFO about fits
Code ke155 CH age at 1st fit
Code ke156 Warning signs before fit
Code ke170 NO of teeth of CH
Code ke171 CHs teeth cleaned W toothbrush
Code ke172 CH uses toothpaste
Code ke173 Age when toothpaste 1st used
Code ke174 Amount of toothpaste used now
Code ke175 Times per week teeth brushed
Code ke176 Toothpaste swallowed or spat out
Code ke180 NO of CH daily face washes
Code ke181 NO of CH daily hand washes
Code ke182 CH hands cleaned before meals
Code ke183 FREQ of CH bath or shower
Code ke184 FREQ of CH earholes cleaned
Code ke186 MUMs attitude to toilet training
Code ke187 Age started toilet training
Code ke188 CH dry during day
Code ke189 CH dry during night
Code ke190 CH clean during day
Code ke191 CH clean during night
Code ke195 WKday exposure to smoking
Code ke195a Wkday exposure to smoking
Code ke196 WKend exposure to smoking
Code ke196a Wkend exposure to smoking
Code ke200 CH weekly contact W cats
Code ke201 CH weekly contact W dogs
Code ke202 CH weekly contact W other furry pets
Code ke203 CH weekly contact W other pets
Code ke205 Time per WK CH spends outside
Code ke206 CH WKly outdoor contact with busy roads
Code ke207 Time per WK CH spends in car
Code ke210 CH eats same main meal as carer
Code ke210a CH eats same meal as carer
Code ke211 CH eats DIFF main meal to carer
Code ke211a CH eats DIFF meal to carer
Code ke214 Difficulties feeding CH in last 9MTHs
Code ke214a Difficulties feeding CH in last 9MTHs
Code ke215 CH feeds self
Code ke220 >15MTHs CH not eaten enough
Code ke220a >15 MTHs CH not eaten enough
Code ke221 >15MTHs CH refused right food
Code ke221a >15 MTHs CH refused right food
Code ke222 >15MTHs CH been choosy W food
Code ke222a >15 MTHs CH been choosy with food
Code ke223 >15MTHs CH over eaten
Code ke223a >15 MTHs CH over eaten
Code ke224 >15MTHs DIFF to EST CH eating routine
Code ke224a >15 MTHs DIFF to EST CH eating routine
Code ke230 CH had baby milk >15MTHs
Code ke231 Times P/Wk CH has baby milk
Code ke232 CH had follow on milk >15MTHs
Code ke233 Times P/Wk CH has follow on milk
Code ke234 CH had soya formula >15MTHs
Code ke235 Times P/Wk CH has soya formula
Code ke236 CH had hypo-allergenic formula>15MTHs
Code ke237 Times P/Wk CH has hypo-allergenic form
Code ke238 CH had goats milk >15MTHs
Code ke239 Times P/Wk CH has goats milk
Code ke240 CH had breast milk>15MTHs
Code ke241 Times P/Wk CH has breast milk
Code ke242 CH had soya milk >15MTHs
Code ke243 Times P/Wk CH has soya milk
Code ke244 CH had cows milk >15MTHs
Code ke245 Times P/Wk CH has cows milk
Code ke246 CH had other milk >15MTHs
Code ke247 Times P/Wk CH has other milk
Code ke248 Type of cows milk CH has
Code ke260 CH had baby rice >15MTHs
Code ke261 Times P/Mnth CH has baby rice
Code ke262 CH had other baby cereal >15MTHs
Code ke263 Times P/Mnth CH has other baby cereal
Code ke264 CH had breakfast cereal >15MTHs
Code ke265 Times P/Mnth CH has breakfast cereal
Code ke266 CH had rusks >15MTHs
Code ke267 Times P/Mnth CH has rusks
Code ke268 CH had bread or toast >15MTHs
Code ke269 Times P/Mnth CH has bread or toast
Code ke270 CH had biscuits >15MTHs
Code ke271 Times P/Month CH has biscuits
Code ke280 CH had PKT meat >15MTHs
Code ke281 Times P/Mnth CH has PKT meat
Code ke282 CH had PKT fish >15MTHs
Code ke283 Times P/Mnth CH has PKT fish
Code ke284 CH had PKT veg >15MTHs
Code ke285 Times P/Mnth CH has PKT veg
Code ke286 CH had PKT fruit pudding >15MTHs
Code ke287 Times P/Mnth CH has PKT fruit pudding
Code ke288 CH had PKT milk pudding >15MTHs
Code ke289 Times P/Mnth CH has PKT milk pudding
Code ke300 CH had egg >15MTHs
Code ke301 Times P/Wk CH has egg
Code ke302 CH had cheese >15MTHs
Code ke303 Times P/Wk CH has cheese
Code ke304 CH had meat products >15MTHs
Code ke305 Times P/Wk CH has meat products
Code ke306 CH had fish products >15MTHs
Code ke307 Times P/Wk CH has fish products
Code ke308 CH had potatoes >15MTHs
Code ke309 Times P/Wk CH has potatoes
Code ke310 CH had other vegetables >15MTHs
Code ke311 Times P/Wk CH has other vegetables
Code ke312 CH had fruit pudding >15MTHs
Code ke313 Times P/Wk Ch has milk pudding
Code ke314 CH had milk pudding >15MTHs
Code ke315 Times P/Wk Ch has milk pudding
Code ke320 CH had cola >15MTHs
Code ke321 Times P/Wk CH has cola
Code ke322 CH had other fizzy drink >15MTHs
Code ke323 Times P/Wk CH has other fizzy drink
Code ke324 CH had apple juice >15MTHs
Code ke325 Times P/Wk CH has apple juice
Code ke326 CH had Blackcur/Rosehip drink >15MTHs
Code ke327 Times P/Wk CH has Blackcur/Rosehip
Code ke328 CH had other fruit juice >15MTHs
Code ke329 Times P/Wk CH has other fruit juice
Code ke330 CH had alcohol >15MTHs
Code ke331 Times P/Wk CH has alcohol
Code ke332 CH had other fruit squash >15MTHs
Code ke333 Times P/Wk CH has other fruit squash
Code ke334 CH had herbal drink >15MTHs
Code ke335 Times P/Wk CH has herbal drink
Code ke336 CH had gripe water >15MTHs
Code ke337 Times P/Wk CH has gripewater
Code ke338 CH had tea >15MTHs
Code ke339 Times P/Wk CH has tea
Code ke340 CH had coffee >15MTHs
Code ke341 Times P/Wk CH has coffee
Code ke342 CH had sports drink >15MTHs
Code ke343 Times P/Wk CH has sports drink
Code ke344 CH had chocolate milk drink >15MTHs
Code ke345 Times P/Wk CH has chocolate drink
Code ke346 Ch had other flavoured milk drink >15MTHs
Code ke347 Times/week Ch has other flavoured milk drink
Code ke350 Decaffeinated Tea
Code ke351 Strength of Tea
Code ke352 Decaffeinated Coffee
Code ke353 Strength of Coffee
Code ke354 Decaffeinated Cola
Code ke355 Ordinary Cola
Code ke356 Diet Cola
Code ke357 Other Soft Drinks
Code ke358 Diet Soft Drinks
Code ke360 CH had packet soup >15 MTHs
Code ke361 Times P/Mnth CH has packet soup
Code ke362 CH had canned soup>15 MTHs
Code ke363 Times P/Mnth CH has canned soup
Code ke364 CH had liver or pate>15 MTHs
Code ke365 Times P/Mnth CH has liver or pate
Code ke366 CH had kidney>15 MTHs
Code ke367 Times P/Mnth CH has kidney
Code ke368 CH had shellfish>15 MTHs
Code ke369 Times P/Mnth CH has shellfish
Code ke370 CH had baked beans>15 MTHs
Code ke371 Times P/Mnth CH has baked beans
Code ke372 CH had green beans>15 MTHs
Code ke373 Times P/Mnth CH has green beans
Code ke374 CH had other legumes>15 MTHs
Code ke375 Times P/Mnth CH has other legumes
Code ke376 CH had yoghurt>15 MTHs
Code ke377 Times P/Mnth CH has yoghurt
Code ke378 CH had fig or fig PROD>15 MTHs
Code ke379 Times P/Mnth CH has fig products
Code ke380 CH had raw apple>15 MTHs
Code ke381 Times P/Mnth CH has raw apple
Code ke382 CH had other raw fruit>15 MTHs
Code ke383 Times P/Mnth CH has other raw fruit
Code ke384 CH had raw carrot>15 MTHs
Code ke385 Times P/Mnth CH has raw carrot
Code ke386 CH had other raw veg>15 MTHs
Code ke387 Times P/Mnth has raw veg
Code ke388 CH had nuts or nut PROD>15 MTHs
Code ke389 Times P/Mnth CH has nut products
Code ke390 CH had crisps>15 MTHs
Code ke391 Times P/Mnth CH has crisps
Code ke392 CH had other savoury snack>15 MTHs
Code ke393 Times P/Mnth CH has savoury snacks
Code ke394 CH had chocolate>15 MTHs
Code ke395 Times P/Mnth CH has chocolate
Code ke396 CH had mints>15 MTHs
Code ke397 Times P/Mnth CH has mints
Code ke398 CH had sweets>15 MTHs
Code ke399 Times P/Mnth CH has sweets
Code ke410 CH ever has PKT gravy or soy sauce
Code ke411 Times P/Mnth CH has gravy/soysauce
Code ke412 CH ever has salt
Code ke413 Times P/Mnth CH has salt
Code ke414 CH ever has herbs
Code ke415 Times P/Mnth CH has herbs
Code ke416 CH ever has spices
Code ke417 Times P/Mnth CH has spices
Code ke418 CH ever has tomato ketchup
Code ke419 Times P/Mnth CH has tomato ketchup
Code ke420 CH ever has other sauce
Code ke421 Times P/Mnth CH has other Sauce
Code ke422 CH ever has sugar
Code ke423 Times P/Mnth CH has sugar
Code ke430 CH eats apple skin
Code ke431 CH eats orange peel
Code ke432 CH eats potato skin
Code ke440 CH has smoked or cured food
Code ke441 Time P/Mnth CH has smoked food
Code ke442 CH has PKT microwave meals
Code ke443 Times P/Mnth CH has PKT Microwave meal
Code ke444 CH has BBQ food
Code ke445 Times P/Mnth CH has BBQ food
Code ke446 Other foods CH eats
Code ke450 Times P/Mnth CH eats other food #1
Code ke451 Times P/Mnth CH eats other food #2
Code ke452 Times P/mnth CH eats other food #3
Code ke460 Low sugar foods chosen
Code ke461 Added iron foods chosen
Code ke462 DV: Factor score for 'Traditional' component, 2 years
Code ke463 DV: Factor score for 'Processed' component, 2 years
Code ke464 DV: Factor score for 'Healthy' component, 2 years
Code ke470 CH has food preferences
Code ke472 CH drinks from cup or beaker
Code ke474 FREQ CH put to sleep with bottle
Code ke480 FREQ CH sucks dummy
Code ke481 FREQ CH sucks thumb or finger
Code ke482 FREQ of dipping or filling dummy
Code ke483 Other special object for comfort
Code ke484 Description of object
Code ke500 Partner regularly looks after CH
Code ke500a Hours P/Wk Partner looks after CH
Code ke500b Age when Partner began looking after
Code ke501 Grandparent regularly looks after CH
Code ke501a Hours P/Wk Grandparent looks after CH
Code ke501b Age when Grandparent began looking after
Code ke502 Other Relative regularly looks after CH
Code ke502a Hours P/Wk Other Relative looks after CH
Code ke502b Age when Other Rel began looking after
Code ke503 Friend or neighbour REG looks after CH
Code ke503a Hrs P/Wk Friend/neighbor looks after CH
Code ke503b Age when Friend began looking after CH
Code ke504 Child minder regularly looks after CH
Code ke504a Hrs P/Wk Child Minder looks after CH
Code ke504b Age Child Minder began looking after CH
Code ke505 Nanny or sitter REG looks after CH
Code ke505a Hrs P/Wk Nanny or Sitter looks after CH
Code ke505b Age Nanny/Sitter began looking after CH
Code ke506 CH looked after in creche
Code ke506a Hours P/Wk CH looked after in Creche
Code ke506b Age CH began Creche
Code ke507 CH otherwise REG looked after
Code ke507a Hrs P/Wk Other looks after CH
Code ke507b Age Other began looking after CH
Code ke510 Reason for CH care type
Code ke511 Level of satisfaction with CH care
Code ke520 CH says\understands Hello
Code ke521 CH says\understands Don't
Code ke522 CH says\understands Dinner
Code ke523 CH says\understands Call
Code ke524 CH says\understands Turn round
Code ke525 CH says\understands Dog/puppy
Code ke526 CH says\understands Bear/teddy
Code ke527 CH says\understands Chicken
Code ke528 CH says\understands Goose
Code ke529 CH says\understands Animal
Code ke530 CH says\understands Crocodile
Code ke531 CH says\understands Hen
Code ke532 CH says\understands Nose
Code ke533 CH says\understands Hand
Code ke534 CH says\understands Head
Code ke535 CH says\understands Finger
Code ke536 CH says\understands Sock
Code ke537 CH says\understands Coat
Code ke538 CH says\understands Pyjamas
Code ke539 CH says\understands Jumper
Code ke540 CH says\understands Tights
Code ke541 CH says\understands Cheese
Code ke542 CH says\understands Biscuit
Code ke543 CH says\understands Raisin
Code ke544 CH says\understands Pizza
Code ke545 CH says\understands Butter
Code ke546 CH says\understands Chips
Code ke547 CH says\understands Beefburger
Code ke548 CH says\understands Peas
Code ke549 CH says\understands Potato
Code ke550 CH says\understands Strawberry
Code ke551 CH says\understands Spaghetti
Code ke552 CH says\understands Lemonade
Code ke553 CH says\understands Nuts
Code ke554 CH says\understands Door
Code ke555 CH says\understands Window
Code ke556 CH says\understands Settee/sofa
Code ke557 CH says\understands Sink
Code ke558 CH says\understands Bedroom
Code ke559 CH says\understands Washing machine
Code ke560 CH says\understands Bottle
Code ke561 CH says\understands Box
Code ke562 CH says\understands Fork
Code ke563 CH says\understands Money
Code ke564 CH says\understands Glasses
Code ke565 CH says\understands Plate
Code ke566 CH says\understands Knife
Code ke567 CH says\understands Camera
Code ke568 CH says\understands Heater
Code ke569 CH says\understands Tree
Code ke570 CH says\understands Rain
Code ke571 CH says\understands Star
Code ke572 CH says\understands House
Code ke573 CH says\understands Snow
Code ke574 CH says\understands Roof
Code ke575 CH says\understands Mummy
Code ke576 CH says\understands Boy
Code ke577 CH says\understands Clown
Code ke578 CH says\understands Lady
Code ke579 CH says\understands Princess
Code ke580 CH says\understands Person
Code ke581 CH says\understands Park
Code ke582 CH says\understands Farm
Code ke583 CH says\understands Church
Code ke584 CH says\understands Library
Code ke585 CH says\understands Down
Code ke586 CH says\understands The
Code ke587 CH says\understands On top of
Code ke588 CH says\understands With
Code ke589 CH says\understands An
Code ke590 CH says\understands Mine
Code ke591 CH says\understands These
Code ke592 CH says\understands Him
Code ke593 CH says\understands Hers
Code ke594 CH says\understands Us
Code ke595 CH says\understands Ouch
Code ke596 CH says\understands Wet
Code ke597 CH says\understands Happy
Code ke598 CH says\understands Hurt
Code ke599 CH says\understands Sleepy
Code ke600 CH says\understands New
Code ke601 CH says\understands Green
Code ke602 CH says\understands Fast
Code ke603 CH says\understands Quiet
Code ke604 CH says\understands Awake
Code ke605 CH says\understands White
Code ke606 CH says\understands First
Code ke607 CH says\understands Mad
Code ke608 CH says\understands More
Code ke609 CH says\understands Some
Code ke610 CH says\understands Any
Code ke611 CH says\understands What?
Code ke612 CH says\understands Which?
Code ke613 CH says\understands Night
Code ke614 CH says\understands Today
Code ke615 CH says\understands Toy
Code ke616 CH says\understands Bubbles
Code ke617 CH says\understands Football
Code ke618 CH says\understands Boat
Code ke619 CH says\understands Train
Code ke620 CH says\understands Kiss
Code ke621 CH says\understands Bite
Code ke622 CH says\understands Help
Code ke623 CH says\understands Comb
Code ke624 CH says\understands Close
Code ke625 CH says\understands Cook
Code ke626 CH says\understands Turn on\off
Code ke627 CH says\understands Fix
Code ke628 CH says\understands Look
Code ke629 CH says\understands Splash
Code ke630 CH says\understands Shake
Code ke631 CH says\understands Pull
Code ke632 CH says\understands Touch
Code ke633 CH says\understands Put
Code ke634 CH says\understands Cover
Code ke635 CH says\understands Drop
Code ke636 CH says\understands Taste
Code ke637 CH says\understands Lie down
Code ke638 CH says\understands Wish
Code ke639 CH says\understands Do
Code ke640 CH says\understands Have to
Code ke641 CH says\understands Are
Code ke642 CH says\understands Were
Code ke643 Vocabulary Score
Code ke650 CH uses plurals
Code ke651 CH uses possessives
Code ke652 CH adds ING to words
Code ke653 CH adds ED to words
Code ke654 Grammar Score
Code ke654a Grouped grammar score
Code ke655 CH says\understands children
Code ke656 CH says\understands feet
Code ke657 CH says\understands men
Code ke658 CH says\understands mice
Code ke659 CH says\understands teeth
Code ke660 CH says\understands ate
Code ke661 CH says\understands blew
Code ke662 CH says\understands bought
Code ke663 CH says\understands broke
Code ke664 CH says\understands came
Code ke665 CH says\understands drank
Code ke666 CH says\understands drove
Code ke667 CH says\understands fell
Code ke668 CH says\understands flew
Code ke669 CH says\understands got
Code ke670 CH says\understands had
Code ke671 CH says\understands heard
Code ke672 CH says\understands held
Code ke673 CH says\understands lost
Code ke674 CH says\understands made
Code ke675 CH says\understands ran
Code ke676 CH says\understands sat
Code ke677 CH says\understands saw
Code ke678 CH says\understands took
Code ke679 CH says\understands went
Code ke680 Language Score-plurals
Code ke680a Grouped plurals score
Code ke681 Language Score-tenses
Code ke681a Grouped tenses score
Code ke682 Grammar Score II
Code ke682a Grouped grammar II
Code ke683 CH combines words
Code ke684 DV: Number of words CH understands (out of 123) at 24m
Code ke685 DV: Number of words CH can say (out of 123) at 24m
Code ke700 CH sleepy same time each evening
Code ke701 CH fidgets during quiet activities
Code ke702 CH quietly feeds mildly EXPR like/Dlike
Code ke703 CH pleased on arrival in new place
Code ke704 CHs first reaction to DR is acceptance
Code ke705 CH attends to games W carer only 1 MIN
Code ke706 CHs bowel MVTs at DIFF times each day
Code ke707 CH fussy on waking up
Code ke708 CH reacts to disliked food
Code ke709 CH accepts delay for desired objects
Code ke710 CH still when being dressed
Code ke711 CH continues activity despite noises
Code ke712 CH shows strong reactions to failure
Code ke713 CH plays >10 MINs with favourite toy
Code ke714 CH ignores temperature of food
Code ke715 CH has varying desire for bedtime snack
Code ke716 CH still when waiting for food
Code ke717 CH easily excited by praise
Code ke718 CH cries after fall or bump
Code ke719 CH approaches unfamiliar pets
Code ke720 CH stops eating if person walks by
Code ke721 CH unaware of DIFF tastes in liquids
Code ke722 CH moves actively exploring new locations
Code ke723 CH fusses when BOT wiped after bowel MVT
Code ke724 CH enjoys play W unfamiliar adults
Code ke725 CH looks up from play when carer enters
Code ke726 CH reads books or pictures >1HR
Code ke727 CH screams when frustrated
Code ke728 CH eats same amount of solids daily
Code ke729 CH stays pleasant waiting for food
Code ke730 CH pleasant when hungry and awaiting food
Code ke731 QTY of CH mealtime drink varies
Code ke732 CH practices PHYS activities
Code ke733 CH strongly resists more food when full
Code ke734 CH plays actively with toys indoors
Code ke735 CH ignores voices when playing W toy
Code ke736 CH approaches new visitors at home
Code ke737 CH plays outside Wout noticind TEMP DIFF
Code ke738 CH plays W other CDRN <5MINs then goes
Code ke739 CH CONT looks at book despite noises
Code ke740 CH wants snack DIFF time daily
Code ke741 CH pleasant when put down to sleep
Code ke742 CH speaks right away to unknown adults
Code ke743 CH reacts strongly when playing stopped
Code ke744 CH enjoys PHYS games >sit down games
Code ke745 CH notices when wet&wants quick change
Code ke746 CH loses interest W new toy <1HR
Code ke747 CH runs to get to desired place
Code ke748 CH wary at first in new place
Code ke749 CH naps DIFF times daily
Code ke750 CH reacts mildly when carer stops play
Code ke751 CH accepts dressing without protest
Code ke752 CH outgoing W strangers outside home
Code ke753 CH peak PHYS activity same time daily
Code ke754 CH can be coaxed from forbidden activity
Code ke755 CH stops play to watch passer by
Code ke756 CH resumes activity after interruption
Code ke757 CH laughs when meeting other children
Code ke758 CH wont reoffend if punished firmly
Code ke759 CH CONT play despite outside noise
Code ke760 CH ignores dirt on self
Code ke761 CHs daily waking time varies
Code ke762 CH has all day moody days
Code ke763 CH reacts mildly when other CH takes toy
Code ke764 CH CONT routine task >15MINs
Code ke765 CH stops eating and looks up at noise
Code ke766 CH still during hairbrush & nail cut
Code ke767 CH shows much body MVT when upset
Code ke768 CH pleasant during facewashing
Code ke769 CH 1st reacts to strangers W acceptance
Code ke770 CH hungry at dinner time
Code ke771 CH goes to areas despite PREV warnings
Code ke772 CH examines new object >5 MINs
Code ke773 CH ignores smells pleasant or not
Code ke774 CH looks up on hearing other CDRN play
Code ke775 CH same time to sleep after bedtime
Code ke776 CH moody >few MINs after discipline
Code ke777 CH shy on first meeting other CH
Code ke778 CH wary of strangers >15MINs
Code ke779 CH frets when 1st learning new task
Code ke780 CH sits quietly in the bath
Code ke781 CH practises new skill >10MINs
Code ke782 CH ignores DIFFs in familiar foods
Code ke783 CH wary when put by carer in new place
Code ke784 CH complains when left to play alone
Code ke785 CH accepts new places within 10 MINs
Code ke786 CH looks up from play at phone or bell
Code ke787 CH chooses new toy rather than old
Code ke788 CH prefers to play W many toys >1or 2
Code ke800a Activity Score (Complete Cases)
Code ke800b Activity Score (Prorated)
Code ke800d Number of Missing Activity Score Components
Code ke801a Rhythmicity Score (Complete Cases)
Code ke801b Rhythmicity Score (Prorated)
Code ke801d Number of Missing Rhythmicity Score Components
Code ke802a Approach Score (Complete Cases)
Code ke802b Approach Score (Prorated)
Code ke802d Number of Missing Approach Score Components
Code ke803a Adaptability Score (Complete Cases)
Code ke803b Adaptability Score (Prorated)
Code ke803d Number of Missing Adaptability Score Components
Code ke804a Intensity Score (Complete Cases)
Code ke804b Intensity Score (Prorated)
Code ke804d Number of Missing Intensity Score Components
Code ke805a Mood Score (Complete Cases)
Code ke805b Mood Score (Prorated)
Code ke805d Number of Missing Mood Score Components
Code ke806a Persistence Score (Complete Cases)
Code ke806b Persistence Score (Prorated)
Code ke806d Number of Missing Persistence Score Components
Code ke807a Distractibility Score (Complete Cases)
Code ke807b Distractibility Score (Prorated)
Code ke807d Number of Missing Distractibility Score Components
Code ke808a Threshold Score (Complete Cases)
Code ke808b Threshold Score (Prorated)
Code ke808d Number of Missing Threshold Score Components
Code ke809a Number of Complete Case Temperament Scores
Code ke809b Number of Prorated Temperament Scores
Code ke990 Questionnaire filled by MUM
Code ke991 Questionnaire filled by DAD
Code ke992 Questionnaire filled by other
Code ke995 Age in months at completion
Code ke996 Date of completion of questionnaire-MTH
Code ke997 Date of completion of questionnaire - YR